Street Fighter 5 Beta Critical Arts Compilation Video

The Street Fighter V beta test is currently ongoing for PC and PS4 users. It’s taking place over the October 23rd weekend and will last up through October 25th.

During this time there was a video that was put together by GameSpot that covers each of the characters’ special moves, better known as Critical Arts. You can see what it looks like after the battle gauge is filled to the top and they can unleash their devastating attacks on sometimes unsuspecting foes.

Street Fighter V Beta – Critical Arts Compilation

Here are the critical arts for the characters available in Street Fighter 5’s second beta test: R. Mika, Rashid, Vega, Necalli, and Ken! Follow Street Fighter V at!

Quite naturally most people came for the thumbnail.

R. Mika has probably never been more popular than she is now, all thanks to advanced jiggle physics and a resolution that’s no longer relegated on consoles to 720p, which was about as clear as the Bitch Creek in Wyoming.

The Critical Arts for some characters are obviously better than the critical arts for others. As seen above, R. Mika’s is definitely entertaining, but Rashid’s is a little underwhelming by comparison. He’s still a cool character, though.

Necalli’s Critical Art is also a bit lame compared to how vicious and baneful he is during a fight. Ken’s Critical looks good, though, and plays up well with his flashy new gimmick.

In addition to the Critical Arts from the beta being compiled together, Event Hubs rolled out each of the character’s stamina rankings and how well they can absorb stuns. It’s an interesting list that I’m sure hardcore FGC members will want to study as the game draws closer to its 2016 release on PC and PS4.

If you managed to miss out on this latest beta test for the game, don’t worry because Capcom wants to make sure they perform as many tests as possible leading up to the game’s official release.

The current beta allows for cross-platform play for the first time, and Karin, Rashid, R. Mika, Vega, Ken and Necalli are all playable. Expect to see some more beta videos slithering out of the community and onto YouTube before the weekend is out.

You can learn more about the beta access by visiting the official Street Fighter website.


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