Waifu Hunter Overtakes Kotaku, IGN As Favored Steam Curator

When two of the biggest video game news outlets have recommended curators on Steam that have slipped onto the second page of the curation list, and worst yet, have been surpassed by a curator that appears to be diametrically opposed to their sociopolitical stance, it lets you know just how far gaming journalism has slipped in the mind share department.

The Gaming Ground spotted the news on the Steam curation list, where it lists all the different curators on the digital distribution platform and how a certain Waifu Hunter has been steadily climbing the ranks. If you look at the list now, you can see that Waifu Hunter has now surpassed both IGN and Kotaku, and are trailing close behind Extra Credits.

This is basically an indicator of how many gamers follow and trust those curators. Despite IGN bringing in millions of clicks a month, they don’t hold much sway over the PC gaming market when it comes to trust and recommendations.

Kotaku, despite also getting millions of clicks each month, also has very poor standing on the Steam curation list. They even have a new Steam Powered section on the site that focuses solely on the Steam community and the software ecosystem of Valve’s popular digital distribution system. However, even with a focus on PC gaming and PC gaming culture, they’ve been surpassed by a group that uses the recommendation tagline: “I will tell you if a videogame has attractive anime ladies in it.”

Yes, IGN and Kotaku have been surpassed on Steam by a curator who only focuses on letting gamers know if the title has attractive anime ladies in it. The “Waifu” part relates to gamers pretending to take “wives” from these games and sharing said wife with their community.

You can check out the games recommended by Waifu Hunter with their Steam curation list here.

Previously, Kotaku in Action organized a campaign to bring awareness to the curator in order to help it surpass the official Kotaku curator. Ultimately, if things keep moving at this rate the gaming media giant might just get pushed back to the third page.

It’s interesting because the top of the curator crop is obviously TotalBiscuit, who quickly gained thousands of additional follows after coming out as a voice of reason during last year’s budding controversy that saw gaming journalists actively attacking and maintaining a hate campaign against their own readership, escalated by the Gamers are Dead articles.

In related news, earlier this year TotalBiscuit started a new Steam curator group called “The Framerate Police”. It was designated as an objective pro-consumer curator that lets gamers know if a game is hard-locked at 30fps. It’s actually gained a lot of popularity due to its pro-consumer stance and has already amassed more than 100,000 followers. It’s at the bottom of the first page of Steam curators, but it’s well ahead of most other curators. It’s also only 33,000 users behind Rock, Paper, Shotgun, another site that came out against its own audience during the #GamerGate scandal.

Ultimately this tells us that no matter how big some of these gaming sites are in the eyes of media representation and market share, they certainly don’t have much respect from the actual consumer base.


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