Blade & Soul Censorship Discussions, E-Mail Campaigns Get Censored By Mods

What’s the best way to make angry gamers stop talking about a subject? Censor it. That’s been the go-to problem solver since August of 2014 when #GamerGate got underway, and there was an internet wide censorship spree laid out by moderators, administrators and website owners alike. A large part of it was in due part to the wide reaching influence from the individuals who were able to coordinate said censorship from the Game Journo Pros secret e-mail group that Breitbart leaked last September. Well, the same thing is happening frequently with a new wave of games that hardcore gamers feel are being censored by “SJWs”.

Recently Blade & Soul became a hot button topic when gamers caught wind of changes in the localized version of the game. Originally fan translations came out ahead of the official localization and gamers who played the fan translated version of NCSoft’s MMO noticed various changes to the quests in the official English version of the game. Lead senior writer on the localization team, Stephen, admitted that they did make some changes to the quests to make the game more “welcoming” by completely altering the story and characterizations. Many gamers were not pleased with this at all.

Very similar to what happened with the Xenoblade Chronicles X censorship situation, the Blade & Soul community decided to get proactive.

Forum member Teisho from Canada created an e-mail operation, not unlike the ones coordinate by #GamerGate to pull advertising from corrupt gaming websites. He outlined various contact information for gamers to use to reach out to NCSoft regarding multiple instances of censorship made to the game by the localization staff, writing…

“Honestly, it just breaks my heart to see a few gems get absolutely drowned in a sea of vitriolic shitposts, so I’ve come up with what I believe to be a solution to that: speak with NCSoft directly. No, I don’t mean on the forums, since many of you have complained about your posts being deleted. I mean you can actually send an email directly to NCSoft, letting them know what your concerns are.


“I believe this is much more efficient than wasting time arguing with one another about who’s SJW/sexist/racist and so on in a thread that’s likely going to get locked.”

This e-mail campaign was devised after the moderators decided to start locking threads discussing the censorship in Blade & Soul.

Going by the handle of Youmukon, the community manager from Brighton, U.K., had made it clear that the topics of censorship will no longer be allowed on the forums, saying…

“We understand that some of you are really adamant when it comes to Localization. Our Senior Writer, Stephen, created a thread here for everyone to ask him questions directly when it comes to the English Localization of Blade & Soul. The team is really open about explaining why certain choices were taken. You may not agree with answers you will be given or the direction of these choices and that is perfectly fine. But we also need everyone to accept answers that are being given. Not everyone can be please with everything.

After the e-mail campaign thread started to gain traction, moderator Youmukon stepped in to also warn users about devising operations to contact NCSoft, stating…

“I would also like to take the time clarify couple things. First of all, sending complaints to an email address which purpose isn’t to receive direct messages from customers won’t really achieve anything. It is likely that your email will be either ignored or either forwarded to… the very same people who are reading these forums. Your email might also simply get caught in a spam filter and be automatically deleted.”

Any threads discussing censorship in the Western version of the game are now promptly locked, and users violating the forum rules can be temporarily or permanently banned.

Some users felt it was fine to get rid of the censorship threads because to them it was “just a side-quest”. A few users told others to get over it and that they should be thankful that the game is even coming westward. However, it turns out that it was more than just a side-quest.

As noted by Blade & Soul forum user Rahaya [backup], multiple quests and characterization changes have also been made to the game, vastly altered from the original Korean and Chinese release, with Rahaya stating…

“I understand Chinese and play Blade and Soul Taiwan and the story is one of the highlights of this game. However, it seems that the NA/EU version of Blade and Soul has changed a lot in the story!”


“The story for NA was changed, and worse, it was dumbed down.”

Rahaya rolls out just a few examples of things altered in the story by the localization team in the early parts of the game. Asking “why?”

It wasn’t just the story, either. Over on the 4chan threads some anons also noticed that the starting outfits and poses have also been altered. Lingerie has been put behind a paywall, but what’s more is that various poses have been completely removed from the game, altered instead to give the females more “empowered” poses. You can see the changes below.

Blade & Soul NA vs KR Censorship

There’s also a giant list of changes and alterations made to the game outlined in a thread over on Kotaku in Action.

The changes to the story and gameplay content in Blade & Soul is just one of many recent cases where censorship has been applied to make the game more politically correct according to the authoritarian left’s worldview of sociopolitical content. These individuals are oftentimes referred to in the colloquial sense of “Social Justice Warriors”.

The so-called “Social Justice Warriors” don’t actually have real social justice activism at heart, but instead are looking to subvert culture and content to meet the whims of their desired worldview. This has become especially pervasive in comic books and video games as of late, in addition to television and movies.

Recently the e-mail campaigns for contacting Nintendo about the censorship in Xenoblade Chronicles X were banned from being posted on GameFaqs. The activists decided to move their operation to Kotaku in Action, a containment board for corruption in media journalism, #GamerGate operations, and anti-censorship activism.

Additionally, individuals looking to continue to reach out to NCSoft can do so by starting a e-mail campaign and attempt to reach out to NCSoft by starting an e-mail campaign operation through Kotaku in Action. It’s one of the last few places left on the internet that actually allows for unfettered free speech.


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  • TheGreatGamerGod

    This sort of stuff makes me laugh because I had a girlfriend years back who played MMO’s and she’d always put her character in the sexiest outfit possible.

    The answer isn’t censoring the game but choosing to wear one of the 800 other in game outfits if you don’t like this stuff.

    • C G Saturation

      Exactly. I’ve met some females from both China and the U.S. who intentionally wore sexy outfits in Blade and Soul China, even using the censorship removal patch. They specifically said that they like beautiful females, which seems to be something taboo in the West nowadays.

      The U.S. girl complained about female outfits in U.S. games being exactly the same as the male ones. Females wanting to dress in beautful female outfits instead of copying boring males?! What treachery is this?! They are clearly oppressed! Only “progressive” countries have females and males being exactly the same! Equality!!

      I’ve also met some Japanese female players in other games who enjoy sexy or cute female outfits. The only reason one of them shies away from the more revealing outfits is because she’s a very shy person.

      • Azure

        What companies could do for once is do something completely blasphemous and just give us options. When will they learn no one is against strong female characters, but don’t replace female characters with just ‘strong’ female characters.

      • C G Saturation

        I personally think there’s nothing wrong with weakness or femininity. I agree that there should always be options. If you want to make a strong female or not, then you should be allowed to do so.

        Strength isn’t just about copying stereotypical masculinity. It can also be about the decisions and actions you take as a person. They should let players make those decisions themselves, instead of forcing perceived “strength” upon everyone.

      • I was recently watching the Prowler… and I thought it was interesting how the lead female character wasn’t masculine or tough or “strong” in the kickboxing/Ronda Rousey way, she was just head-strong and confident.

        It seems weird that in today’s media they feel it’s wrong to depict women as being confident while being physically weak. Everyone now needs to know kung-fu and do anything a man can do but better. In their quest for “diversity” the moral authoritarians actually seem to be gunning for the homogenization of character depictions.

      • C G Saturation

        I think it’s because a lot of people in the West keep trying to simplify and generalize everything. To them, it’s too complex to think that people can be strong in a way that’s not directly seen with the eyes, so they try and copy masculine physique and body language because that’s easy and simple.

        I read an article a while back about how Russian women strongly value feminity, unlike the West. Interesting stuff.

      • I read an article a while back about how Russian women strongly value feminity, unlike the West. Interesting stuff.

        That reminds me of this Russian point-and-click game where you played a mother who had to go to some extreme lengths to provide for her family. She didn’t fight or go on a shooting spree, it was about her plight and strength of character.

        I can never remember the name of the game even though I wrote about it a few times in the past. I always thought it was an interesting concept to base the strength of the character around her resolve to protect her family without being macho about it.

      • C G Saturation

        Sounds great. I wish we had more games like that.

        Sorta relevant: one of the things I’ve been saying is that many women nowadays highly value career because the society around them takes homemaking for granted. If people looked up to homemakers more, you can be sure people would feel more proud about being one.

        When people whine about poor portrayal of women, you can tell it’s because they’re only looking at a specific small sample of media. There’s a lot of amazing stuff out there, you just have to wander outside of the mainstream to find it. Because the mainstream tends to have really terrible taste, or are pushing some kind of agenda.

    • Ky Luong

      Your girlfriend is acting like a normal human being. If people (regardless of sex) have a choice between looking sexy/beautiful or ugly, only the mentally ill will pick the later.

      The problems with Western society is the mentally ill people now in control, These people tell how the society should think and act. These mentally ill people (feminist, liberals, progressive) trying their best to change who we are genetically by social engineering. The finial result is a fucked up human being just like them.

      For example: A lot of American females are so screwed up now all because they follow/brainwashed by the feminist movement. Consistently depress and take happy drugs all day long. The older they get the more screwed up they are because their brain have been rewired by feminists while at the same time the female genetic code keep reminding them everyday they are female.

    • “I had a girlfriend years back who played MMO’s and she’d always put her character in the sexiest outfit possible.”

      You were a lucky man.

      • TheGreatGamerGod

        Indeed…she was also hot in real life but she’s not aged well in her physical form. She’s close to 300 pounds now. The best I can hope for at all is if she was to play an MMO as a character like that. KFC and time have not been kind. Colonel Sanders has a lot to answer for.

  • rudhvelyn

    I don’t understand why anyone would think changing this game would at all be a worthwhile deal. It seems like you would be deliberately alienating your target audience

    • C G Saturation

      Just like with that Prison School thing.

      “Faithful localization? Translation? Target audience? What are those?? I’M TOO BUSY INSERTING MY PERSONAL BIAS, AGENDA AND OPINION INTO EVERYTHING!”

  • Azure

    The NA poses look so ridiculous and unappealing not because of sexuality but what the hell is the model trying to show? It has no muscles!!

    • C G Saturation

      Hahaha! I just noticed that. What. The. Hell. I can imagine the U.S. girl I met on BnS China literally weeping at the god awful masculinification of the females. That’s one game she won’t be playing anytime soon.


  • C G Saturation

    “But we also need everyone to accept answers that are being given.”
    Translation: “We don’t give a shit what you think, take it or leave it.”

    “It’s not censorship, we just realized that we have the ability to silence opposing opinions that make us feel uncomfortable.”

  • renegadesix

    Pretty soon every female in a video game will be 5′ 2″, ugly, fat, and dressed in plate mail and a veil to ensure they won’t be “objectified.” Meanwhile, all male characters will continue to be dressed like Conan and look like Schwarzenegger in his prime.

    • C G Saturation

      More like, soon every female in a video game will be perfect copy pasta from the male characters.

      • TheGreatGamerGod

        Bring in female beards for equality!

    • Bitterbear

      You forgot the half-assed haircut with a day-glo dye.

  • Hawk Hopper

    It is likely that your email will be either ignored or either forwarded to… the very same people who are reading these forums.

    This community manager really wants people to know that they don’t care what their customers want or will actively hide/overlook any opinions from customers that they don’t like.

    • Gamer

      If NCSoft is going to ignore all those emails and/or forward them to lackeys, why are they worried and censoring the effort/talk?

      In reality, their jobs could be on the line if NCSoft is not pleased.

      • C G Saturation

        Some idiots on that thread are insisting that localization efforts are always approved by higher ups/the original staff, in an attempt to justify the changes as not being censorship.

        I think that’s a gross assumption. If the original staff wielded the language well enough to fully understand and approve those changes, they probably would have done the localization themselves. Or perhaps they just don’t care how it’s localized.

        If a localization person suggests to them that “I think this would be better off changed for Western audiences”, I bet the original staff would agree without question, because they probably don’t know what other countries are like, so they can’t say otherwise.

  • C G Saturation

    I really can’t wait to hear how they deal with the cutscene of the
    *SPOILER* boy suiciding by knifing himself *SPOILER*.

  • Getting Gay With Kids

    SJWs are a cancer on this industry. They infect and destroy any and everything all for the sake of their politics. It’s fucking despicable. I’m not playing this game now, fuck it. It’s a censored mess.

  • Gamer

    Yes, keep shrinking that audience that was willing to pay.


    I direct you to uncensored exhibit A back in 2012

  • bob

    How the hell are SJWs getting their way?!

    • C G Saturation

      My personal thoughts are that most regular people want to define their lives in some meaningful fashion, but are too lazy, have no time to learn or refine any talents or skills, or are confined by societal, economical or cultural restrictions that limit their artistic freedom.

      Notice how many of our games and media are about killing other people. That’s because the easiest way for people to define themselves is to beat someone else. “Progressive” agenda allows them to achieve this by attacking others in the belief that they are somehow improving society, when in fact they are actually regressing it.

      Notice that this kind of behavior is vastly more prevalent in the West than the East. Asians tend to be busy doing other things, or have more accessibility to meaningful, artistic hobbies that they can define themselves through. Western culture/society focuses more heavily on being only a consumer, whilst restricting content creation mostly to those with lots of money – ie. necessary tools aren’t legally easily accessible to the average consumer. I’ve mentioned this in many different places, and nearly everyone agrees about this.

      There’s one other reason that I’ve repeatedly heard from multiple sources. Follow the money trail. Several groups that will inevitably incite conflict are apparently being funded by the same sources. That’s not to say they are conspiring, it’s more that they share an ideology and the money lets them band together and run amok. Nobody’s noticing this because they’re focusing on the direct attacks against their hobby. They aren’t looking at why these things are happening in the big picture, or who is behind the behind of everything.

      • bob

        well thought out

  • Is it just mainly the story-line /quest story-line stuff that’s been changed? (as well as the starting outfits and some lingerie in the image in the article)?

    The KiA thread had a smallish list (not sure how updated it is), but it seems to be mainly only the story-line / dialogues that are getting censored.

    If the costumes for the females have been censored in the same way as China have done them in the Chinese version then I might just skip this game.

    Or learn the Korean language and play the original version.

  • Adam Jenson

    Whats the difference between a social justice warrior and a fascist? Nothing.

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