Blaming SJWs For DOAX3 Fiasco Prohibited By Anime News Network

The controversy over Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 not coming to America through official localization channels has left a bad taste in the mouths of most common sense gamers and consumers. Most people who value the free market, freedom of speech and freedom of artistic integrity have become incensed that a vocal minority have kicked up such a fuss about sexism in gaming over the past two years that it’s starting to scare away Japanese publishers from bringing sexually suggestive games to America… or at least, that’s what Koei Tecmo’s community manager and European representatives have said. The funny thing is, you can’t say what I just wrote on some gaming and anime websites.

An article by Anime News Network’s Todd Ciolek was published on November 26th, 2015, detailing a number of news bits happening within the gaming sphere, ironically recalling the censorship that has befallen various other games over the past few weeks before tackling the biggest topic of discussion this week. One of the topics was that of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 — and the controversy that kicked up after Play-Asia ran to the defense of gamers by admonishing “Social Justice Warriors” for their relentless attacks on gaming.

According to Ciolek, there is no “Social Justice Warrior” brigade out there and no “feminist cabal” attacking the gaming industry for being misogynistic and sexist…

“Many misguided souls point to some dastardly cabal of feminists and bloggers and Kotaku journalists who scheme to rob the world of fun, as though they’re the villains from Doozy Bots. Yet as far as I can tell, no one in the press specifically called for Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 to be martyred for the sake of game-industry sexism, and most of the negativity around Dead or Alive 5 is constrained to side comments in game reviews.”

First of all, there was a cabal that helped control media narratives known as the Game Journo Pros. Their antics are detailed on DeepFreeze.

Next up, there is an article by Engadget that was published on November 26th, 2015, the same day as Ciolek’s article, that says the game is “too sexist” for the West.

There is another article published by on November 26th, 2015 stating that the game is “creepy” and “sexist” and that it’s “rubbish and nobody wants it”.

Observer Voice published an article on November 27th, 2015 that almost mirrored the Metro article word for word as to why the game wasn’t coming to the West, stating that it was “sexist” and “creepy”.

Those are just a few examples out of the dozens of articles released this week, many from the mainstream media outlets decrying the series for being “sexist”, “misogynistic” and “creepy”. You can scroll through a load of those articles through this Google link here.

It’s the exact kind of media reaction Koei Tecmo said they wanted to avoid by not releasing it in the West. They felt that the sensibilities of Western media have become enveloped with too much focus on gender politics. When Play-Asia made the tweet in support of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, they too were attacked by the same media attacking Koei Tecmo and their game.

Back in November of 2014, in an interview with Venture Beat, the producers at Team Ninja made it known that they were aware of #GamerGate and the media’s obsession with misogyny and sexism, but they were hoping that DOA 5: Last Round would break through the media’s shroud and surmount the media’s bully tactics. Sadly, it did not. This year, they decided they weren’t even going to bother.

Recently, many gamers have taken to forums and their favorite news outlets such as Anime News Netowrk to express concern over the issue of censorship.

When Play-Asia pointed to “SJWs” or “Social Justice Warriors” as the culprit for all of the outrage over the game skipping Western shores, many level-headed gamers agreed that people like Jonathan McIntosh and his ilk have proven “problematic” for gaming, especially when spreading propaganda against Dead or Alive and other violent and sexually suggestive games.

When attempting to make these points known on the Anime News Network’s forums – with some users actively blaming Social Justice Warriors for keeping Koei Tecmo’s game out of the West – a moderator going by the handle of Psycho 101 stepped in to state the following…

“[…] stop soap boxing on the topic of social justice you know whos. Your soap boxing on the topic is getting OT and just redundant. The term is also blocked for a reason so stop trying to get around the filter.


“That last part applies for everyone else as well. Any further discussion on that topic will be removed as it’s off topic and it also simply always ends in flame wars. So don’t do it. Thanks.”

Yes, the phrase “Social Justice Warrior” is prohibited and banned from being used on Anime News Network’s forums, even though the term was used in the article that the forum denizens were discussing.

According to the moderators, it’s just a phrase made up by #GamerGate to point to a non-existent boogeyman. There are no “feminist boogeymen”, they say. This is despite the fact that these same people recently went to the U.N., to decry #GamerGate and defame the gaming industry with labels of being “sexist” and “misogynistic”, which was even supported by media outlets like Pixelkin.

On NeoGaf [via Kotaku in Action] they’ve also taken up the argument that there was never a “boycott” and that there are no organized “SJWs” standing against Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 or Play-Asia. In fact, according to them, none of these individuals who identify as Social Justice Warriors want to take your games away, even though just last year those who identify as Social Justice Warriors literally did say they wanted to take Grand Theft Auto V away, and managed to successfully do so at some retailers in Australia.

Nevertheless, on the Anime News Network forums, the moderator warned users exercising common sense and facts to effectively step away from using common sense and facts. One of the users, the one warned about using “Social Justice Warriors”, even pointed out on VGChartz that Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 sells twice as much in the West as it does in Japan, so the argument of sales makes no sense and is counterproductive.

Nevertheless, one of the users attempting to deny the existence of Social Justice Warriors and the depressingly negative atmosphere they’ve created these past two years argued that situation is all made up. It’s almost like saying the Bolsheviks weren’t responsible for the Katyn massacres, and that the Polish just decided to die in a forest of their own volition. Going by the handle of Chagen46, he states…

“Best part about this “controversy” is that I have not seen a SINGLE Space Jam Wizard actually boycott or complain about DOAEX3.


“This entire tempest-in-a-teapot is a manufactured nontroversy. Given that it’s whipped all the reactionary manchildren into throwing a tantrum it’s worked pretty damn well.


“Gotta love how gamers love screaming at imaginary boogeymen.”



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122 thoughts on “Blaming SJWs For DOAX3 Fiasco Prohibited By Anime News Network

      1. I disagree with them being shit to begin with. When they were purely focused on news and database for the first few years, they were amazing. IIRC this changed around 2005. Really is a shame. I just want a site that gives unbiased NEWS and nothing more. Same for gaming. Everything has become so personalized.

        I got banned on ANN for pointing out that a cosplayer in female clothes was a guy. Not even a warning. “You might’ve offended someone”. And yet, people were talking shit about loli for an entire thread with no warnings at all. They pick and choose what to censor based on their personal tastes. It’s disgusting.

    1. Its funny seeing SJWs in the anime community because a lot of anime fans despise SJWs because they wouldn’t hesitate to censor anime, though if you notice, its always SJWs in seats of power at a certain website.

      1. dude wtf you talking about? What you sare saying can be said about games before they got their priviliged asses up in here and fucked it up, just like it happen to comics community and the sci fi community and the skeptics community.

      2. There are a lot of anime fans who don’t adhere to the kind of politics of SJWs. What do you mean, wtf am I talking about? If anyone has a better chance against them than video games, its anime. The only thing they can do is fuck it up for America like they do with games, but then it just pisses off more people.

      3. …and people wonder why they should listen to you with a user name like the one that you have…please go on and explain yourself more in depth.

    2. ANN are known anime haters, some of they reviewers bash fanservice and
      harem comedy anime always in every season, calling out often words like sexis and misogyny. They bash also loli anime.
      For example, read the last review of Cross Ange from a true femminist reviewer there and
      you will know what i’m talking about.

      ANN is a shit place for anime fans, moreover the CEO hate anime but keep the portal alive just for money and advs.

      1. Well I trust him, and Ann Bamboo. I find her to be reviewer and from personal interactions on twitter she’s pretty laid back.

    3. I stopped going there many years ago when I read this one weird blog post by one of the people working there. I remember that one of them had said in a post that he had a fight with his father, saying that James Bond was some kind of white supremacist power fantasy. Glad I stopped going.

    4. The anime community as a whole wouldn’t thank them for it, because the unfortunate reality is that most people in the Western anime community are not opposed to social justice and have no problem with how ANN does things. They relentlessly demonize moe, harem and ecchi style shows, treat otaku with the same contempt SJWs reserve for white men, have nothing but negative things to say about anime, want anime to conform to Western cultural standards, and shame people for being too enthusiastic about anime. Should SJWs ever decide to make a big push into the anime community like they did with video games, they will be greeted as liberators.

      1. Anime fans object to it, sure. The problem is that there are not a lot of anime fans around. There are just a lot of people who say they are fans.

  1. Its amazing how SJWs just bury their heads in the sand. How many games have come under fire just in the last year by these people for being sexist, violent, etc and they have the audacity to say There is no such thing as a SJW!

    1. not many really. and the DOA series hasn’t either. They launched DOA5 Last Round this year and I didn’t see anyone complain about it.

      This is just a marketing stunt by Tecmo to sell more copies after the huge failure of DOAX2

      1. This is unrelated to video games but when it comes to another sector of entertainment media, do you know about the movie Magic Mike?

        If we were to go by SJWs/feminist logic, that movie would be considered misandrist and sexist. And it would be more valid because it features real male human actors. But nope, they have no problems with that.

        SJWs/feminists being cretinous hypocrites again. Shock horror eh?

      2. I suppose that could apply. I haven’t seen it but there were a bunch of beta-cucks trying to convince straight guys to go see a movie about male strippers (lol right?) because, according to the betas, “it has more female nudity in it than male nudity”.

        But apparently the first movie was more “story driven” than what some let on so that’s why it was excused as okay. Well, at least that’s what the critics say or whatever.

        But you’re, if it were a movie about a group of female strippers starring Scarlett Johansson and Selena Gomez and it had a male director, we wouldn’t hear the end of it of how sexist and misogynistic it is. Heck, they almost wanted to kick up a fuss about the Joker being violent towards Harley Quinn in the upcoming Suicide Squad. Like, really?

      3. Could you please just use google for 30 seconds before posting your opinion about factual matters?

      4. i have and no one gives a shit about DOAX. In fact in 2013 Team ninja siad they weren’t even going to make a DOAX game because there wasn’t a mareket for it.

      5. where is the anger? All i see is the usual articles that have been posted about the series for the past 15 years. What changed? oh that’s right sales dropped.

        The last DOAX game sold better in Japan then the US.

      6. Oh, of course, because every objection/protest need to be full of anger to impact a publisher’s image…

      7. Do you know what outrage means don’t you? It’s something one finds wrong, finds insulting, finds it morally and ethically evil. If you knew that, you would know that all articles I showed earlier were SJW outrage, because they believe the game to be morally wrong, insulting to women, sexist and promoter of patriarchy and rape. Outraged.

      8. so if those articles are what you showing as the outrage… and they have been writting them since DOA 1….. what changed now.

        They aren’t receiving any MORE outrage then normal… so what are they afraid of?

      9. Yes, they ARE receiving MORE outrage them usual. While these articles did exist way back then, they were not AS COMMON nor did they have so much cultural impact as the status quo of culture was completely different back then. Depiction of Woman wasn’t a topic AS CONTROVERSIAL AS today, because there wasn’t Anita Sarkeesian, there wasn’t GamerGate, there wasn’t Tumblerism, SJW was not AS MAINSTREAM and as heated as it is TODAY.

      10. talk about cherry picking Data. Hey the last DOAX game was DOAX Paradise which sold better in Japan then it did in the US.

        not to mention the HUGE drop in sales from DOAX1 to DOAX2 in the US. In Japan it was still a best seller on the Xbox as the Xbox wasn’t a popular system in Japan.

        next time do your research instead of cherry picking data, you are worse then Anita

      11. I don’t know what cave you’ve been living in that you think DOA5 didn’t have any controversy around it. Marie Rose’s addition alone had people crying that it was a pedo game now.

        Let’s just do a quick google search for articles and such crying about how sexist DOA5 is… (admittedly this one’s satirical.. I think)

        And for good measure, a tumblr post.

        This is what I found in about 3 minutes without digging through tumblr, twitter, Neofag or any real forum hunting.

  2. I notice every large scale forum is pretty much the same. Run by hypocritical arrogant mods and owned by egotistical blowhards.

  3. If SJWs don’t exist, why does the term need to be banned? Who will it offend? And if it’s about banning terms that refer to people that don’t exist, is the word “patriarchy” similarly blocked?

  4. “According to Ciolek, there is no ‘Social Justice Warrior’ brigade out there and no ‘feminist cabal’ attacking the gaming industry for being misogynistic and sexist…”

    And yet there is this misogynistic conspiracy to kick women out of gaming.

    Imagine all the money luxury cinemas could save by replacing all their IMAX projectors with SJWs.

    1. too annoying you would constantly get them bit-…compl-…whining over everything. a IMAX projector won’t stand on a metaphorical soap box and whine for the duration of a film and a IMAX projector will do its job reliably until it breaks. your average SJW however is barely qualified to work the cash register at a mcdonald’s (let alone operate anything at a starbucks) and can only be counted on to project and complain

      a friend’s father has a term for sjw’s it’s the strawberry generation. Why? because nearly anything and everything bruises strawberries.

  5. All this proves is how utterly pathetic these SJWs are, both in clout and in wit. Sorched earth is like their go to strategy, no matter how minor their problems are. And just because you can wipe “censorship” out of the dictionary doesn’t mean the concept doesn’t exist.

  6. ANN has been going down the same hole where NeoGaf is today for a while now, but I didn’t think it’s gotten that bad. They should have never lost their way.

    1. Remember when bullshit articles whining about sexism/racism in gaming were considered fringe and the very people who trash gaming now defended it? Good times…

  7. I find the groups insisting that their ideology isn’t “taking away” certain games amusing; because of how demonstrably wrong they are. I’m glad that it’s finally gaining some mainstream attention thanks to Team Ninja.

    The fallout from certain camps attempting to distance themselves from terms like SJW, to the point they’re insisting that “SJWs never existed!”, despite certain people parroting this belief having, just eighteen months ago, proudly described themselves as SJWs on their social media profiles… funny how things work out when people publicly call you out on, and prove, your bullshit, isn’t it?

    1. It’s crazy isn’t it? It’s okay if they consider themselves Social Justice Warriors, but if it’s used by “one of ’em ‘gators” then it’s a pejorative term. It makes no sense other than that they don’t want normies to finally catch on.

      Man, they just need to spill their spaghetti just once over something like Doom and I think the average consumer will finally step in to say enough is enough (or at least I hope).

      1. I predict we’ll get some minor spaghetti spillages over DOOM, particularly from the usual suspects, but unless something actually happens to a game that is mainstream enough to attract an audience larger than a few hundred thousand, they’ll be safe from too much public scrutiny – unless a large amount of “smaller” events like this happen in quick succession.

      2. Well with this DOAX3, anytime they make an issue about a game now, we can point out what they have been doing.

      3. Isn’t DOOM more about the violence, murder and gore? If so, the SJW/feminist whiners won’t be as vocal about it. In fact I’d go as far as to say they couldn’t care less. Maybe a little criticism here and there about it to create the false impression that they “care” about violence in games, hiding their real agenda.

        And that real agenda is boobs, booty, bikinis and lingerie armour. This is what they truly and absolutely despise.

        Do correct me if I’m wrong though.

        As always, love the work you’re doing Billy. Keep it up and keep exposing these SJW/feminist whiners. It’s important that we do.

      4. I wish I could make this up:

        That’s right… they also don’t like violence, murder and gore.

        I think their ultimate aim is just to deprive males of the stuff they enjoy. I had someone trying to tell me how games shouldn’t be about fun. Like, seriously?

        I think playing the “muh soggy knees” card gets sympathy support from most normies because most people have natural instincts to white knight for women in peril. But they also seem to want to gun for more than just the “sexist” games. She was also talking about rap music in one of her other videos before as well.

      5. It also gets support because of how the rest of the world views misogyny, hating women, but when SJWs use it, they’re not using it in that sense (although they do want the world to think we hate women), they’re just using it to describe any male that speaks out against them.

        Of course people will be against women haters, but the problem is we’re not women haters, so they’re using the word incorrectly to purposefully mispaint us.

      6. i noticed something: a lot of SJWs now, when you call them that, say they aren’t and try to run away from the tag

        what’s funny is, it’s not a tag like a racial slur or some word that was applied to them, it’s a word they applied to themselves and was turned toxic BY THEIR OWN ACTIONS. Running away from it is just stalling for time

      7. They didn’t seem to mind the SJW label so long as they could work from the shadows, influence from the dark and pull strings from behind the curtain. Once people started to see what was happening… what was really going on, then they started to scurry like roaches in the light.

    2. Oh, but see? They’re not TAKING games away. If they did that, they would have the games, and they don’t play games. They’re PUSHING games away, from everyone, as if into a river or off a cliff. And since that’s not precisely what you accused them of, they’ll do their best to harp on the semantic differences between their claimed intent and the actual result.

  8. Just call them feminists instead. They make up the vast majority of Social Justice Warriors anyway. In fact, I’ve personally always directly associated SJWs with feminism and do not see much difference (if any) between the two.

    Therefore any chance to further attack and call out this bigoted, sexist, racist, bullying, authoritarian and totalitarian ideology/movement (feminism) is always fine by me.

    I don’t actually watch Anime myself, but I will always speak up and stand for any company/organisation under attack by these little authoritarian bastards.

    Not to mention call out and expose any company/organization who completely or is beginning to reek of SJW/feminist ideology. In this case, it’s Anime News Network. I hope they rot.

  9. They are trying to spin this hard. Don’t let them people. If it wasn’t for the social climate created by SJWs, then gaming would be fine. If they can’t out right ban, they will censor.

  10. The term “SJW” has been sitting on Urban Dictionary since January 2012, nearly three years before Gamergate was even a thing. But of course Gamergate came up with it, they just travelled back in time using their super misogynistic powers and changed history.

    1. Didn’t you hear, Gamergate went back in time and shot John F. Kennedy! They also became Hitler- literally! Those dirty gamergaters also went back and made the meteor hit the dinosaurs by trolling it into suicide!

  11. Anime News Network is a joke. I recall hearing a long time ago that they have a reputation for making up shit and straight-up lying, or something along those lines. They should just change their name to Random Lies Network.

  12. How does a site that focuses on anime have a stance like this?

    Do they actually watch anime????

    90% of it has female characters with breasts so large clothes can barely contain them and obligatory crotch shots with full camel toe!

    This is another stunning example of media biting the hand that feeds them. I would assume they will lose a sizable chunk of their readership if they continue this ridiculous stance.

  13. “I have not seen a SINGLE Space Jam Wizard actually boycott or complain about DOAEX3.”

    Then it must be true!

    Seriously though, not only were there calls for a boycott, there were calls to abuse Twitter’s reporting system and even to make the site ‘legally inoperable’ whatever that means.

  14. What I don’t understand is how someone of an Anime News site could have such views to begin with. I mean, I get that people have different opinions and flavors, but it’s like he/she hates their costumer base and the news they are supposed to cover.

    Cute header btw.

  15. Used to follow them a little, mainly JesuOtaku on twitter.

    Then she started constantly whingeing about tits and her soggy knees and I just gave up. Doesn’t help her ‘boy’ friend is a complete cuck.
    This shit is a virus-it worms it’s way in and takes over the brain.

      1. I don’t he/she has one. I’ve noticed that alot of SJW’s are well kinda of fucked up. Keep in mind I’m no saint myself and I’ll be the first to admit to that, but what the hell?

      2. Seconded. I’m into a lot of kinky shit (Mind Control, Hypnosis, TF, Body swapping, possession..) all sorts of shit that would make you question what kind of freak I am.

        But I digress, A Diaper Fetish doesn’t explicitly mean pedo. But then again, I could only watch 10 seconds of the fail and aids that is this guy.

      3. That’s the problem, they’re projecting their problems onto everyone else. Arthur Chu thinks gamers are misogynists because that’s how he behaved at one time (although I’d argue he still behaves poorly) and so they assume that every gamer must be like they are or were. Same with Butts and Nyberg, they were “edgelords” and they think because of the way they and the people around them behaved, everyone in the community must have been like them. There’s a word for that and even now they are still doing it, they’ve just switched from “edgelords” to SJWs and assume that everyone shares the same negative views they do about gaming.

      4. Not exactly, is there any evidence he trafficked in child porn or groomed a child?

        Because that’s how far he has to go to qualify as Nyberg-tier.

  16. Puts on the ObI Wan voice…

    “These are not the rainbow haired problem glasses wearing metal faced fat greasy perpetually offended professional twats you are looking for…..”

  17. Wait till the Anime comes under attack. At least SJWs haven’t really dove into the narrative against anime like they have against gaming.

  18. Two quotes I feel fit pretty well here.

    “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist”


    “If you tell a lie long enough and loud enough, people will eventually believe it”

  19. Two quotes I feel fit pretty well here.

    “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist”


    “If you tell a lie long enough and loud enough, people will eventually believe it”

    1. I couldn’t agree more. That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking about in all of this. They’re both telling a lie hoping it becomes the truth and trying to convince people that they don’t actually exist or are doing what people see that they’re doing.

  20. The comment from Ciolek of Anime News Network was ignorant and hand-waving.

    PC Police didn’t know about DOAX3 yet. Koei Tecmo was basing their decision off how their games were attacked previously with DOA5 and Last Round. Along with the tournament bans of sexy costumes. Not to mention the tons of other games that have been attacked in the last 2 years, they see that.

    Thing is, everything the PC Police is doing right now just proves Koei Tecmo fears were right. They are now attacking the game, even though it’s not coming out in NA/EU. They are also attacking Play-Asia for selling the JP and Asia versions. These PC outrage brigade need to be stopped.

    Surprise surprise, more mods stepping in with their overreaching censorship. They literally banned the word+acronym SJW? Insane. While also broad banning the truth about the topic because it doesn’t fit their narrow world view.

    Stop giving egocentric control freaks mod positions. Pyscho 101, indeed.

    1. Surprise surprise, more mods stepping in with their overreaching censorship. They literally banned the word+acronym SJW? Insane. While also broad banning the truth about the topic because it doesn’t fit their narrow world view.

      The last part is what really gets to me. Preventing people from placing blame is literally directly trying to alter the narrative to fit their world view. I really hope most people aren’t stupid enough to buy into this.

  21. FCC creates Family Hour, Hollywood fights back and the courts decide, that it is unconstitutional, and against freedom of speech.
    The same thing here. The so-called ‘SJW’s’ can’t stop freedom of speech or the freedom of the market. The end.

  22. The rot has permeated even anime (dubbing too, check out the GamerGate line by some retard dubbing Prison School).

    Anime: The land of the large titted prepubescent magical girls and muscle-buffet Jotaro types. Try to wrap your head around that for one measly second.

  23. That X Button article procedes to do exactly what KT said they want to avoid. Also bashes Criminal Girls and Senran Kagura while at it. ANN has been infested for a while though, which made stop using the site I had used for many years. There’s even a word filter for SJW.

    1. WOW… that video… that video… I just…. wow.

      So this guy, with love of diapers, is trying to tell other people that social justice warriors don’t exist?

      There’s got to be a word more suited for this guy than “pathetic” but I can’t think of it.

  24. >”SJW” doesn’t even mean anything! It just means “person I don’t like”! It’s a completely imaginary boogeyman, because no one ever acted like videogame boobs were literally worse than Hitler!

    I mean, as adept at doublethink as they’ve shown themselves to be, I’m sure they actually believe that crap themselves; I just have wonder how short they think everyone else’s memory is.

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