Super Blood Hockey: Beta Inbound For Mutant League-Inspired Game

A new game from Loren Lemcke called Super Blood Hockey is an NES-style throwback to games like Mutant League Hockey (a favorite of mine from back in the days of the 16-bit console wars).

Recently it was made known that the game is moving through the development process at a decent rate and that alpha/beta testers are being sought out to make sure that the game runs the way it’s supposed to. As mentioned over on the IndieDB page

“Developing solid and fun gameplay is a top priority and during the early Beta / Alpha versions we will be looking for feedback from the community to help us refine the mechanics and gameplay. If you would be interested in playing the game and offering feedback, please do not hesitate to sign up.”

This is a great opportunity to play-test the game and offer some feedback on whether or not it’s moving in the right direction. The core of the game isn’t really discussed much on the site but the gist of it can be gleaned quite readily from the gifs on the IndieDB page where you can see how the game looks and a little bit of the ultra-violence that will be on display.

Blood Spatter GIF – Find & Share on GIPHY

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Recently the game has been updated with better AI movement and behavior, as Loren is ensuring that the AI will provide a decent challenge for players. As mentioned over on the official website

“The AI for Super Blood Hockey will be one of the most important components as AI can make or break a game. It is important that the AI feel fair, realistic and create a fun dynamic.”

So far the game appears to look and play out like the old Super Dodgeball on the NES, except it’s hockey. There’s of course the bloody violence present as well, akin to what was in the Mutant League games where you could beat the mess out of the opposing team or clobber them into the ground (or the ice rink) as you saw fit.

Unfortunately there’s no gameplay footage available, but there is a taste of the soundtrack that you can check out below.

Super Blood Hockey – Track 1

Super Blood Hockey – Track 1 Music by Shawn Daley –

Pure 8-bit madness. That aught to jog the nostalgia membranes in the old-school gamers’ noggin.

If you want to learn more about Super Blood Hockey or find out how to participate in the beta, feel free to do so by paying a visit to the game’s official website. According to the IndieDB page the beta will go live within the span of the next few months.


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