Street Fighter 5 Video Showcases Ryu’s Impeccable Parrying Abilities

A new video has gone live based on the Street Fighter V beta, focusing on Ryu’s new parrying abilities. He’s able to absorb attacks and mount a mean counter-offense with proper timing and skill.

Event Hubs dabbled their doodle in the dutiful display of parrying mastery from YouTuber Pan (ScDrPain). The recreation from EVO moment #37 featuring Ken blocking Chun-Li’s lightning kicks is carried out in the video below, only Ken is replaced with Ryu. Check it out.

Those are some very impressive parrying techniques. We don’t often see a lot of dodging, weaving and parrying in tournament play, which is what made that one EVO moment so special.

For those of you who want something more palatable for forums and meme reactions, you can check out Event Hub’s gif rendition of Ryu blocking Chun-Li’s kicks like many American cities block upstarts from becoming successful and keeping unemployment alive and well in the good ‘ole U.S.A.

The badassness level on that gif is over 9000.

That gif is so epic that the gif needs a reaction gif.

If that gif was rated in supermodels, it would be Kate Upton.

Anyway, the V-Skill that Ryu is utilizing is part of the new series of abilities that Capcom has been overhauling in Street Fighter for Street Fighter V. Running on the Unreal Engine 4 has enabled the game to make use of some brand new performance-enhancing optimization techniques, brand new graphics effects and stabilized 60fps gameplay.

Capcom’s beta tests have been successful insofar of getting gamer feedback, rolling out a basic look at the fighting mechanics for some of the fighters and the special attacks that separate them from one another. There have been compilations of the characters’ Critical Arts as well as some detailed looks at the combo system, the boob jiggle physics and how some of the characters can readily alter the course of the fight with some mean counter measures.

You can see some more super sexy gameplay from the beta, courtesy of FGC legend Maximillian. Check it out below.

Street Fighter V is due for release on the PC and PS4 in early 2016.


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