GTA 5 V-Multiplayer Lets Gamers Play On Modded Dedicated Servers

Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive can only work against the gaming community for so long until gamers continue to find ways around them. Well, some modders managed to find a way around Rockstar and Take-Two’s legal threats against modded multiplayer servers by manually making their own multiplayer mod for GTA V based entirely on the game’s single-player, offline mode. That’s right, they didn’t use any of the GTA Online assets, so Take-Two can’t cry foul.

Over on the official V-Multiplayer website, the creators – going by the handle VMPTeam on GTA5-Mods – stated the following…

“LV:MP Is a Modification for Grand Theft Auto V on the PC that allows people using other modifications to connect online together via dedicated servers. It is requires the latest Script hook and allows users to host their own servers with the addition of server-sided modifications.”

This means that gamers with some cool offline mods or playing neat game modes – like the zombies or tsunami apocalypse mods – will be able to play those with other people. The mod features dedicated servers that players can personalize and setup on their own, complete with custom administration controls.

There’s a server browser embedded so anyone can pick and choose which server they want to join and proceed to have fun as they see fit, very similar to the JC2-MP mod for Just Cause 2.

And finally, there’s the custom game mode options. This isn’t entirely implemented just yet but the feature will enable server administrators to play around with all the features and content made available by the modding community for their server clients. So custom race modes, maps and even conversions like the Mario Kart 8 mod would be playable as a game mode in the V-Multiplayer mod.

This is the sort of news that really puts modding for GTA V into an all new ball game.

You can see a preview of the V:MP mod’s contents with the VMPTeam preview video below.

V-MP ALPHA This is earlier features of V:MP, things have changed and we have better interpolation synchronization. Music – Fade by Alan Walker

As noted by the VMPTeam, this online conversion of the single-player portion of GTA V does not use the GTA: Online source code…

“This is only ALPHA and the first version, we are still working on fixing everything & bugs so bare with us. The plan is to basically recreate the SA-MP & MTA experience in GTA V.”


“This mod doesn’t use any GTA Online assets, it is a offline scripthookv modification which uses no gta online code.”

You will need quite a few utilities to get this mod up and running. ScriptHook V, ScripHookDotNet, the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2, the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package for Visual Studio 2013 and the latest version of the single-player edition of GTA V is required to get the scripts to load.

Once you have all that set you can begin enjoying the fruits of the modding community’s labors. To download V-Multiplayer version be sure to visit


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3 thoughts on “GTA 5 V-Multiplayer Lets Gamers Play On Modded Dedicated Servers

    1. NPCs and vehicles are in there but syncing is bad at the moment between multiple players. They’ll likely patch it in newer versions. The good part is at least NPCs are in this version.

  1. It’s equal parts impressive and sad how far modders have to go to get around greedy f*ckwit developers just to play the game they paid for the way they wanted to.

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