Ravaged: Zombie Apocalypse Removed From Steam, 2Dawn Shuts Down

2Dawn Games appears to have dissolved. Their first-person, futuristic, wasteland multiplayer shooter, Ravaged: Zombie Apocalypse, is no more. What happened?

Checking up on the title on the Steam store page renders an empty result. You’ll just click on the store page link and get redirected back to the main Steam page.

If you head to the forums one of the top topics is in thread is from a user named Dmitriy who asks what happened to the game? One of the volunteer moderators named hackman responded, saying…

“2Dawn, the developer, has some legal issues going on. As far as I know there no decision was made yet about whether it will come back to the Store or when. We’ll have to wait for some official statement.”

The comment about the legal issues seemed quite serious. I proceeded to reach out to 2Dawn Games’ press representative Nick Ritter who had no official statement to provide on behalf of the company but did mention that the game was removed from the Steam store and that Ravaged is no longer available for purcahse…

“Yes we removed the game from the store. The owners also dissolved the company. I am not 100% positive if there were “legal” troubles so I am not comfortable commenting on that.”

I tried visiting the website, but it’s inaccessible. It’s almost as if 2Dawn Games no longer exists. They originally came onto the scene back in January of 2012 when the multiplayer shooter, Ravaged, was first announced. During the spring of 2012 the game headed to Kickstarter where it was successfully crowd-funded.

Ravaged: Zombie Apocalypse

It was a promising game with great graphics and a steady community. Shortly after the zombie conversion update and the modding tools for the Unreal Engine were released back in March of 2014, the game went silent for a while before disappearing back around November 25th, 2015.

According to Nick there was no announcement and no statements made publicly or internally about the decision to pull the game…

“No there wasn’t an announcement. Not even internally. I found out by looking at the website and seeing it was gone, then I went to the Steam store and it wasn’t there anymore either”

Nick did refer me to 2Dawn Games’ Ken Payne as someone who might have been able to answer more questions about the dissolution of the studio and the removal of the game from the Steam store. However, after attempting multiple times to get in contact with Payne I was unable to do so.

Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse – Gameplay

Cheerless game = (

Nevertheless, Nick does note that part of the remaining members of the studio have moved on toward a new project called Railgun, which is currently in development…

“Most of us are still working together. Half work at Autodesk on the new Stingray Engine preparing that for the future and another group of us are working with the Stingray Engine on a new indie game called RAILGUN.”

The details surrounding the studio’s closure and the removal of the game from Steam are still a bit of a mystery but at least we know the developers are still working their magic within the industry on the upcoming indie title Railgun.


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  • Hawk Hopper

    I never considered that a game could die like this. There would be some sort of internal or legal trouble at the studio…


  • C G Saturation

    Weird. That’s a shame.

    Here’s something sorta relevant that I heard from a friend a few years back:
    A small group of budding developers suddenly got hit by a lawsuit from an ex-member who decided he wanted a huge payout for the code he developed while working with them. No idea what became of that, but it’s an example of how easily groups can get screwed over.

    • Every now and then situations like the one you described pop up. It seemed like it used to be really bad in the emulation scene back in the late 90s and early 00s. I haven’t been following the development scene surrounding emulation as much as I used to, but it used to annoy the piss out of me that there were devs who would get butthurt and then try to actively sabotage the project they once helped with.

  • Dennis Mohican

    I paid money for this game. Prolly not too much.. BUT, after what the devs did to this game, I would Never play or buy another game made by anyone connected with this. Totally Ridiculous what those guys did to this game that WAS a good bit of fun the original way it was made.

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