How To Get Fallout 4’s Gauss Rifle, The Last Minute

Quite a bit of people playing Fallout 4 might have seen others using the Last Minute rifle in video playthroughs, but do you know how to actually get the Gauss rifle? If you have no idea where to start, this guide will help you to be able to get your hands on this gun.

For those that want this powerful Gauss rifle, you will need to save Preston Garvey during the quest When Freedom Calls, and you must complete the quest Sanctuary where you must build up a settlement at the Sanctuary location. After that is done, you must complete a mission involving the Minute Men that tasks you to help different settlements around Boston.

After completing so many of the settlement quests, you will need to go back to Preston Garvey at the Sanctuary, he will give you a quest called Taking Independence. You will need to complete the Taking Independence quest, which involves the player to reclaim the castle that used to be the old Minute Men’s base.

After completing the castle takeover, you will be given more Minute Men quest that can be skipped by sleeping for three days, or by doing them. After the choice of yours with the side quest by the faction is done with, you will be given another quest called Old Guns when talking to Garvey at the Sanctuary.

Fallout 4- The Last Minute

After receiving the quest Old Guns you will need to go back to the castle, for those that might have trouble with its location, the castle is just south-east of Diamond City. Once you make it to the castle, you will need to talk to a lady named Ronnie who will take you to the General quarters, where you will have to go into workshop mode to remove a pile of rubble in a door way.

After traversing the castle’s lower level, you will eventually come across a sentry bot named Sarge, which is really tough and will require some of your best weapons and armor to defeat it. After beating the bot you will need to follow Ronnie to a console where she will type a password to unlock a door to proceed onward.

After going through the locked door, you will need to go to the west bastion to the armory room where you will need to get some artillery schematics, artillery supplies. In addition, you will need to get some flares and artillery smoke grenades from a box that is at the bottom of a shelf. After grabbing the necessary items you will need to talk to Ronnie, and then go into workshop mode to build at least one artillery unit at the castle. Something worth noting, you must assign one of the settlers to the artillery units you have at the castle.

Once you are done with that segment, you will need to go outside of the castle and mark the surrounding areas with the flares and smoke grenades to see if the artillery is capable of defending the castle. Once you pass that part, you will need to go back to Ronnie and barter with her during her business hours so that you can buy the Gauss rifle named the Last Minute.

And that’s it to the quest to get the Last Minute Gauss rifle. You can watch a video by Camalworks, which he provides a nice detailed video guide on how to get the gun as seen below.

Fallout 4 – The Last Minute – Unique Weapon Guide

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen! This video is a walk through guide, where I show you how to find ” The Last Minute “, a brutal, one shot, head exploding, limb destroying Unique Gauss Rifle. I hope this helps and you enjoy the video!

Looking over to the stats of this gun —  to determine if it’s a good gun or not — it has a base damage of 110, a fire rate of 66, a range of 191, an accuracy of 69, a weight of 15.7, and holds a value of 2328. The Last Minute uses 2mm EC (electromagnetic cartridge) rounds, which can be found by scavenging around or can be bought at certain vendors. Lastly, its ammunition is quite rare and hard to find, so use this gun cautiously unless you know who you want to disintegrate.

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  1. The other key attributes of The Last Minute rifle include: accuracy of 112, range of 203 and fire rate of 66. It also features tons of custom mods pre-installed such as Shielded Barrel, Standard Stock, Capacitor Boosting Coil, Long Night Vision Scope and Compensator. The Night Vision Scope could come in handy in fading light conditions or in poorly lit areas as you can pick off your enemies silently. The bonus limb damage compensator (with up to 50% more damage) will enable you to take out Super Mutants and Ghouls with ease.

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