Piercing Blow Gets Gutted In Steam User Reviews For Poor Game Design

Zepetto’s free-to-play first-person shooter, Piercing Blow, features standard team deathmatch modes, demolition and a co-op mode versus the AI. It has a number of different maps and weapons for players to experience and even features bullet penetration through walls, as well as destructive elements in the stages. Sounds fun right? Well, not according to the Steam user reviews.

Piercing Blow has been around since 2009, only it’s been in operation in South Korea and has just recently made the leap over to Steam to garner a much wider audience pool. But gamers aren’t really buying it.

The e-sports ready FPS gets gutted and shredded to pieces in the user review section for a myriad of reasons, including game instability and constant crashing. The microtransactions lightly come into play, but one should expect that from a free-to-play title. And the weapon balance and hit detection are also criticized.

User justiN tried his hand at the game and was disappointed after coming off the mega-hit Korean success, Crossfire

“What can I say, I was deeply disappointed. After playing crossfire many years back I said screw it and gave this game a shot. What happened in this hour? 3 game crashes, and the game didn’t manage to capture my attention as I played it. Little maps, and servers for new players are low at the moment so you have to play against higher ranked people who are much better. That’s not bad considering the fact that it’s my fault for playing there but you do get stomped. Also, almost all the guns are bought with an ingame currency which is bought with real money. To make a good game you want more guns with actual currency you can earn, not buy. That leads to the pay 2 win thought and makes the game crumble.”

PackAsaurasRex waxes poetically about his past experiences with the game, writing…

“Game was fun a few years ago, I played it a lot at a younger age and honestly loved it when I was around 13. Although this game is now outdated badly, and it’s just a cheap rip-off of CS:GO. The game is P2W, it always was and I’m sure it always will be, people are saying that the new Publisher (The Devs) has balanced the shop but honestly you are going to grind for hours just to get a weapon. Plus many items in the store are only buyable with cash also a VERY big con people with real life cash can buy more health!”


Piercing Blow Official Trailer

The official trailer video of Piercing Blow.

Another big issue that many of the reviews bring up is that you don’t get to keep any of the weapons you buy. The weapons are rent-only unless you pay real money for them. TheUltimateHamster was not pleased with this turn of events at all…

“A mix between Counter Strike and Combat Arms. Weapons you get you don’t get to keep unless you buy them. Has recoil. You move faster with knife out. Don’t kow where in the hell to go.”

GMAIptraum thought the game could have had potential but was too much of a clone of all the other free-to-play shooters out there and that the devs should definitely upgrade the graphics and content to make it competitive…

“Extra Information and something the devs needs to keep in mind if they are going to continue releasing or re-releasing these games = Update the visuals to DX11, update the graphics, upgrade the engine, add lots of pve and pve maps.


“When this game was release, i realized another better game was coming out the same day, ” Combat Arms Line of Fire “, so it was a easy pick, line of fire is a better game, so i will stay there.”

That’s the general story for most of the reviews on Steam: there is a better free-to-play game out there than Piercing Blow. Maybe if Zepetto can iron out the crashing, add more content and fix the balance with the cash shop they’ll have something worthwhile on their hands.

In the meantime, you can learn more about the game if you want by paying a visit to the Steam store page.


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