League For Gamers Will Add Group Features On November 25th

Mark Kern’s League For Gamers is continuing to grow and expand and starting November 25th the community site will add a new group feature that will allow users to create and form groups that sometimes serve specific functions, such as gamers learning how to become game developers or putting together a group that works on lobbying for better representation of gaming in media.

Over on the Grummz.com website there’s a blog post about the new group feature and how it will function. According to Kern…

“Why are groups important? Groups are not just for chatting on topics. They are meant to be gathering places for people who want to actively improve gaming, advocate for creative freedom, and volunteering to help others under the banner of gaming as a positive force. Over time, we will be founding official LFG groups to focus on different areas of gaming advocacy: creative freedom, legislation, charities, etc. You will be able to join LFG groups that interest you and volunteer your time to help.”

The main group for League of Gamers is the League For Gamers group… it’s a group that everyone automatically joins when they sign up. The next major group of the site is going to be headed up by independent developer Jennifer Dawe, who has been working on Dapper Swine’s Seedscape, as well as #Solution6Months advocate and developer Paolo Munoz.

The group headed by Munoz and Dawe is called “The Developer Learning Center” group and it will help gamers learn about game design, offering helpful guides, tutorials and videos to get eager, creative-minded individuals into the right frame of mind to craft the game of their dreams (or at least a crude version of it… maybe).

League For Gamers is also getting new shirts, new apparel and a theme song. That will be interesting to hear when it finally goes live.

The site has been instrumental in channeling the rage from the censorship and anti-creativity aimed at artists within the gaming industry handed out by the acolytes of new-wave authoritarian media. Hopefully the site will grow large enough to work as an organization that can bridge the communication gap between gamers and game companies at times.

If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for the website over on the League For Gamers website.


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One thought on “League For Gamers Will Add Group Features On November 25th

  1. Hum… interesting, but if it’s completely open I’m wonder if this feature can’t be used to hijack the community for a more SJW oriented crowd. They’re notorious for organizing groups everyfuckingwhere…

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