Nintendo Responds To Complaints Regarding Xenoblade Chronicles X Censorship

One of the hot topics surrounding Xenoblade Chornicles X for its North American release has been the removal of the option to alter the female custom character chest size. According to a representative for the company, Nintendo of America did not make everyone privy to the details regarding the change.

Instead of simply complaining about the removal of the boob slider in the character customization of Xenoblade Chronicles X for the western release of the game, hardcore gamers decided to get proactive. Censorship has been a serious problem in gaming as of late in the western world and instead of lying down and letting gaming culture become co-opted, gamers decided to politely but sternly reach out and contact Nintendo of America.

There’s a thread where e-mail campaigns have been organized over on GameFaqs. A few days ago user Kamon started the thread with the intent of reaching out to Nintendo of America, not unlike the e-mail campaigns that gamers put together throughout last year during the heavy Operation Disrespectful Nod for #GamerGate.

Kamon encouraged the users to not just sit around and whine on YouTube videos and message boards, stating…

“There’s no point in complaining on Gamefaqs alone. Let your voice be heard.


“I(and many others) have sent [Nintendo Of America] emails concerning the censoring of character creation options and have all gotten unique responses.”

Many of the individuals in the thread sent e-mails and received replies from Nintendo, with varying messages. L033 received the most interesting response from Nintendo of America’s Naomi Martinez, where they posted the message in which Martinez stated…

“Thank you for taking the time to write to us with your feedback regarding NOA’s decision to censor or change game content during the localization of Xenoblade Chronicles X. While details regarding the reasons behind this decision have not been shared with us, we can certainly understand your thoughts on this matter and want you to know how much we appreciate you sending them in.”

I reached out to Eileen Tanner from Golin Harris who handles press for Nintendo in North America to ask whether or not Nintendo was aware of the localization issue with Xenoblade Chronicles X being ported to North America and the removal of the character customization feature. At the time of the writing of this article there hasn’t been a response but the article will be updated if there is one.

Things originally kicked off last week when it was revealed that there were some minor changes to Xenoblade Chronicles X, some regarding minor translations differences and others including the removal of the bust/boob/breast slider in the character customization for female characters. In the Japanese version of the game the feature allows players to raise and lower the setting of the female chest size, but in the North American version the feature is missing, forcing players to have a standardized chest size for all created female characters.

At first gamers simply took to social media and new wave media like YouTube to complain about the omission of the feature. Soon thereafter gamers like Kadon began getting proactive and organizing e-mail campaigns, opposite of the individuals on 4chan who groveled about the issues but weren’t inclined to do much else, very similar to how they complained about corruption in games journalism but opted to ban and censor #GamerGate discussion on the threads.

Some people argue that adding boob sliders in a game will bump the PEGI and ESRB ratings into 18+ or the Mature territory. However, as it’s been stated many times before, games with teen ratings such as Soul Calibur, WWE 2K16 and The Sims have all included boob sliders while maintaining their teen rating.

Nevertheless, if you feel that censorship in gaming is an important issue and that developers slowly removing content to suit the sensibilities of a certain political sect in North America is not something you want to see more games follow, be sure to make your voice heard and politely contact Nintendo via their official website.

[Update: Additionally, if you receive a response from Nintendo, feel free to share the response over on the e-mail campaign thread on Gamefaqs]


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  • Mr. Snrub

    I emailed voicing my displeasure and they gave me the same email that L033 got.

    • I always find it odd that people who work for a company don’t know about certain things that are directly tied with what fans may be most engaged with.

      For instance, how could the PR people not know that certain features were removed and not be informed about how to respond to that? It would seem like damage control 101 would be in play here: know how to respond to issues surrounding missing features. Especially when said missing features involves boobs.

      • Mr. Snrub

        I wouldn’t care if it was sex or violence, it’s dumb to censor it.

      • C G Saturation

        It’s odd and stupid, but seems to be the norm. Always encountered the same experience growing up. Only a select few people know what’s really going on, everyone else placates the masses with mixed inaccurate responses.

        A similar recent case that I’m reminded of is when, I think it was Tecmo Koei? officially said Atelier Ayesha? would have dual-audio, and it didn’t. They themselves were very confused about it. I think they replied saying that they (or Gust) had no idea anyone in the West cared about dual-audio, despite the fact that the previous Atelier games localized in the West by Atlus? always had dual-audio. What a mess.

        And of course, there were tons of selfish assholes arguing that they personally didn’t care about “weeaboo” original Japanese audio, and abused anyone who did care.

      • here were tons of selfish assholes arguing that they personally didn’t care about “weeaboo” original Japanese audio, and abused anyone who did dare. Because how dare anyone have a legitimate complaint!?

        I absolutely abhor this kind of thinking, especially in the gaming community. It’s funny the a-holes who didn’t mind the SJW infestation on 4chan are now whining about their games being censored. All last year when people were trying to rally game communities to speak up against this sort of stuff, people scoffed and said “just ignore them” and now we’re dealing with more censorship than most people can handle.

        Worse yet is that there are still a-holes saying “Who cares? It’s just a feature”, as if perpetually and progressively having features removed and censored is somehow a good thing.

      • C G Saturation

        I could say a lot of things, but I think it all boils down to how most people have a very, very miniscule world view. They only exist/experience/consider the directly visible right now this very moment, and nothing else.

      • minmod

        NOA doesn’t really have real PR. They NEVER respond to issues like this or really any complaints about anything. Only that one Tomodachi Life incident.

        And for this game, they’re pretty much not marketing it at all. They don’t care about it. It’s out in 2 weeks, right in the middle of christmas season, and they’re not gonna give it any TV ads, no store stuff, no internet stuff, no real marketing, nothing but a few youtube videos. They’re leaving the game to die so they probably don’t care about any of this stuff either.

        Which is crazy, because now the censorship issue is overtaking any of the REAL marketing in popularity and spread. Which is just sad if you think about it.

  • Anon1234

    This is just a personal theory here, but, would it be possible that NoA removed the breast slider purely because they censored Lyn’s bikini outfits?

    Now, it sounds crazy, but think of it this way:
    You censor Lyn’s outfits because “That’s gross stuff”, 13, etc. etc. all the excuses and what-have-you. But, then you have one big problem: the character creator.
    What if somebody were to just re-create somebody looking like Lyn, small chest and all, and just wear the bikini’s? We can’t have that!
    So, snip snip.

    Normally I’d give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt, but the way they’ve been acting lately with their censorship has really just made this seem stupid enough to be true.

    • As weird as that sounds… I don’t even doubt that this could be true.

      On one end it could be Nintendo bowing to progressives (which would be dumb since the boob slider removal would be regressive) or it could be NOA making dumb decisions and removing the option just like you mentioned to prevent people from making characters who look underage.

      • Kain Yusanagi

        Nintendo’s almost always been extra-censorious when it comes to things that generate controversy, unfortunately.

      • TheGreatGamerGod

        You’d think that turning away any potential consumers when you have a console install base as tiny as the Wii U’s would be a no no. Nintendo just seem to be on self destruct this gen.

      • Kain Yusanagi

        Nintendo of America* Remember, NoJ is far and away different from NoA.

      • TheGreatGamerGod

        Yeah that’s true. They’re actually very lazy in localizing Japanese games. Xenoblade 1 almost never came out at all due to NOA.

      • Aaron Glover

        Actually, it was the Japan branch that didn’t want to release it ion America because they didn’t think it would sell well or at all.

    • Immahnoob

      Of course… But then again, it doesn’t excuse them anyway.

    • Kalloran Castalia

      So right! In Japan, the perception of Europeans and North Americans has it that we see 13 year olds as children. If XCX hadn’t given players the option to make a young girl character, the boob slider would have probably stayed in the game.

    • Erik Larsen

      i hate how shitendo does this bullshit its so annoying which is why lots of their games have lost lots of fans and i think games should never be censored at all

  • StewfartLegofham

    What a pathetic non-answer. Just think, if Nintendo spent less time sanitizing the game to fit their Western dogma we could actually be playing it right now. I’m so butthurt.

  • epy

    Ah, saw that thread and sent an email of my own. Got pretty much a co-op out copypasta answer though. Better than just complaining on Gamefaqs for fure.

  • gerton shref

    Gamers need to rise up and demand no more censorship of our games, no matter what. Stand up against censorship or our industry will become an uninspired corporate product wasteland. They have also censored Street Fighter 5. I highly suggest everyone visit capcom-unity forums to voice your anti-censorship views, Capcom is aware of the backlash and have made a thread to discuss it. There is also a huge petition. Start fighting back against censorship on every front!

  • {JPM}

    I’m surprised that this was a concern. The slider had zero impact on my preordering decisions. I don’t think I understand the outrage. Is this a fight against localization changes or about boob size?

    • It’s about censorship.

    • Md Mezbaul Haque

      For me, it’s about both, for others it’s censorship. But I won’t lie, I like large breasts and wished to make my character have them. It was one of my larger hype builders, now I’ll be waiting for clearance season at walmart or target to get it

    • Billy Bob

      I could care less about boob sliders, but I won’t support censorship with my money. If I ever get the game, it will be used.

  • Dakt

    Who do I email about this anyway? Is there a specific department?

  • GeneralObvious

    If you really want to make a difference with an email campaign you need thousands of emails. They’ll also need to be a dedicated group who can write forceful letters, that imply some type of harm may come to the company (monetarily, image-wise, etc.) for following the course of action. A template or cheat sheet with ideas on it can help with this.

    I would say the best way to start would be to get in touch with as many popular YouTubers as possible. Get them to bring to light the censorship issue, because the majority of gamers get their news from YouTube and the majority of gamers really have no idea how wide spread this problem is. YouTubers are notoriously anti-censorship too, as they often have to deal with the problem from game companies in relation to their videos.

    From there you would want to try to get a dedicated group, that will send out mass emails, every time a company is found to censor any game. Tailoring your group to only Nintendo or only a specific game drastically limits the number of people that will be involved and for campaigns like this you want as many people as possible.

    This is how the SJWs handle their campaigns. They aren’t specifically against games, they have a group that will instantly take up whatever cause their leader assigns them to. One day it could be games, the next day it could be a random guy wearing a tee-shirt they found “offensive”.

    There are also many, many anti-SJW and anti-feminist posters on YouTube. I’m sure they would be more than willing to help out with the cause too, if you were to reach out to them.

    Now is a great time to start a movement. A lot of people are really pissed off about Skull Girls, Street Fighter V and DOA Extreme 3, among other games. Good Luck.

  • Avantyr
  • Billy Bob

    I didn’t even know there was an email campaign. I got this response:


    Thank you for taking the time to write to us with your
    feedback regarding the localization of Xenoblade Chronicles X. We can
    certainly understand your thoughts on this matter and want you to know
    how much we appreciate you sending them in. We also want to assure you
    that your comments will be added to our records and will be made
    available for other departments at the company to review and
    thoughtfully consider.”

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  • Erik Larsen

    damn u nintendo of america for censoring this game and its awesome boob size selector

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