Review Report: SimplePlanes Creation Tools Adored By Flight Sim Fans

Developer Jundroo released the independent made SimplePlanes on Steam, and so far a majority of gamers are loving it. Fans of flight simulation will clearly love a game about building their own plane. In fact, you can do more than build your own plane, you can build and fly a plane on a variety of different missions within a dynamic sandbox with day and night cycles.

The game is built on the Unity 3D game engine and features more than 100,000 prefabricated planes, all available to fly, for free, from the developers. The game features dynamic flight models where aerodynamics, wing, tail and rudder designs affect the flight capabilities of the plane, and weight and structure will play a part in how well the aerial craft will handle.

Too many bombs can weigh a plane down, while not enough engine power will keep the aircraft grounded. You can get an idea of what the gameplay and flight model is like with the Let’s Play video below from YouTuber WeaselZone.

SimplePlanes – STAR DESTROYER | Let’s Play Simple Planes (Simple Planes Gameplay)

SimplePlanes – Welcome to some Simple Planes gameplay! In SimplePlanes, you have the tools you’ll need to bring any airplane to life. Make a simple plane, heli-carrier or star-destroyer. The choice is yours! Let’s Play Simple Planes! ★ Subscribe ► ✔ Livestreams on Twitch ► ✔ Twitter ► ✔ Facebook ► ✔ Questions?

As depicted in the video above, players can take on a number of different missions within the sandbox environment, ranging from destroying convoys to taking out bases.

Illort loved the potential of the game but felt as if it needed a multiplayer mode to really capitalize on its potential…

“I have played Simpleplanes for about 30 hours in total, of which most before the Steam release. My students have also used the game to get a grasp of airplane basics, such as elevators, vertical stabilizers and the importance of aerodynamics.

“The game is simply (pun intended) fun and educational, not to mention full of potential.”

Testarossa wasn’t going to pretend that SimplePlanes is a Ferrari in its current state, and basically reveals that it’s like a chassis with a great design but lacks a bit of the guts and machinery to be as good as it should be…

“For the price and it’s current state, it’s on the cuff of a recommendation. It’s a fun sandbox for sure, the devs are active and the stuff you can download from the community is simply amazing. However…..this sandbox toy is very bare bones. The interface is a bit clunky, the ingame textures, enviroments, and sound are below average. There is currently no multiplayer support, which is a shame, because this would be great fun with friends.”

Chrisman01 is in a similar seat, recommending the game despite noting that this is more of an Early Access game than a full fledged release, writing…

“The design tools are far more robust than Kerbal’s; I have wanted everything in this game in KSP’s vanilla parts for years.


“However, what’s currently in Simple Planes is very basic. You design a plane or vehicle, take it into a quick combat mission or test drive… and that’s it. It’s like a crate of unique LEGO parts with only one building plate, still impressive but you can only do so much.”

Simple Planes

Blockhaj compared it to Kerbal Space Program but reveled in the fact that more than just planes could be built, including tanks and helicopters…

“This game is awesome. I loved the android version but this one takes the cake. This game has no limitations. Ive built tanks, boats, helicopters and all kinds of crazy ♥♥♥♥ in this game. Its like a mini version of ksp but dedicated to planes and not rockets.”

BattleSleighUSSNJ was more-so enthralled with SimplePlanes’ modding tools and the ability to easily share creations with other users, writing…

“[…] purchase this if you want a game you can really mod the ♥♥♥♥ out of. SP’s mod support is exemplary, and as one of the few big modders in the community, I’d love to have more people joining the modding force. Hellfire and I can’t make everything!”

While a lot of gamers love the concept and gameplay, they feel as if the lack of multiplayer is a serious drawback to the game. Even still, some of the gamers just like the idea of being able to create planes and share them with others who have a fascination for all things aero-science. Bizz writes…

“I’ve been playing it since it was in a very early Beta and the developers have been nothing short of amazing. They have been constantly adding parts, maps, new game modes and content nonstop. The sandbox is obviously where the gameplay truly shines as you can make anything you can think of with the parts at hand, or download crazy contraptions from others and test and tweak those as desired.”

Not everyone likes what’s there, though. Andreis felt as if the parts didn’t allow him to bring the plane of his dream to life and that it didn’t quite compare to Kerbal Space Program in the physics department…

“Not really “there” yet. Looks neat. Kind of acts like what you might expect. However, the physics model is clearly very basic and the controls turn out to be a bit clunky even compared to flight in Kerbal Space Program.”

Some of the others who didn’t like the game felt as if the UI wasn’t intuitive enough and that the controls were “wonky”. Long Johnson got a refund for the game because he felt as if the game was still in Early Access but noted that it does run nice and allows for a lot of creativity…

“it just seems like something that is really trying to be something but isn’t there yet. If it ever becomes a game that I think I can play for more than an hour or two I’ll buy it again but for now thanks steam for the refund system.”

Simple Planes

A few others felt that the content was too “bare bones” for now but mentioned that they would change their reviews or buy the game again when it gets more content… like multiplayer. Millermatic didn’t mind the limited content but the controls in the building tool just wasn’t good enough for him…

“Seems like the game could be really good but they need to work on the building controls, just terrible. Will refund for now but keep an eye on this game in the future.“

The Blind Sniper was someone who saw the glass as half full instead of half empty, and thought that after getting past the learning curve it was well worth the purchase…

“Yes it is a cash grab (orignally an app), but for what it is, I can recommend it, espically for the $10 price I got it for. The graphics are a bit simple but don’t detract from the game itself. I really enjoy using their website to download some amazingly complicated planes that I could never build. It’s a little hard to figure out but within 2 hrs I had built a working plane, and figured out the basics. Although I don’t personally own a joystick, it does have it as an option for those who do. All in all it’s a very fun game with several game modes and objectives to hold your interest!”

SimplePlanes is available right now for PC on Steam for $12.99. However for the first week of being on Steam you can get it for 20% off the normal price for only $9.74. You can grab a copy from the Steam store or learn more by visiting the official website.


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