Landlord: Real Estate Tycoon Launches For iOS And Android

Developers Reality Games (London) LTD has now launched Landlord – Real Estate Tycoon for a world wide release. Now, you can turn real life into a game of Monopoly using your Smart phone and real life businesses, to become a successful global business giant.

I posted the official Landlord – Real Estate Tycoon trailer down below, linked from Reality Games YouTube channel. The moment the trailer starts, the first thing I thought of was the board game Monopoly. it shows that you can use real life restaurants and businesses to purchase them in game to earn fictional money and increase the amount of property you own.

Landlord Real Estate Tycoon – Trailer

LANDLORD IS LIKE A MONOPOLY BOARD GAME BUT FOR THE REAL WORLD. Do you have what it takes to be the next DONALD TRUMP? If you think you’ve got what it takes, sign up today and see if you can be the biggest real estate tycoon in Landlord !

Keep in mind, nothing you do in the app affects the real world, it is all played for fun.

All players in the game will start with about $50,000 in virtual cash, with that money you can then buy, sell, bid or trade your properties to earn more money and new businesses. The thing is, it detects real life businesses in your area that you can use as your playing field. McDonald’s, Burger King, Walmart, your local Gas Station, all become part of the virtual playing field for you and other players to invest in.

Other rival players that own the mobile app game can also play with you, creating a competitive edge as they try to buy and steal your business to take over. You can play around the world, so the Star Bucks just down the street can be yours, but someone else may own the one half way across the world in Germany, looking to expand their business by buying you out.

The goal of the game is to earn enough money to buy out the competition to make them go bankrupt. Players can also earn a bit more rental income every time someone uses Foursquare or Facebook in one of the locations that they own to help increase revenue and grow your business. The official description for the game also goes in more detail about the objective of the game and how it works.

“Invest in your properties with upgrades such as WiFi, karaoke evenings and VIP areas to make them more valuable and boost your rental income. But be careful – to avoid going bust you must manage your portfolio well to ensure you have enough money to pay your daily property charges.”

Landlord – Real Estate Tycoon is currently free to download for iOS at the iTunes store, as well as for Android at the Google Play store.

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