Payday 2 Point Break DLC Now Available And Fans Are Torn

Overkill Software is on damage repair mode. They have to try to recoup their image from the wastebasket of betrayal. They may have started on the process of walking up the hill of redemption with the recently released free and paid DLC for Payday 2 based on the new Point Break movie.

I have little to no hope for the Point Break movie itself, but the trailer for the DLC is righteous. Talk about spot on marketing. Even haters, ragers and angry consumers have to admit that the trailer looks good. Check it out below.

PAYDAY 2: The Point Break Heists Trailer

Crime Has No Limit The Point Break Heists and Bodhi as a playable character will be available on December 3!

Bodhi from the movie is a free character and is available to everyone in the game. He’s accompanied by two brand new heists that are paid DLC. Overkill, over on the official website, explain that the whole game draws a lot of inspiration from Kathryn Bigelow’s original masterpiece from the 1991, stating…

“[…] you know Point Break was one of the heist movies that was the core inspiration for PAYDAY. Bodhi’s Pool Repair, anyone?


“Two new heists will be available come Thursday; Beneath the Mountain and Birth of Sky. Both of them are some of the coolest heists we’ve ever done.”

Gamers watching the trailer were pulled in by the thematic elements and intrigue that came along with it. The new stages looked interesting enough to plenty of fans who found themselves sucked into the hype machine. On YouTube the user Given wrote…

“Now this. THIS is why I started playing payday 2 in the first place. For amazing looking heists like THIS! Bodhi actually looks interesting and I hope he delivers. Especially sine he is free. Make me proud with this Overkill. Make us all proud.”

Josh Tabita also offered a sentiment of thanks, writing…

“Thank you for continuing to create content for us, through all the negativity of the community, we want you to know that while some are against you, a good lot are still dedicated and here supporting you, we haven’t forgotten all the good you’ve done for us, keep on keepin on, we’re rooting for you”

Ivanjacob made the observation about the negativity but still liked that the new heists have arrived, writing…

“I like the fact that we still get new heists even though everyone is negative about everything.”

But it’s not all sunshine and roses. The YouTube page is still torn on the subject matter and the Steam page where the announcement rolled out is full of comments containing big, erect ascii penises with dangling testicles. Posting enough of those comments would likely get this site labeled as porn.

But why is the comment section on the Steam page defaced with scrotums? Well, Fleuchtmann writes…

“Why did you bring microtransactions when there are still dlcs we have to pay for?
Can´t you only make one thing? or at least fix a few bugs. Like the bags that fall through the metalstair on the roof of the harvest and trusty bank. Is it so hard to fix that? “

It’s one of the few actual criticisms that isn’t in the form of a page full of male genitalia.

Some users got angry at all of the rebelling going on in the Payday 2 community. Headmaster wrote…

“Can everyone just stop being a bunch of spoiled children. Yes this game is not perfect, yes they lied about microtransaction. But guess what i don’t bitch about it because i know it will do nothing so i just deal with it unlike all of you who just scream at the screen like you lost a counter strike go game”

Kiddo(CL) was of the same mind, telling gamers to stop being angry about being lied to and to just “grow some balls”…

“Can’t believe you’re all still butthurt about crimefest and the safes update, bunch of little bitchy faggots, guess what, nobody’s forcing you to spend money on opening them so grow some balls and stop crying because you look pathetic.”

Streaks was more even handed about it, but angry nonetheless, stating that those acceding to microtransactions, lies and buggy games are making things bad for everyone…

“[…] Keep acting like everything’s alright, hoping the outraged people will become a minority bullied by the complacent. If that happens I’m done with games, not just PD2.


“Game is buggy with bags falling through the ground, and invisible walls, and still doesn’t have everything it was meant to have on release. Can we not have ridiculous curve-balls until that’s fixed, at least?”

Gav The Killa tried giving everyone some advice about dealing with the rage, the broken promises and the insistence on releasing new DLC and microtransactions by writing…

“Move on guys. It’s a waste of time commenting here. They don’t care about you, they care about the money.”

The Bodhi character is free right now for Payday 2. The two levels are premium DLC that have to be paid for. You can learn more by visiting the official website.


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