Just Cause 3’s Rap Anthem Trailer Doesn’t Sit Well With Some Gamers

Avalanche Studios decided to put the launch trailer in the hands of gamers instead of relying on a focus-tested trailer devised by a crafty marketing team. They ran a contest with more than 1,200 entries to determine what the launch trailer would be for their third-person action game and the winning entry is a hilarious collage of explosions set against a rap song… about explosions.

Over on their YouTube page Avalanche Studios revealed the winning entry, stating…

“The response to the Just Cause 3 Trailer Competition was overwhelming, with some 1200 entries showcasing the talent of our community. Choosing a winner was extremely hard, but the energy, humour and general quality of our chosen winner cemented him as the panel’s favourite.”

The winning entry came from CoolTwinSkittles and it’s just over a minute and a half long filled to the brim with explosions. Big explosions, small explosions, thin explosions, wide explosions, gassy explosions, misty explosions, flaming explosions and even smokey explosions. Heck this trailer probably triggered Smokey the Bear into his safe space. Check it out below.


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The trailer was ridiculed by some people who felt as if it really didn’t live up to the quality of gameplay that Just Cause 3 houses. I mean, that’s a real compliment to Avalanche Studios when people feel a parody trailer with a goofy rap song isn’t up to par to their game.

Cheeky Nandz didn’t hold back any of the anger about one of his favorite entries not winning, saying…

“[…] this trailer is absolutely fucking shit. This game looks great, but this trailer is just fucking atrocious. How the actual FUCK did ClintBeastwood’s trailer not win.”

Seb Kew wasn’t feeling the trailer either, apologizing but still taking a seat on the “nope train”…

“This is shit, I’m sorry, this isn’t what a normal game trailer would look like, I had hope you would pick a great trailer, but no.”

Just Cause 3

MrMailboss was a lot more reasonable about the whole thing, writing…

“I really appreciated this trailer back when they made it, but thought it had no chance of winning. There is too much cringe in the lyrics and it feels like he’s trying too hard to be Tobuscus (Jesus does he even exist anymore?) There were way better entries that it’s a shame they got beat out by this one. It isn’t as bad as people seem to be saying, but I don’t think it was the best choice.”

The rest of the YouTube comment thread is littered with similar comments as the ones above. Many posting about how excited they are for the game but how much the trailer falls short in living up to the quality of Just Cause 3, with users like Victor Viridian stating…

“God, damn. That was awful. This is your official launch trailer? Really? I’m still a fan, but… guys. JEEEEEEEEEESUS.”

Avalanche Studios posted a very gracious message, thanking fans for the feedback but obviously slightly butthurt at the fact that people were a bit peeved with their choice in the launch trailer for one of the most anticipated action games of the year.

Even still, it’s pretty cool of Avalanche Studios to at least roll with the community-made trailer as the official launch trailer for their game. It’s not often that companies do that sort of thing and they seem to really want to promote the growth of the community around their title, even acknowledging that they do support mods for the PC version of the game, opposite of Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar with GTA V.

You can grab a copy of Just Cause 3 on December 1st for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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  • TheGreatGamerGod

    I think the biggest mistake in the trailer is that it’s rap. Did they forget the c?

    Still, good sports to let them do it, but you kind of get the impression this job was handed to an intern late on Friday afternoon to pick. “Ah, it’s 4:55, which entry is at the top of the inbox?…Done.”

  • anopolis

    I guess I’m just stupid, but I liked it..I got a chuckle out of it

  • Mr.Towel

    What the hell… I still don’t see what’s the issue with the trailer. I fucking hate rap and I still don’t see an issue.

    It’s not a generic fade-in/fade back hollywood trailer.

    No Inception’s horn sound or bass drops.

    It doesn’t have a try hard deep raspy voice monologue.

    It doesn’t spoil the plot.

    And more importantly, it doesn’t portray the game as something it’s not.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the whole point behind Just Cause 2 is mindless action awesomeness. Yes, you can do more than just explode stuff, you can throw stuff, collide stuff, crash stuff, shoot stuff… but in the end it’s all in the same mindless level of just “explode stuff”. It shows self-consciouness, it shows the game knows what it is and doesn’t try to be anything that it isn’t, it’s actually very praiseworthy considering the Status Quo.

    So I’m sorry… I gotta say…

    People are just bitc——-

    • Stoneysilence

      I agree, I am not a rap fan but I think it was well done. Perhaps not the best rapper out there but it works.

  • fnd

    I agree, shit trailer is shit

  • Mr Snow

    What! I thought it was pretty funny!

    “Wait, was that my bank?”

    I lol’d quite well at that one.

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