Nyko Data Bank 2TB Restriction Lifted On Newer PS4 Models

Nyko’s Data Bank for the PlayStation 4 has a 2 terabyte restriction for older models made before the latest CUH-1200 version of the PS4. The newer model of the PS4 no longer has the 2TB restriction, thus enabling gamers to install bigger and more expansive external hard drives for their PlayStation 4 home console.

PSU did a brief write-up about the news after it was posted on the official Nyko blog where they explained that if you have a CUH-1200 model PS4 – which has a matte black cover instead of the glossy cover over the hard drive case – you will be able to install hard drives with 2TB or more in the Data Bank. The Nyko blog also has a video that explains how to transfer over data from your old drives to the new drives. Check it out below.

Nyko Data Bank™ for PlayStation®4 – Transferring Your Files And Setting Up

Learn how to backup your data to be transferred to a new hard drive and setting up the Nyko Data Bank. In this video, we show you just how easy it is to transfer your saved game files from your 2.5″ hard drive into your new 3.5″ hard drive with your Data Bank.

Previously, if you tried installing anything larger than 2TB the PS4 would have issues with going into Rest mode, as well as other performance hang-ups. That appears to be rectified with the newest model of Sony’s home console.

The Nyko Data Bank allows for 2.5” and 3.5” hard drives to be installed. This ranges from Seagate to Western Digital and everything else in between. If you have a spare laptop hard drive or a spare 3.5” from another computer, it’s likely compatible with the Nyko Data Bank.

While the Data Bank may seem like a waste of extra space, keep in mind that filling up a 500GB hard drive is pretty easy these days given the size of games and the fact that you have to install every game, even when they come on discs. Having an extra storage unit with external space available makes it a heck of a lot more convenient for those with large gaming libraries.

The Nyko Data Bank is available right now for $39.99.

PSU has a fairly comprehensive walkthrough guide for installing the PS4 version of the Nyko Data Bank, so if you were considering getting one but needed a little help with installing it, the guide is probably well worth checking out if you have the time.



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