The Witcher 3 Updated Combat Mod Overhauls Entire Battle System

Better Combat Evolved 2.0 was recently updated for CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 3. The mod enhances the game’s combat from the start of the game up until the end game.

The updated version of the mod from Nexus user Chikenudoom adds a number of significant changes to the way the player engages with standard enemies and bosses. As mentioned on the Nexus Mods page…

“Enemies are stronger, and scale better per-level. Geralt knows 5 additonal “basic” abilities per skill tree, which do not need to be slotted to function. All skills are unlockable at any level and have been changed to make end-game less of an “easy mode.” Trophies are essential to combat – some are even powerful enough to design entire builds around.”

So what sort of changes have been made? Well, every single enemy in the game now does more damage. They’re a lot harder, they block more and they dodge more. However, humans, non-humans and monsters all have slightly and greatly decreased health, balancing out the fact that they do more damage.

This means that enemies hit harder and are harder to hit, but within a few strikes they die. I actually really like this because it annoys the piss out of me when you’re wailing on people 10 and 20 times with a sword and they just don’t die. It’s like… really? This new update making the humans die within a few hits but capable of outputting more damage and fighting more tactically adds some extra layers of depth to the combat for sure.

Bosses have also been modified, including having more health and more damage, so players will have to be a lot more strategic when fighting them.

The mod page does note that there are some mods that it is incompatible with, but all mods that alter textures and visual cosmetics are 100% compatible with Better Combat Evolved 2.0. Some scripts may not play nice with the mod but it is possible to use the script merger to make them more compatible with one another.

You can grab the updated version of the mod right now from over on Nexus Mods.


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