SquareCells Challenges Gamers With Logic-Based Puzzles

This is a fun ambient logic puzzle game where you must remove specific boxes to solve the puzzle.

SquareCells is an indie game developed by Matthew Brown and was just released on Steam a few weeks ago on December 7th. The game works similar to the classic game Mine Sweeper and a bit like the puzzle game Sudoku, where you must flag the right boxes and destroy the ones that don’t matter. SquareCells is a bit different as they reveal where the correct boxes are by placing numbers at the top of the screen and on the left side of the box, you just have to use a bit of logic to decipher where the boxes are before you go through clicking and destroying boxes.

The game has some really relaxing zen music that plays in the background, and every time you click on one of the boxes it plays a subtle note to add to the music.


At the bottom of the screen shows the player the total number of cells on the game board, as well as how many you need to remove to solve the puzzle. The game is very simplistic with its visual art style, going for a minimal graphical appearance by having tiny square colorful boxes in the city of the screen, while the rest of the game area is practically blank. The game operates from using your mouse by tapping the boxes, which would make this game perfect as a mobile port for Android and iOS (so far, there are no mobile versions of this game just yet).

You can watch the official release trailer that I linked down below that showcases the puzzles and how they operate.

SquareCells Release Trailer

SquareCells on Steam

SquareCells is an ambient logic puzzle game.

For more information you can visit SquareCells Steam Store page, make sure to also check out developer Mathew Brown’s official website for further details and updates. SquareCells is currently available for PC, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

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