The Tomorrow Children PS4 Closed Beta Starts January 21st, 2016

Q-Games has announced that their PlayStation 4 exclusive, The Tomorrow Children, will begin closed beta sessions for a short period on January 21st, 2016. The closed beta will consist of selected members of the PlayStation 4 community who have signed up over on the registration page.

The news was posted over on the PlayStation blog by Q-Games president Dylan Cuthbert. The news follows up on the trailer that was recently released over the past weekend during the 2015 PlayStation Experience event that took place in San Francisco, California. Lots of games were on showcase during the event, one of which involved Q-Games’ The Tomorrow Children, where the beta video was posted up… a video that you can view below.

PlayStation Experience 2015: The Tomorrow Children – Beta Announce Trailer | PS4 Children of tomorrow, the time has come for a new experiment. Your help is needed, for the greater glory. A closed Beta for The Tomorrow Children is coming in January 2016. Sign up today to participate at Must be 18 years old and have a valid PSN Account.

If the premise seems a bit high-brow for your tastes, Cuthbert tries to dwindle the concept down into something more palatable as an actual gaming experience, explaining on the PlayStation blog…

“In The Tomorrow Children, the surface of the earth is encased in a white shell known as the “Void,” the aftermath of a soviet experiment gone horribly wrong.


With your online comrades you will brave the Void to collect resources and develop towns, all while defending yourselves against the Izverg, mysterious creatures that emerge from the depths of the Void destroying everything in their wake.”

It’s described as a retro-futuristic, cold-war themed action-adventure game. The trailer definitely gives off that retro-futuristic, cold-war vibe. So I think in that regards they nailed the aesthetic down perfectly. The ability to craft, scavenge, build and engage in combat makes it one of the few titles on the PS4 that’s hard to pin down into just one genre. The trailer definitely makes it difficult to explain to other people.

The closed beta gets underway in just over a month’s time, so if you haven’t already, feel free to register for the beta over on the sign-up page. This could be one of those rare breakout hits for the PS4 given it’s non-linear gameplay mechanics and bizarrely intriguing themes.


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