Song Of Horror Seeks To Bring Back Old-School Survival Horror

Protocol Games from Madrid, Spain recently launched a Kickstarter for their survival-horror game, Song of Horror. It’s a story driven title focused on 16 different characters investigating an old mansion that houses some supernatural secrets.

The game isn’t another run-and-gun action game masquerading as a “survival-horror” experience. It’s a game where players are required to think fast and think smart about how they progress through the title and how they’re required to investigate and examine their surroundings before making brash decisions.

Song of Horror features fixed camera gameplay, similar to the old Resident Evil and Silent Hill titles, and a lot of the controls and actions are mapped to contextual events as opposed to having an inventory full of military grade weapons armed and ready to dispatch enemies. You can see what the gameplay and story is like with the Kickstarter pitch video below.

The game has a serious Alone in the Dark vibe going on, and that’s a good thing. Also, I’m referring to the original Alone in the Dark, not all those crappy remakes or that awful Uwe Boll film.

As mentioned on the press site…

“Song of Horror will be divided into several chapters. In each chapter, you will visit a different location while delving deeper and deeper into the mystery. Your findings will shed light upon the darkness that has taken over Daniel’s life. Song of Horror features no weapons, no traditional enemies and no typical combat. Instead, you will be haunted by twisted manifestations of an eldritch, primeval horror. This entity is known only as “The Presence”. The Presence will mess with your senses and dramatically warp reality.”

As mentioned, there will be contextual actions that players can utilize to prevent themselves from being overtaken by the evil. Sometimes random enemy attacks might overwhelm the player, while other times procedural attacks can be thwarted.

If you like what Protocol Games is doing you can support the project by paying a visit to the Kickstarter page. Alternatively, if you need more convincing that this game is worth supporting, you can download a free English demo and a free Spanish demo to play test the project. Extended Replay has a roll out of the system requirements for the demo, which is something you might want to check out before you start downloading.

The game has a $55,167 goal and they’ve already acquire $22,600 with just under a month to go. Song of Horror is due for release in June of 2017.


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