Square Enix Cancels Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Pre-Order Tier Scheme

Square Enix has addressed the pre-order scheme they originally had for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided where the more people pre-ordered the more content was unlocked via the pre-order, and they have cancelled the measure.

Ship2Block20 caught wind of the news from a Tweet that Square Enix sent out noting the following…

They link to the official Deus Ex website where they have an announcement labeled “Shutting Down Augment Your Pre-Order”.

The pre-order scheme had it setup where the more people pre-ordered the more pre-order content was unlocked. This meant that even if you pre-ordered you wouldn’t necessarily be able to gain access to everything in the bundle unless more people paid to unlock the extra content.

Over on the site Square Enix noted that…

“We’ve spent a lot of time reading through all of your comments, working to understand how we can try to make things right for you. After much thought and reflection, we decided to close down the progragm and make all of the incentive content available to anyone who pre-orders Deus Ex: Mankind Divded or purchases a Day 1 edition of the game.”

They also note that the release date for the game will not alter from February 23rd, 2016 in accordance with the change in the pre-order and day 1 edition of the game.

They state that they listened to all the feedback and decided to make the change as a pro-consumer move. This is also something that resonates positively within the community because it means that gamers are no longer beholden to a silly pre-order program in order to get the most out of the game.

Pre-order programs are always something that’s frowned upon by most core gamers when it withholds or locks content behind a paywall, and as Square Enix points out on the website, there wouldn’t be a big stink about this program for Deus Ex: Mankind Divded if gamers didn’t care about the game (notice how there’s very little protests to EA’s games these days) and Square wants to ensure that fans continue to care about their protect.


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