PS4 Wins Black Friday While Wii U Wins Big At Target

The PlayStation 4 and the Wii U were the talk of the town when it came to gaming and Black Friday. Sony’s PlayStation 4 cleaned up as the clear winner amongst Millennials while the Xbox One was slightly more popular with the middle-aged Generation X crowd, and the Wii U seemed to turn a mean trick under the retailer pimpage of Target.

According to Infoscout, the PS4 had a 48% market share advantage over the competition when it came to Millenials purchasing home consoles during the Black Friday shopping spree.

Over on DualShockers they noted that the PS4 was one of the top selling devices and may have moved more than a million units during the November shopping spree. The details on the sales were highlighted by StoneFoxMedia.

PS4 WINS Black Friday. One Punch Man comes to Fallout 4. Saitama vs the Wasteland.PS2 Games On PS4

One Punch Man comes to Fallout 4, beats everything with one punch. PS4 Was the Highest Earning Product at Best Buy on Black Friday . PS2 Emulation On PS4 Is A “Big Deal”, Games Will Be Absolutely Worth Playing .Rumor: PS4 Sold Over One Million Consoles in November.

It wasn’t all lollipops and sunshine just for the Sony camp. Nintendo was sticking their tongue out and licking some of Sony’s flavor from outside the box. The Big ‘N’ managed to capture a sizable audience during the Black Friday shopping spree thanks to the bundled deals they rolled out throughout the past month at various retailers. Only one retailer came away touting the Wii U as the best selling device in their line-up and it was Target.

According to Nintendo Life, they pointed to Target’s self-congratulatory press release about how well they did during Black Friday, and they named the Wii U as the best selling device from, stating…

“Gaming consoles were popular in stores and online, including Nintendo Wii U, which was the top selling item on”

So far Microsoft hasn’t released a statement touting any wins in their camp, and that must make Phil Spencer and the rest of the rangers at team green awfully mean. Even still, Infoscout notes that the Gen X crowd have really been digging the Xbox brand over the past two months, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the numbers were still strong for the Xbox One coming out of November, especially after they won October on the NPD chart.

But enough about Xbox. The day of celebration belongs to Sony and Nintendo, as one cleaned up well across all of Black Friday, and the other cleaned up well across Target.


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  • Stoneysilence

    My local Best Buy had tons of Wii U’s sitting on the floor. Probably had at least 30 of them and this was at 9am (so after the Thursday and Friday rushes). Didn’t notice any X1’s or PS4’s laying around enmasse.

    The other store that I visited was Fred Meyer (local retailer to the NW, part of Kroger). Every single system they had was wiped out of all consoles.

    I thought about buying a Wii U but still think the price is too high at $250 and the games are expensive as well.

    • The games are definitely expensive… but some of them hold their weight. Not many games are worth $60 but Mario Kart 8 and Nintendo Land and Super Smash Bros kind of prove that they deserve the price tags.

      The biggest issue with the Wii U is that they just don’t have enough quality games, which makes it tough to want to build a library when the console appears to be prepping to head out the door and make room for the NX.

      • That’s how I feel about all consoles. Hardly any “true” exclusives and all the big multi-plats I can play on my old ass PC at 1080p60fps.

      • TheGreatGamerGod

        I think if the Wii U was on par with PS4/XB in power and controller terms and retained 3rd party then they’d be very clearly the strongest due to 1st party. They really need to sort this out once and for all or they’re never going to get anywhere.

        This isn’t a new problem, every console since the SNES has had them losing proper devs due to stupid decisions (the wii mostly gained shovelware devs and games, and I admit some cool stuff like HOTD Overkill/Zack and Wiki, but nothing like GTA, Skyrim, Saints Row, etc. as it couldn’t run them)

      • Stoneysilence

        Was just reading that the NX will start Manufacturing Q2 2016 and they want to ship and sell 15m in 2016.

        Mario Kart Racing and Smash do nothing for me. I have MK7 on my 2DS and I played through it but didn’t really care for it.

  • Really?

    “But enough about Xbox.”

    Xbox One Gears bundle most sold, by the same blog.

    I hope you remove some Sony bias eventually. Good content otherwise.

    • It was the top bundle pick, out of bundle deals. But it still seemed to lag behind in the individual SKU department.

      There will likely be more clear stats released later in the week.

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