Give It Up 2, Rhythm-Based Platform Mobile Game Available For IOS

Give It Up is a mobile platform game created by Indie game developer Invictus Games , and was first released for Android and iOS back in 2014. The base of the game was that you played a black blob named… Blob, that would hop and jump to the rhythm of the music to reach the end of the stage. Your job was to help Blob reach the end by tapping your finger to the funky beat of the music.

Give It Up is a mobile rhythm based platform game where you must time your taps to the beat of the music to jump, duck  and avoid obstacles to survive. The controls are extremely simple because it is all based around the timing of how you tap the screen. With every proceeding level the game’s difficulty increases to add a bit of a challenge to keep you on your toes. If you mess up and hit one of the platforms or fall off, poor Blob will splat and die, causing you to have to restart the entire level from the beginning.

Now, Blob is back as Invictus Games has announced a sequel to their successful 2014 title.  The new sequel game called Give It Up 2 is currently available for the iOS and is ready to download in the iOS Apple app store for $0.99 USD. Give It Up 2 will have other versions of the mobile app game available for different operating systems (like Android) coming soon in the near future, so keep an eye out for announcements.

Give it up 2 2

Invictus Games has now added 18 new levels to Give It Up 2, a variation in difficulty to add a greater challenge, new hidden stages, an all new original soundtrack for you to bounce around to, as well as multi-layered music that dynamically changes while you play the game to really mix things up. Invictus Games has released a trailer that you can view below. I have also included a gameplay video  for the original Give It Up.

Give It Up (by Invictus Games Ltd. ) – Android gameplay

Feel the Rhythm. Jump or Smear. Give It Up. GIVE IT UP is a rather hard game where you have to assist this cheerful, singing Blob in jumping through 18 different tracks. Single tap control – sounds easy right? You have to feel the rhythm as Blob jumps up, over and down with the help of the similarly crazy music.

uploaded by Android Game

The above video shows the original Give It Up and the simple gameplay of tapping and jumping to complete the stages. While the below trailer steps up the game  by adding bigger and more advanced levels that adds to the challenge of hopping across the platforms.

Give It Up! 2 iOS trailer by Invictus Games

The sequel of the popular rhythm-based platform game has arrived! ☆☆ More than 10 million downloads from Give It Up! worldwide. ☆☆ Give It Up! 2 combines the best features of platform and rhythm games, bringing the best Give It Up! ever.

You can visit the Official Give It Up 2 itunes download page and Invictus Games website for further details.

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