R. Mika’s Altered Butt-Slap In Street Fighter 5 Incites Angry Confusion

A new video clip from the beta version of Street Fighter V has some gamers scratching instead of stroking their head. Why? Because two of the core gimmicks of R. Mika’s special appear to have been altered.

Basically, in the latest beta build of Street Fighter V gamers noticed that R. Mika’s butt-slap before her Critical Art is no longer in view, and that when it’s time to finish opponents with the modified Muscle Buster, the recipient no longer has their legs spread wide open. You can see the comparison of the modified butt-slap in action courtesy of All Games Beta’s Twitter account. Check it out below.

The full clip was taken from a fight that was posted up over on IGN’s YouTube channel, where they were facing down against a certain Charlie Nash using none other than the buxom, wide-hipped wrestler, Rainbow Mika.

At around the one minute and 29 second mark, gamers couldn’t help but comment how the camera no longer showed the split-second frame of R. Mika’s buttocks being slapped as she readied to perform her Critical Art. You can see the clip below leading up to the modified muscle buster.


The camera in the clip above cuts to just above her buttocks, so you can still hear the slap but no longer see the actual slap or her posterior jiggling in response. On the YouTube page user Black Star observed…

“did they just censer her butt slap?!?! but why?”

TheLegacyization was miffed enough to post in all caps, possibly hoping to get an answer quicker than just writing out the question normally…


Shippoyasha took it a step further, stating…

“I do not want to support censorship.”

Some gamers called for boycotts, others stated that they were canceling their pre-order unless Capcom returned Mika’s full butt-slap.

Previously gifs floated around with her butt-slap becoming infamous before performing the Critical Art. The gif below pretty much sums up the biggest difference between the beta build of R. Mika and the clips when she was first introduced.

But that’s not all. Gamers also observed a change in the way the Critical Art finishes up on an opponent.

In the original introduction trailer for the character, when R. Mika and her tag partner performed the Critical Art on Vega you may have noticed that his legs were positioned in the splits as the duo smashed their hips into his head and smashed him into the ground.

For comparison’s sake you can see the clip in action below, where Vega is doing the splits at the end of the move as opposed to just keeling over like Nash in the IGN video above.


Some people have instantly yelled out censorship. Serious Gamer wrote…

“Anyone notice that R.Mika’s Critical Art has been censored in this latest build? No butt slap like the previous trailers shown of her Critical Art… WTF Capcom?”

The change was obvious enough to warrant an article on Niche Gamer and it eventually filled out a thread over on Kotaku In Action.

However, not everyone is jumping on the anti-censorship bandwagon.

On the Kotaku In Action post, Meafy explains that it could be the angle and it could warrant a greater explanation from Capcom, writing…

“The Butt slap might be the camera angle due to a wall in close proximity. You would have to see if it was removed even when not close to a wall.


“As for the leg part , maybe its different for different characters. […] as i said we need to wait and see , but i’m guessing its a wall glitch.”

GaryTheBum was in agreement, stating…

“Yeah, gotta say I dunno about it being censored quite yet. Have to test it with same characters on same position in stage multiple times. If then the butt slap and everything else comes out looking like it did in the 2nd vid, then I think it can be concluded they changed it.


“Until then though, I think saying it’s been censored is a bit of conjecture.”

Aurondarklord also decided to take a more cautioned approach to the situation, asking for calmer heads and peaceful reasoning, stating…

“Let’s also remember that this is an extreme early beta test, there will be bugs, there will be glitches, there will be features that don’t work and get temporarily cut out because they’re breaking something else…


“Let’s wait for a little more evidence before we freak.”

For now it could be a beta glitch, it could be the team messing with the camera work, it could be any number of things. This is a beta, by the way.

Of course, Niche Gamer did note that they reached out to Capcom for a comment, so we’ll see if they have anything to say in regards to this little kerfuffle.


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