PS4 Won’t Ever Have Backwards Compatibility

Sony’s president of worldwide studios, Shuhei Yoshida, has reiterated that the PlayStation 4 won’t be getting a backwards compatibility feature. This follows suit on Microsoft recently announcing the official launch date for backwards compatibility for the Xbox One.

According to PSU the president of worldwide studios was asked if the PS4 would receive the backwards compatibility feature and he simply stated “No.”

This occurred during a Q&A session on the French PlayStation Twitter account that took place throughout the Paris Games Week in Paris, France.

This basically means that PS4 owners will be stuck with PlayStation Now as their alternative to backwards compatibility. The service has been criticized heavily for the lack of decent pricing and the service’s inability to update with new content regularly.

A lot of gamers really wanted to play their own PlayStation One and PlayStation 2 games on the PS4 via disc, but Sony does not appear to want to make that route possible. Besides, it would be a lot cheaper for most gamers to get their games via disc, used from Amazon or GameStop if they did want to play old PSX or PS2 games as opposed to paying a monthly fee to stream them via PlayStation Now.

Speaking of old-school PlayStation classics, according to DualShockers Yoshida-san revealed in the Q&A that there’s nothing on the table right now concerning PSX and PS2 titles. So it looks like fans of Sony’s old-school library will just have to settle for the overly expensive and underwhelming PlayStation Now… for now.

Don’t cry too much, though, here’s a little something to make the pain go away.

PlayStation Intro 1080p [Remastered]

The PSX startup intro, remade in 1080p. [UPDATED LINK] Get the original mkv file (605kb) at:


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8 thoughts on “PS4 Won’t Ever Have Backwards Compatibility

  1. Alternatives include getting your old consoles repaired or going the rip and emulate route. PSX emulation is pretty mature and there are several emulators like ePSXe and PCSX out there that will play games just fine, and PS2 emulation is leaping ahead every other week thanks to an aggressive SVN development schedule by the PCSX2 team. PS3 will likely take a lot longer, but it’s not like it’s an unpopular console.

      1. I imagine you need a beast of a machine to run it well, but then again, it’ll probably be affordable to have one by the time we get mature PS3 emulators. Still, great to see PS3 outpacing original Xbox.

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  2. I really see no reason why they couldn’t build a nice emulator to PS1/PS2 games. Heck they could even rig it so you have to buy the game digitally to get it to work. PS3 I can understand why it won’t work.

    I really hope MS gets a Xbox emulator going for OX games.

    1. They’ve mentioned before their plans to look at running the original Xbox on XBone. I’d love for them to run some older machines as well like the Dreamcast or the like.

      1. Well unless MS buys Sega or gets Sega to agree to it (which I doubt), The OX, 360 and X1 are all MS can do. Unless they somehow get a PC emulator for old PC games.

      2. They are certainly rich enough to licence it. Nintendo did with the Virtual Console for quite a few systems which weren’t theirs on the first Wii.

        To be honest if you threw a bag of fish and chips at Sega I think they’d give you free blowjobs for life in gratitude with their financial woes.

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