Fringes Of The Empire Early Access Demo Preview

Indie Developers Lost Astronaut Studios, has launched an early access build for their new sci fi, space exploration shooter, Fringes of the Empire. I downloaded the early access demo and played around with the game a bit to share my thoughts.

I grabbed the link for the official Lost Astronaut’s Fringes Of The Empire trailer, so you can take a look to see what its all about below.

Fringes Of The Empire is a science fiction space shooter that is similar to the classic Macross style space shooters, with a mix of space exploration, resource gathering, RPG elements, and a side-scrolling platform shooter system that allows you to land on the ground to walk around and explore.

For now, there isn’t much for you to do since the game is still in early access, but you can see where the game is trying to go. It feels a lot like those classic Star Trek games from the mid 1990s era of gaming.
Fringes of the empire 3
While in your spaceship, you can view and manage your crew, warp through space and visit other solar systems and planets, fight pirates, and accept missions from the UFSE NPC alliance ships. For now all you can pretty much do is just fly around and shoot at rocks and enemy pirate ships to gather resources, but that is about it. If you download the demo, I highly recommend you play it full screen so that you can see all the options better, my screen was cut off in window mode and I couldn’t properly drag the window over to view the radar and CPU options, which allows you to scan the solar system for planets and hostile enemies, or communicate with nearby ships and manage your crew.

You control the ship using the WASD keys and can fly around through the vast emptiness of space to explore pretty much anything you want, using the hyperspace feature to jump to other locations. Since the game is still in early access, there isn’t really much you can do once you get there, but it was fun to fly through space and shoot at enemies for awhile.

Fringes of the empire 2
When you start the game they will ask you a series of questions for the first time, including your name and call sign. These questions will determine your stats and what your character specialty skills are. Based on the questions I answered, I was a master with computers, mechanics, and pretty decent with survival, athletics and sabotage. I was also very poor with personnel, law, and astrophysics… I tried to answer my questions as if I were a spy, so I think I was successful. Apparently these questions will serve a greater importance in the full game, but so far it seems to be nothing more then a slightly entertaining Q and A session you have to click through.

You will also be able to use the Fringe platform editor to create and add your own content to the game and distribute it to other players. I found a YouTube video that shows a bit more about the game’s content editor. Take a look at the below video by creator Herbert Gilliland, showcasing how it all works.

Fringes of the Empire: Platform Editor (Early Preview)

An early Fringes of the Empire editor and modding features overview. Help us out on Steam Greenlight!

Using the editor you can place objects, rotate them, make them solid so that you collide with the objects, and use it to build a large variety of new content.¬†If you are interested in checking out Fringes of the Empire you can visit Desura’s website and download the early access demo. Fringes OF The Empire has also made its way as a Steam early access game, so make sure to check that out as well.

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