Samurai Warriors 4-II Complete Story Mode Walkthrough

Samurai Warriors 4-II recently came to PC, extending the game’s platform breadth beyond Koei Tecmo’s safe haven of the PlayStation brand. There’s actually a complete walkthrough of the game’s story mode, as well as a collection of all the game’s cut-scenes in the story mode.

YouTuber A2B Munster has a complete playlist featuring 100 different videos covering the entire story mode of Samurai Warriors 4-II on the PS4. The only thing is it’s in Japanese. You can check it out below.

Samurai Warriors 4-II (JP)(PS4) – YouTube

Let’s play and walkthrough of Samurai Warriors 4-II. Consists of: Campaign Mode and Unlimited Mode and Guidelines.

Assuming you don’t actually care about the game’s gameplay and only care about the story cut-scenes and you want to see what happens to each character, there’s actually a five hour supercut of the original Samurai Warriors 4 that you can check out below, courtesy of YouTuber ShinSaikan.

Samurai Warriors 4 All Cutscenes With English Subtitles In Story Mode (Events & Movies)

真Saikan 日本 Visit For More Samurai Warriors 4 Content All Samurai Warriors 4 audiovisual is recorded in HD from the PlayStation 4 version. With over five hours of events and cutscenes, KoeiTecmo really steps up their game in this Warriors installment.

Samurai Warriors 4-II is an extremely large-scale game with more than 55 characters to play, 10 different story scenarios, a survival mode and more.

The game plays out very much like Koei Tecmo and Omega Force’s Dynasty Warriors series or their Orochi Warriors franchise. Players will pick a character, head into battle and unleash combos and musuo-style rage attacks on swathes of enemy combatants.

YouTuber Jerz also started a playthrough of the game’s story mode in English based on the recently released North American rendition of the game, covering the Trials of Trust. You can check out the playlist below.

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Now if you don’t have time to watch each playlist or you don’t care about the story and you actually are interested in unlocking specific content in the game, YouTuber Sex Gravy put their sexiness to use by compiling a list of how to unlock the Rare Weapons in Samurai Warriors 4-II. You can check out the playlist below.

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Koei Tecmo’s thousand-army hack and slash title is available right now for the PS3, PS Vita, PS4 and on Windows PC. Need more info? Feel free to check out the game’s official website.


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