3D Adventure Game Deserted Continues Seeking Votes On Greenlight

Classified by the developers, Zebik Media, as an adventure with light RPG elements, Deserted  continues to seek funds on Kickstarter and votes Steam Greenlight in an effort to seek completion. The game features a polygony look that blends weapon and character customization with a unique story.

Zebik Media recently posted their game on Steam Greenlight as well as Kickstarter, but its run on Kickstarter isn’t looking too great. As of now, the game only has 41 backers with a total of $573 USD, which the devs put their goal all the way up to $22,560 USD. Although it only has less than 20 days to complete its run, which is probably unlikely, many seem to like the game on Greenlight.

Deserted is noted to be a 3D action adventure game with some light elements of RPG mechanisms scattered throughout the game. The basic premise of Deserted is to be a fast paced 16-bit inspired game that brings players strategic fun, with customizable weapons and a character you can change to your liking.

In addition to this, Deserted has players exploring an alien inhabited planet filled with intimidating structures, and advanced alien architecture forged with a mix of blocky organic earth substance, with thick forests brooding weird designs. Now, I do have to say that this game does remind me of a 3D version of Another World, which isn’t a bad thing.

Speaking of Another World, players will be able to use different types of weapons that hold various slots for upgrading. This also includes an upgradable skill tree to match even the toughest of enemies. With that said, you can watch the latest trailer that runs for three minutes, courtesy of Zebik Media‘s YouTube channel.


Deserted Game Play https://interactive.zebikmedia.com/deserted

For those that feel like shedding a little love to the game, you can head on over to Steam or Kickstarter to do so, or you can visit the Zebik Media’s official website to see what they have in-store for Deserted.

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