The Letter, Japanese Horror Inspired VN Lands On Kickstarter, Greenlight

Yangyang Mobile, a Philippines based developer recently announced their new visual novel, The Letter. The multiple choice, multi-character story is inspired by Japanese horror franchises like Ju-on: The Grudge and The Eye. It’s currently seeking funds on Kickstarter and voter support on Steam’s Greenlight service.

The game centers around a young woman named Isabella Santos finds a mysterious letter inside of an old mansion that’s up for sale by Isabella’s realty agency. Players will take control of six different characters, all of whom will have their fates put into the player’s hands where some may live and some may die based on the decisions made throughout the game.

You can check out the Kickstarter pitch video below to get an idea of what the game looks and plays like, as well as Yangyang Mobile’s vision for the project.

It’s interesting that they’re adding in quick-time events and animated CG sequences, that’s a really nice, big step up from the standard visual novel where you usually only get multiple choices and a few different endings. The animated sequences and the quick-time events will at least add some more interactivity to the experience.

In fact, they actually have a quick video sequence on the Greenlight page giving gamers an idea of what the quick-time events look like in action. You can check it out below.

The Letter – Ghost Elevator Scene

Uploaded by Danni Ann on 2015-10-17.

So far the Greenlight community seems receptive of the game. Of course, that receptiveness would probably be better appreciated by Yangyang if it translated into funds for their Kickstarter… a Kickstarter that has a goal of $30,000, by the way.

They have around 26 days to go as of the writing of this article and they’re barely 10% to the finish line, so they have a ways to go before getting there.

If you feel as if this is something you would like to see get made you can contribute to the cause by visiting the Kickstarter page or if you don’t have any funds to contribute but you would still like to see the game appear on Steam, you can offer your support by upvoting the game on Steam Greenlight. There’s also a playable demo available on the Kickstarter page as well so you can play-test the game before making any hard decisions.


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