Former IGN And GameSpot Journalists Threaten Play-Asia For Supporting Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3

Apparently supporting a game that’s no longer coming to a region because the publisher wants to avoid all the political nonsense surrounding gender politics is now a bad thing. Popular import e-tailer Play-Asia came out and made a statement supporting Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja’s Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, a sexually suggestive beach volleyball game for the PS Vita and PS4. However, game journalists, former game journalists and some recognized names in the gaming industry have threatened Play-Asia with blacklists.

Koei Tecmo decided to avoid releasing the game in America due to all the gender warriors attacking games that don’t depict females the way they want. Play-Asia will offer imports of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 for gamers in the West.

The tweet that the company sent out was as follows…

And here’s a backup just in case the pressure gets to them and they fold in under.

By using the term “SJW” – a “Social Justice Warrior” – they incurred the wrath of various usual suspects and a few people you may not have expected to see standing against a free market.

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3

Before getting to their responses, one user claimed that perhaps it wasn’t SJWs to blame for Koei Tecmo pulling the release of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 in the West, with Shivam Bhatt [backup] stating…

“heya social media guy, the publisher chose to not put it out on their own. no one has complained, so let’s not scapegoat folks.”


“if folks are going to blame “sjw nonsense”, at least prove that it exists.”

Actually it’s everywhere. All Koei Tecmo needs to do is look no further than Google. Heck, their previous Dead or Alive 5: Last Round had critics hammering the game on the gender politics issue.

In the above link for Google that’s just a general search for “video games sexist”. A couple of those are from 2015. You can also try phrases like “toxic masculinity” and “fighting games sexist” to get bombarded with various articles attacking the industry up and down throughout the past couple of years.

If you narrowed the search to just 2015 you would be flooded with all sorts of examples from media outlets in the West decrying everything from the old Tomb Raider games to Super Mario to Dead or Alive being sexist in some way or another.

To address Bhatt’s imposition, the Google search results and the critical response to DoA 5: Last Round show that there is a lot of non-stop gender political debates within the gaming industry and it has affected game studios, mostly by altering content or removing features, like in Blade & Soul’s case. The censorship tab on this site alone will give you an eye-full of examples.

There’s even the bizarre case of the GamersGate executives jumping ship after being harassed for being mistaken for GamerGate.

But even more than that, just further down the Twitter thread of Play-Asia’s post, former game journalists from large outlets like IGN and GameSpot were found threatening to stop supporting Play-Asia for them openly supporting gamers who want to purchase Dead or Alive Xtreme 3. It’s insane. A former IGN writer, Carolyn McDowell, tweeted the following…

[Update 11/26/2015: Carolyn McDowell has retracted the above comments and clarified her intentions]

A former GameSpot writer, Kevin Vonord, also made it known that he was no longer supporting Play-Asia with the following Tweet

A novelist and indie interactive writer just came out in a Tweet and said Play-Asia was going on his “blacklist”.

PC game critic Nathan Cocks who formerly wrote for PC PowerPlay magazine didn’t hold back on making it known that Play-Asia was no longer going to be receiving his patronage, writing on Twitter

[Update:] Twitter user Blaugast also spotted Luke Plunkett from Kotaku chiming in on the Twitter festivities, writing…

Essentially, these former (and current) journalists and critics literally just proved Koei Tecmo right in their decision. Even without releasing the game in the West they’re already attacking and circling those supporting boob physics and virtual bikini slips with social justice pitchforks and ideological torches.

They’ve become a destructive hate mob masked under the banner of “social justice”.

For now, Play-Asia is holding their ground but who knows how long that will be? If gamers speak with their wallets it will most certainly help speak volumes above empty threats and veiled attempts to blacklist a distributor focusing on niche imports.

If you also want to continue to support Koei Tecmo or make your voice heard, feel free to join the e-mail campaign organized over on Kotaku In Action to let them know, as a gamer, how you really feel. Alternatively you can still import Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 through


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194 thoughts on “Former IGN And GameSpot Journalists Threaten Play-Asia For Supporting Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3

  1. It’s funny how these dipshits think they’re relevant in the industry. If only they’d realize how small their little circlejerk really is.

    1. True. And everyone else in the games industry needs to realise this too. Expose this small, but highly influential clique for what they really are. Yesterdays paper.

    2. They just have a loud voice, is always so, nonfactors seems more only for this reason but they aren’t.
      Developers should stop to localize games and censor in the west and add english language (or others languages too) to their original asian version.

      Import = less expenses = more fast release = sjw fucked.

    3. “If only they’d realize how small their little circlejerk really is.”

      The fucking game wasn’t coming to the west, because it wasn’t selling well enough to bother doing so.

      Look at the sales numbers for the previous installments in the spin-off franchise.

      Do some fucking research before speaking.

      1. The games aren’t selling as well as used to but the added controversy gives Koei Tecmo a “go-to” reason. The North American market still counted for roughly 60% of the total units of either Xtreme Volleyball 1 or 2, even if by population ratio it sold better in Japan.

    1. If anyone is on the fence about buying Literally Fanservice: The Game, MoeChro is really a really good RPG, and the Asian English translation is VERY good barring a few errors here and there (generally missing or incorrect punctuation).

      1. I think Moero Chronicle is an excellent fanservice game, but a bit of a mediocre dungeon crawler as the battle system, while having some nice ideas, dosen’t really expand on them. The translation is really good, as you described. But that’s my two cents, I liked it enough to warrant a purchase of Crystal when it comes out over in SEA next year. I’d say get it if you are a fan of DRPGs, Compile Heart and/or fanservice.

      2. tbh I rate it a bit higher than I usually would because it manages to balance the fanservice with the gameplay. Most fanservice games are either really good fap material, but shit tier gameplay, or terrible fanservice but passable gameplay. Barring any given AliceSoft or Eushully title, of course.

  2. Seems like the future is bypassing Western outlets altogether, both publisher and journalists…let’s see how that impacts the development ‘industry’.

    1. Japenese devs should honestly not bother with the western market proper, just release Asian English versions with proper English subs and we’re all happy.

      1. hm when there dominated by Evangelical political correct people no different than the Right Wing Conservative only more snobbish and pretentious with more academic jargon I would ignore these people . And rightfully so from a Japanese publisher point of view they distort who your actual market is and mix it with as play would say “SJW ” nonsense that has little to do with who buying the game .

      1. By the way, when I lived in Japan, what that means isn’t a “zero”, but it means money (or coins). You see the three fingers (middle, ring, pinky) represent the shine or twinkle that a shiny coin gives off if the sunlight hits it, while the thumb & the pointed finger forming the “O” represents the coin itself. Today you learned something, and knowing is half the battle. G.I. JOE~!!!

      2. True………..What I get from this……”You may be boycotting but because of publicity, we’re gonna get a looooooooooooooooooooooooot of money from this xD (not a fan of Dead or Alive series but even I support them in allowing it to be exported).

  3. Are all these former and current “journalists” going to cause Play Asia to write a blog called “The Price of Offering DOAX3 to Western Gamers”?

    1. You know what’s also dumb? They literally just proved TK right. Literally. They’re whining about this stuff even when it’s not coming westward.

      Play Asia now has to deal with all this extra salt that they can use to de-ice their driveways this winter, and all they did was tweet out support for TK’s game.

      1. I hope Play Asia is very successful in offering this game to Westerners. I hope they make boatloads of cash from it.

      2. A lot of the salt seems to be over the use of the term “SJW” from a major retailer of games. Surprised that they (being people who don’t use the label nor like it) are attached to the term, but whatever.

        Part of it is also how they don’t think blame should be assigned about no localisation before that same game gets western backlash. You did address how there may have been a snowballing effect, though I think part of this is valid:

        Basically outrage rarely is.

        Anyway, Play Asia’s crime seems to be typing like “one of us” even if it was just supporting one of their releases and joking with users.

      3. It’s a shame we can’t bet on whether the situation would have differed had SJWs not polluted the gaming landscape with their filthy rubbish.

      4. If you think about it, those asshole SJWs are implying “you will stock only the games I am personally interested in or approve of, or I will gather mobs to find ways to put you out of business”.

        Isn’t that kind of behavior illegal in some way?
        Not to mention insanely selfish.

      5. Isn’t that kind of behavior illegal in some way? Not to mention insanely selfish.

        Selfish? Absolutely. Illegal? Well, we’d have to prove that they work for an organization with market sway or at least form different organizations with competitive market sway to Play-Asia.

        If the handful of them worked at different e-tailers/publishers/distributors and they all expressed intentions to blacklist Play-Asia, then yes that would be a anti-trust violation.

      6. So it’s completely legal for hate mobs to demand retail outlets only stock specific items? That sounds pretty f’d up to me.

        Next we’ll have even stupider stuff like cat owners demanding pet stores remove all dogs because cats are better, and vice versa.

      7. oh shut up goobergabber its not censorship, jimbo sterling said so, movietard says censorship comes from the goverment no one is taking your games away.

  4. When I ever get around to finishing my game projects, I’ll wait until it gets popular enough and then announce “sorry, can’t sell it in the West because of SJWs.” It’s something I’ve considered many times before. I mean, who in their right mind wants to deal with all of that bullshit?

    I’m certain SJWs will complain about whatever I put out. They’re always bitching about wanting more feminine protagonists, but as soon as you make one, they throw a fit because no portrayal satisfies them. In reality, they are just looking for ammunition to push their agenda and receive pity cash. That’s why most devs take the easy way out and just don’t have female protagonists.

      1. Yeah, I’ve met one person in my life with that surname. I had to question Nathan’s surname when grouped with the others though.

      1. She doens’t want to you to objectify virtual women, (as if they care.) She wants all of your attention on her.

    1. One of the sad puppies said it best, “they have this marxist view of the world that any piece of art that doesnt push its ideology is dicarded as useless”

      They always look at the meaning in things, they are pseudointelectual hipsters.

      Oh and they dont even know wtf they talking about, most of them never read the sources of their ideological benchmark, which is why they say “educate yourself”

      Jimbo sterling is a classic example of a person who was attacked by them for criticizing femminsm so leigh alexander matt lees mandy whats her name and his wife plus others hipsters in progressive san fransisco forced him to become a femminst.

  5. Well in doing what they did and the reaction from journalists and former journalists (which only proves that these publications have agendas) they have just made a new customer, and I’m probably not the only one. These journalists only help to increase traffic to the very things they wish to withhold it from.

  6. It’s a business guys and they want to make a profit. Ign and gamespot have click bait all over their websites. What’s the difference both are misleading and dishonest. both turn a profit. Shame on you all get off your high horse. Bunch of self righteous tools.

      1. If that’s the case, my apologies. I don’t like when these publications and their “journalists” pretend to hold the moral high ground when they damn well have no morals.

      2. Yeah I have a big bunch of run on sentences. Basically ign and gamespot need to get off their self righteous kick. Also they can’t be that dumb about this. Never really liked the people on these sites.

    1. They will start whining about how Japan is a “backwards country” because they value feminine sexuality, and Sarquasar will once again boast about how she had to bomb morals into Japanese culture.

  7. Funny thing is it’s paying off for really well, they are sky rocketing in Twitter followers by the minute and are gaining more pre-orders for DOAX3 and who knows how many new customers they have now.

    I didn’t even know about them till now and now they’re my go to site for importing.

    See what boobs can do? 🙂

    1. They have been my go-to for importing since 2012 and they have never disappointed me.
      They accept all forms of payment, the games are always in mint condition, always gets delivered on time, they have great deals and a good library!
      I’d rip someone’s face off with my bare hands if they closed it down (especially for something as stupid as this).

    2. “Funny thing is it’s paying off for really well…”

      Gee… it’s almost like they stirred up this controversy to sell games to simple-minded idiots.

      1. Yeah, it doesn’t take a genius to see the advantage they gain from anti-PC sympathizers over this “controversy”. There’s something to be said though when associates (former or otherwise) from professional outlets as big as IGN/Kotaku are free to make biased remarks (even threats) on a business decision PlayAsia has every right to make. Of course they put themselves in the line of fire with that announcement, but this is just clear indication that people with the worst sentiments about filtering content are infiltrating some of the biggest tastemakers in the industry. If any legal action is made over this game to halt it’s sales then in my mind this will signal how much control that politics actually has over any industry regardless of its size.

      2. “There’s something to be said though when associates (former or
        otherwise) from professional outlets as big as IGN/Kotaku are free to
        make biased remarks (even threats) on a business decision PlayAsia has
        every right to make.”

        After Play-Asia blamed SJWers, some of these people were doxxed. That’s why the journalist said they would never work with Play-Asia again, and why they would work with their contacts so they would also stop doing business with them.

        “…but this is just clear indication…”

        No, this is a clear indication you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about.

      3. After Play-Asia blamed SJWers, some of these people were doxxed. That’s why the journalist said they would never work with Play-Asia again, and why they would work with their contacts so they would also stop doing business with them.

        LOL at your revisionist history. Even the journos admit they made the comments first. The timeline shows as much. They made the threats and then later on got doxxed by some trolls.

      4. “LOL at your revisionist history.”

        November 24th…

        She Responded on the 25th, as you can see above.

        How the fuck did she make the comment first when it came a day later?

        Regardless, I’m not coming back to this site, as Malware is warning me there’s something not right here.

        But thanks for proving yet again that Red-Pill Reactionaries like you are the dumbest fucking people on the planet.

      5. How the fuck did she make the comment first when it came a day later?

        She made the comment on Play-Asia’s Twitter post when they mentioned SJWs, and then after she made the comment she later got doxxed. Her comment along with the other journos commenting about blacklisting and not buying from Play-Asia all came BEFORE people claimed that doxxing took place. That’s why I lol’d at your revisionist history.

        Malware is warning me there’s something not right here.

        I removed all but two ads on the site and one of them you likely can’t even see, so unless you’re a bit more descriptive about this I have no idea what you mean.

        thanks for proving yet again that Red-Pill Reactionaries like you are the dumbest fucking people on the planet.

        So when your mother tries correcting you on your school work you throw down the pen and paper, stand up and go… “Mom, I’m sick of your MRA reactionism! Check your privilege! I can’t deal with your internalized misogyny!” and run off to your room?

      6. so unless you’re a bit more descriptive about this I have no idea what you mean.

        I’m going with the “I’ll try to make your site sound bad because I can’t argue on the facts” interpretation.

      7. That’s a fucking lie. Those tweets they made to Play-Asia coincided with their statements. Just because Journalists can delete and resubmit tweets to play the victim doesn’t implicate Play-Asia in anyway.

        They still have every right to uphold the sales even if other private retailers want to look good in front of their constituents within the games press.

        These outlets’ decision is purely driven by politics and whatever happens to the journalists is outside of PA’s control. I don’t condone their doxxing it’s stupid and only lends weight to their vows against Play-Asia’s decision as a private fucking company. It will empower them to punish anybody within the industry who doesn’t agree with them or their politics.

        As for you, please by all means, go. Peddle your damage control somewhere else, and see how many people are willing to give you grief for your shallow perspective.

        You literally won’t acknowledge Play-Asia’s right to their decision as a private entity but happily engage in discrediting opposing arguments with an indirect consequence of these journalists own making.

        It all smacks of poetic justice really. Even though their doxxing was wrong, it was a separate reaction from the same kind of people who were lumped in with Gamergate.

        The voices of reason amongst the trolls who only wanted these publications to be held just as accountable and instead had cucks like you drowning them out with the same generalized rhetoric about “Red-Pill Reactionaries”.

        You can’t even disengage from your own Social Justice bullshit to make the distinction between a private company upholding an obligation to their customers and assholes that only retaliate in the worst way.

        Your logic on the entire situation is fucked. You can make all the false-equivalences you want but people won’t buy it…..but they’ll buy DOA X3 in droves. Good luck out there Cucky…

  8. I personally don’t like the term “SJW” since it isn’t a hashtag that they follow and build discussions around nor a common label to be self assigned. I saw one tweet imply the term was a White Supremacy dogwhistle (from the opposite side for what it is worth), only makes it clear that we have a serious communication problem.

    So I’m rather surprised that the mostly innocent “SJW nonsense” got that many people moving away or against Play Asia. It wasn’t like they directly made fun of them really given their loose definition.

    1. it isn’t a hashtag that they follow and build discussions around nor a common label to be self assigned

      Actually they did build discussions around it and self-assigned themselves the title in the Game Journo Pros. There was an entire thread about how they wanted to have their pictures on a list made on 4chan or whatever that showed which “progressive” journalists to avoid. They were excited to be hated by the “plebs”.

      1. They have? I tend to follow all the people or Twitter and aside from a Social Justice Bard or two (I think Jim Sterling is alright), it didn’t seem to have much traffic for them.

        Progressive is probably the term that they are at least a little likely to use, I thought but I clearly have a lot to learn.

      2. As far back as March 2014 or more huh? Guess it makes some sense now.

        Still weird that they took the label on board rather than distancing themselves methinks even if privately. All they managed to do is make people hostile to them, their websites and even more rational takes which touch SJ talking points.

        Maybe they do think that it makes them superheroes. Not so surprised at how a number of GJP people turned out now.

      3. the term “SJW” itself goes back as far as 2012 in terms of self-labeling social justice advocates proclaiming themselves to be warriors. i tried to find the first mention a few months back and some feminist blogger claimed he is a “Social Justice Warrior” all the way back in 2012. though yes, 2014 was when the term took off.

      4. Thanks for the details. I just find it odd that people would borrow a label which seemed to be used to slam them unless ironically.

        Keyboard warrior is a little similar though a term without any politics attached.

      5. SJW was self-coined but sounded so cringey and self-righteous the rest of the Internet took it as a joke and started using it ironically to mock them, now it became a derogatory term and, I must say, a well earned one.

      6. When they created the label they tried to use it as a weapon against people slamming them, but it turned the same way as Euphoric did for Atheists and are now a negative stereotype regarding them.

        On the other hand PCMR managed to take a label created to make fun of them and turn it into a strongpoint. Social dynamics are very weird stuff.

      7. It’s older than that. I first came across the term in 2009, and from social justice activists, to boot. The term seems to have been coined by these activists to refer to the wave of wealthy white college kids who latched onto the idea of “social justice” as a way to score victimhood points, among other things.

        The term was used in much the same context as “keyboard warrior”, meant to deride the “social justice warriors” who spend all their energy whining about how “oppressed” they are on Tumblr and bullying other people online rather than actually doing something about their supposed issues. It wasn’t until Gamergate exploded that the term was pushed into wider usage.

      8. There was a time when I tried to like Jim Sterling, but he kept 180ing and backstabbing all sorts of people over all kinds of topics. So, I don’t trust him. My friends had the same experience with him, so it’s not just me.

        If I recall correctly, he said he grew up super poor and used to struggle desperately to make ends meet. With that in mind, he strikes me as a guy who would bite the hand that feeds him if it means his prolonged survival.

        In general, it’s not a good idea to look up to random people, especially on the internet. They tend to only be looking out for themselves, and don’t give a damn if any of us like them or not.

    1. not really no
      they’re just playing the opportunist angle here….which is kinda shameless…
      They woulda marketed the game regardless.
      The fact is they stand to make more money by only selling the Asia/JPN versions than they would be localized US/EU version, because they can’t mark those prices up like they can with the Asia/JPN versions, and the controversy just helps bring more traffic flow to their site.

      On the other side, KoeiTecmo loses more money but not localizing because they dont collect as much a profit from Westerners importing the game from places like Play-Asia as opposed to buying directly or through retail stores.

      The extra money from jacked up import prices does not go to KT; it goes to Play-Asia, and no amount of Tweets by Play-Asia is going to successfully pull all the potential Westerners who would have bought this game in the West (since its more convenient plus you have your usual impulse buyers in stores) than it would to reach out to Play-Asia and go through the whole buying of the game there and paying their exuberant shipping fees and what not.

      Lastly, Koei Tecmo’s sales of the Dead or Alive Xtreme series has historically sold more in the West than Japan and Asia, so they’re only hurting themselves from not localizing. No amount of SJW ranting backlash would have hurt their sales more than they already did it to themselves by pulling the proverbial plug…

      1. I think the thing here is that if Koei Tecmo’s fears are truly legitimately significant, then Play Asia even tweeting about the game should have resulted in them immediately being burned to the ground and destroyed as a business.

        That Play Asia is receiving huge support instead shows that Koei Tecmo should have had a little more backbone in standing up to the rabid SJW minority who wouldn’t buy their game anyway.

        Other businesses ought to look at the huge influx of support for Play Asia and ask themselves if continued pandering to non-customers actually rakes in profit or not.

      2. Play-Asia doesn’t have hugely jacked up import prices though. In fact, most of their wares are in line with western prices.

      3. when you factor in their shipping fees its more and yes their prices are more than if you bought a Western version. Lets say you wanted to buy it digitally than what? You are DEF spending more than if you did if it was on U.S./EU PSN lol

        The fact this game isnt being localized means a consumer in the West has no choice to get it but to import and thye are one of the more well known import sites. So they capitalizing off this controversial mess KT put themselves in and ultimately will receive less money overall as a company from a game based on a series that they’ve historically raked in more money in the West than in Asia combined

      4. So you’re saying we shouldn’t order from Amazon either because of shipping costs?

        PA has a flat international shipping fee IIRC, I don’t think there’s even tax applied if you order from within the US.

      5. it wasnt an insult I was quoting classic Akroyd from SNL lol

        I dont even use Amazom much and I’m automatically linked to Prime without having to pay extra or do much for it lol

        In any case I think no one can argue a localized version is cheaper to buy than an Asia version, so not localizing this game only hurts KT and puts more money in Play-Asia’s bank account since Westerners would have to spend more for the product lol.
        They are capitalizing on KT’s blunder and being opportunistic and shameless about it.
        “See guys? We hate SJWs just like you so uh come on dowwwnnn and buy from us! We’re on your side!”


      6. I see then, okay. Glad we could put this “insult” thing into the right light. But as for the rest… the thing is this; I think people will go more after those SJWs than Play Asia, since Play Asia won’t be the only import shop that will sell the game. But shameless? I doubt it, they merely offer a service for the fans. If you take this offer is up to you, since no one is holding a gun to your head. So, as I always say, vote with your wallet if you think that this is the wrong thing. Besides, we saw this kind of action from shops already and no one said a word. There will always be a shop, that will make a dime about the drama of life, whether it is good or bad. Can’t avoid it but not buying it.

      7. but they were offering this regardless of the controversy if it happened or not.

        They’re MO is they sell import games. its…what…they…do

        So they’re not really being ‘heroes’ or ‘saviors’ in this regard because they were going to sell and market this anyway

        There’s nothing wrong with me calling them out on they’re obvious bullshit lol

      8. I’m aware of the fact that this is there job. Still, they could stay silent and just sell the game. Instead, they took position. As you said, they are no heroes or saints and no one ever said this. They just took position, that’s all.

      9. you can go fuck yourself, and you are in the wrong because they are not in the wrong for what they chose, faggot

      10. hey you wanna get smacked just say the word. Dont ever talk to me like that again

        especially not with replying to a5 month old comment ya desperate virgin loser

      11. I don’t give a shit about a post that is about as old over 5 months or so, thats the most stupidest point to counter criticism made against you for having shitty opinions, you make the same point as this one faggot called “infamouslyawesome” to some other guy about comments being old and brought up, you’re the one who’s getting curbed stomped here faggot.

      12. Amiami is the best place to import games from imo, they sell below msrp and they do a point reward system

      13. The problem is they’re not selling the Asian mult. Language version which is what most people want. Amiami only deals with Japanese releases for their video games.

  9. As soon as I read this, I went to Play-Asia and purchased a copy of the game. February 2016!

    Wow at some of this shit they are getting. All they even did is literally repeat what official Tecmo sources stated as the reason they didn’t bring it over.

  10. Preodered my PS4 collector’s edition a couple of weeks ago, fuck the SJW/feminatzies they can take their backwards views on sexuality to themselves ?

    1. They focus on bashing Japanese games because they know most Japanese devs won’t fight back. Notice they’ve stayed the hell away from the ones that do (eg. Kamiya).

      Kamiya would probably rip their heads off with his bare hands if he had time to waste on such trash.

      1. They probably see Japanese devs as competition too. Western devs may pay them to talk shit about Japanese devs.

      2. lol it’s like I’m living out the 1980’s again. Remember when it was Japan and not China that America was peeing its pants over losing jerbs and cars?

  11. I wanted this game anyway, but I was going to wait to see if there was a small chance of it coming out here. But now that I know its not, and in SPITE of all these SJW assholes, I’m heading right to Play-Asia right now and ordering my import! Maybe for both PS4 and Vita!

    Vote with your dollars people. Don’t let the oppression of censorship get in the way!!

  12. I’m voting with my wallet. Team Ninja removed any characters I cared about and filled it with kids instead. SJW bullshit is obviously bullshit, but so is TN spitting in the faces of the series’ fanbase.

    No Tina? No Mila? No Christie, Lisa, Rachel or Lei Fang? Screw that. The current roster looks awful, and borderline racist.

    1. The current roster isn’t “full of kids.” Goddamn Neotengu is there. Maybe you just have a problem with cute bubbly girls in games and trying to spin it as some racist thing.

      1. I’m not too keen on characters who look around twelve years old shoving their asses into the camera, that’s true.

        And if removing nearly every western character doesn’t smack of slight racism… well.

  13. lol @ all of the racist game ‘journalists’ acting like they’d ever import a game
    none of them know japanese, none of them like japanese games, most of them would probably consider importing to be ‘too much effort’, all of them support region locking.

  14. I kept reading “Former” this and “used write for” that..
    I’m sorry… WHY THE FUCK do they still matter if they mattered in the first place? Play-Asia has my support & I will be importing my games from there exclusively from now on. I love the trolling they’re doing, someone had to for fucks sake. This shit is getting ridic’

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a good reason why they’re “former” and “used to write for”. If you know what I mean.

  15. Notice that most of these hacks are FORMER writers. These Sensitive Joss Whedons (Thanks Red Letter Media for that term) do everything for attention.

    Remember how they tried to boycott bully Protein World into submission because Renee Somerfield had the nerve to be too beautiful? The sales went sky high!

    The SJW cunts might achieve and censor something at the start but in the end they always lose!

  16. I don’t think that games journalists are understanding that gamers don’t need these people anymore. We have our own means of reviewing games. The only reason they’re necessary is to give us news on upcoming games.

    1. I think everyone is going to learn a very valuable lesson if PA puts out preorder numbers in the future. Once devs and publishers see hard evidence of consumers standing against censorship, they’ll stop this bullshit. They just need to realize that they need to have a backbone.

      SJWs have no backbone, no spine, just a stick jammed so far up their asses that they’ve mistaken it for one.

  17. Van Ord is the only douche I recognize from those tweets. I would bet money that the number of new followers and preorders play-asia received far outnumbers these washed up losers. I know my order is already in.

  18. Former for a reason as IGN seemed to have no problem reporting on DOAX 1 and 2 or the announcement of 3 and besides lack of Gameplay and Gamespot is reporting in a fairly neutral way on the developments(though they skew more to the SJW’s drum they aren’t decrying video gamer entirely) .

  19. They more than double their Twitter followers, while Nyberg is trumpeting tweets with a measly 15 likes on it as a sign they made a mistake.

  20. Welp, who needs their business anyway (LMFAO Luke Plunkett, what relativity does HE have?), they have LOADS of people in that demographic that’ll double what those SJWs make up.

  21. DOAX3 isn’t the only title to be ravaged by SJWs

    Short story: The localization team at NCWest made changes to several quests to appeal to their personal tastes and political befliefs because there we’re mentions of misogyny, abuse and other shit. (Without the notification of the developers in Korea) and also changed a character’s voice due to people being offended by her southern accent (And claimed it was a placeholder voice over)

    The community over at the official Blade and Soul forums are outraged that they’re censoring the game without ANY notification to Team Bloodlust in Korea, and if you create a thread addressing the censorship, it’s automatically deleted.
    (Let alone one of the community reps, let the community know that they’re deleting e-mails being sent to them about censorship)…/report-blade-soul…/

  22. Are they game critics or wannabe social activists? Who do they think they are to decide what gamers do and do not have the freedom to import? Are they really going to claim ignorance over the criticism they have dished out themselves and tell us to “blame the publisher”? Are they seriously going to overreact to Play-Asia’s posting exactly the same thing that Koei Tecmo’s community manager posted on their official Facebook page, then provide fans an alternative means to purchase the product? If they got hurt by that tweet alone, then they need to put a band-aid on and get over it.

  23. such a very sad moment for western gaming society
    my condolences

    luckily I live in Asia and these kind of drama were mostly null in here

    1. 🙁 it sucks. I never thought this would happen really. I thought we was moving away from this type of crap. I never dream that we would end up having people like this telling me what I find that offends me, and how I should feel about things.

      Blade and Soul is also getting the same type of treatment, and it is a losing battle.

      1. I feel you guys.
        Really, this is an irony, of the “freedom” things they’ve been mentioning all these days, yet ppl can’t enjoy what game they like, it’s like forcing their very opinion towards all ppl and all should obey for the sake of “better future” they said

  24. First you use Google as a source then you quote somebody who’s job title is “Pc Game Critic,” I can’t take this article serious. I hope this is a satire.

      1. I mean he literally spent 4 Paragraph explaining how he got his source from Google. Even in middle school you are taught Google isn’t a acceptable source. So this article automatically loses it’s credibility, the other sources doesn’t matter.

      2. lol, gr8 b8t m8t.

        Bhatt claimed there were no attacks on the game. Instead of individually linking to every single article yelling “sexism” it was just more convenient to link to a collection of articles that proved him wrong.

        But yeah, once you say “the other sources” don’t matter then you’re selectively trying to corner a strawman.

      3. I think poor Jay confused “Google” with “Wikipedia”. Search engine, online encyclopedia….same thing, right? I could make a joke about not posting when stoned, but it doesn’t pass my cleverness criteria, so I’ll skip it.

        It’s Wikipedia which is an unacceptable source in academic papers, though depending on whether or not the article is crap the sources a page links to might be usable. The only caution in using Google (or Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine) is that you have to double-check what you find through it. In other words, don’t just use the first thing that pops up.

      4. It’s Wikipedia which is an unacceptable source in academic
        papers, though depending on whether or not the article is crap the
        sources a page links to might be usable.

        Yup. Agreed.

        The only caution in using Google (or Bing, Yahoo, or any other search
        engine) is that you have to double-check what you find through it.

        Yep. Also agreed.

        I think you’re right in that Jay was thinking about the rule of not citing Wikipedia. But if there are rules about using search results as a bad form of sourcing then it’s something I’ll need to check into.

      5. So… the other source can pinpoint a serious issue that logically deserves attention, be because he spent some paragraphs on google, everything else is automatically? What kind of logical judgement is that? How a proof loses it substance because some other proof was badly presented? Because you think the author is not good enough? You can’t judge the sources by themselves?

    1. Hey, at least it’s not like that one UN women’s violence article where someone used a file on their C: drive as a source.

  25. Wah wah because of all this going against play asia im importing 2 copies of the game and bringing more people in so thanks for the publicity

  26. Just buy it through Play Asia. Those guys took a risk with that post. Good to see them coming out on top.
    I also can’t believe Kevin VanOrd did that. I really liked that guy. What a shallow piece of trash. Can’t handle an acronym.

  27. Ironically, bi sexual and lesbian women are both a part of the Dead or Alive Xtreme fandom. I bet the SJWs wouldn’t dare attack the LGBT parts of the fandom. Somehow male sexuality is wrong, but female sexuality is okay in their hypocritical minds. I have no double standards: ALL sexuality is acceptable, as long as no one is legitimately harmed. The LGBT DOAX fans should make their voices louder. Maybe they can turn the tables on SJW critics, and make them look like homophobes. They are already sexist, and not even towards men. SJWs encourage gender roles in fiction, and act like women are an entirely different species from men, and female characters should act entirely different. Real non-sexists see women as individuals, and don’t judge them based on gender, and don’t expect them to conform to gender roles.

  28. Last week, Game Journalists were complaining about developers blacklisting them for doing things that pissed them off.

    This week, Game Journalists are blacklisting game sellers that do things that piss them off.

    Hypocrisy, thy name is the gaming industry.

  29. who are these quoted tweets from? they are NOBODIES.
    they aren’t going to stop us from playing what we want to play.
    let them make fools of themselves…..let them show their own hand

  30. Props to Play-Asia. They have me as a customer.

    I cannot believe these mobsters are threatening Play-Asia while in the same breath saying they are not taking your games away.

  31. “But even more than that, just further down
    the Twitter thread of Play-Asia’s post, former game journalists from
    large outlets like IGN and GameSpot were found threatening to stop
    supporting Play-Asia for them openly supporting gamers who want to
    purchase Dead or Alive Xtreme 3. It’s insane. A former IGN writer, Carolyn McDowell, tweeted the following…”

    Wow. I can’t tell if you are really fucking stupid, or if you are taking part in a harassment campaign.

    Either way, you are a piece of shit.

  32. These SJW’s are just pathetic. They deeply loathe male heterosexuality in all of its manifestations. All other forms of sexuality are of course, encouraged.

    A more sexist group of pot bangers you will never meet.

  33. Here’s a clue: Girls don’t play games.

    Don’t pull out the little granular exception and wave it around like it means anything.

    Girls don’t play games.


    Statistically the number of girl gamers is essentially zero.

    Carry on.

  34. I wonder how many of the sjws blacklisting playasia for releasing this game watch porn? Why dont they go after the porn industry if pretty naked girls are bad? So i guess its evil for men to act as men and follow their natural instincts and be attracted to scantily clad women? We should all be ashamed of ourselves! And how dare playasia/koeo tecmo sell these games to us! Men wanting to look at boobs/women, whats with the world today? This could be the end of the universe.

    1. This could be the end of the universe.

      I think core gamers will likely have to retreat to back-alley websites to get their gaming news kicks. It’s a real shame that there’s this encroaching puritan market taking over major gaming news sites.

  35. I just found out I was blocked by Kevin VanOrd. Never interacted with the guy, ever. Gee, I wonder if he uses a blockbot.

  36. Ok, so those “journalists” support censorship and power for small groups to dictate what _everyone_ are allowed to play. This means, I won’t even consider supporting said journalists.

  37. I don’t fucking care couldn’t give a rat arse about them, they got what they wanted No DOA3X for western shores & still they not Happy.

    That tells me they sore bloody losers only one of them got any sense by retracting.

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