Anime Top Trumps: Waifu Battle Edition Mod Launches For TableTop Simulator

If you enjoy the laid back feeling of playing tabletop games in real-life but want that same feeling from your digital gaming library, there’s always Berserk Games’ Tabletop Simulator. The game has managed to find a strong niche audience who continues to support it with a bevy of mods that range from Warhammer and StarCraft, to Doom and H.P Lovecraft’s Eldritch horror lore.

One of the newest additions in the modding library of Tabletop Simulator is the Anime Top Trumps: Waifu Battle Edition mod. It’s a collection of cards featuring a smorgasbord of female characters that the anime community feel are cute enough to be considered a “waifu” (an anime wife). As mentioned on the mod page by creators Excuritas and M4he

“Top Trumps is a game of chance, memory, and skill. Players are eliminated as they lose their last card, and the winner is the player who obtains the whole pack! This version of the game replaces the classic cars, aeroplanes, and tanks of official sets, with adorable anime waifus.”

The collection contains esoteric characters such as Mio Ahiyama from K-On!, Tomori Nao from Charlotte, Tina Sprout from Black Bullet, and Michiru Matsushima from Grisaia no Kajitsu. Other well known characters such as Saber from Fate/Stay Night makes an appearances, along with Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online, and Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan.

Anime Top Trumps - Tabletop Simularo

The card battle ranks each of the characters according to a couple of factors, including:

  • Power + (1-10)
  • Age – (0-9999)
  • Height + (0-999)
  • Weight – (0-99)
  • Bust Size + (DFC-OP)
  • Cuteness + (1-10)

The game’s rules are pretty easy to follow, with a highest or lowest standard being the deciding factor of who wins a round. There’s actually a detailed list of the rules that you can check out over on If you’ve played Top Trumps before then you might have an idea of how this anime waifu edition of the card game is played.

As mentioned on the mod page, the cards of the anime characters are all captured in HD for the highest quality art depiction as possible for each of the female icons from various anime. The modders also note that they gathered their “cuteness” factor from a community vote…

“I’m planning to add more characters later on, so don’t get upset if your favorite character hasn’t made it in just yet! Each card is 715×1000, so enjoy some of the highest resolution textures in Tabletop Simulator. I made a survey and asked over 40 people for the cuteness rating, so don’t get mad if you think your favourite waifu is the cutest but only has a 7 or 8”

It was actually the bust size trait that caused a bit of an argument in the comment section surrounding Mikasa… an Attack on Titan fanboy felt that her cup size wasn’t the proper depiction based on what was showcased in the anime, providing links to images for comparison’s sake. That’s when you know people are getting serious about their waifus… using gifs to measure cup sizes.

Anyway, you can grab the mod for Tabletop Simulator right now, for free, from over on the Steam Workshop page. If you haven’t already, Tabletop Simulator is available from Berserk Games from over on the Steam store.


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