Planets3 Gets A Name Change To Stellar Overload

The latest update for Planets3 (more like Planets Cubed), has seen a major name change. The game is now called Stellar Overload, and the developers explain exactly why the name of the game had to change.

Cliqist picked up the news from an update over on the official Stellar Overload website, where Cubical Drift made a short and sweet post to explain why the name went from Planets Cubed to Stellar Overload

“When you hear Planets³ you don’t think of a RPG, but more of a survival game or a building game. I wanted the name to put the RPG aspect of the game forward, by being directly linked to the story.


“The pun with the “³” character was not a good idea. A lot of country in the world do not understand it. And this is not web compatible.


“ Also we needed to change the name for legal reasons (trademark deposit)”

Given all the voxel-based crafting games out there it’s probably likely that you may have missed out on this one or maybe you don’t remember exactly what it’s about. Well, this is actually one of the few voxels that stands out amongst the horde of low-rent Minecraft clones.

You can not only build structures but also workable vehicles in Stellar Overload. There’s a neat playthrough video available from Tony Mo that you can check out below, which gives you an idea of what the gameplay and adventuring is like.

Planets³ | Dungeon First Look *Alpha*

Checking out the newly released dungeon in the Planets³ alpha. Learn more here: ■ Keep In Touch ■ Support me on Patreon ► Twitter ► Tumblr ► Praxus Group ► Steam Group ► Follow Me on Xbox One ► Spartangear034 Thanks for watching and don’t forget to keep on gaming!

Back in May of this year, Cubical Drift released a playable alpha version for Kickstarter backers. Steadily and assuredly the team has been adding new content and refining the gameplay over the past months.

The most recent alpha version of the alpha now contains the game’s widely publicized crafting system, which spans the likes of six different biomes, and more than 140 natural materials and resources to gather. They’ve already included 72 different recipes for players to mess around with, as well as new weapons, tools and gear to acquire.

You can learn more about the latest alpha release of Stellar Overload by checking out the game’s official website.


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3 thoughts on “Planets3 Gets A Name Change To Stellar Overload

  1. “When you hear Planets³ you don’t think of a RPG, but more of a survival game or a building game.”

    Uhhh. What? No. No, I don’t.

    “Planets” could easily be an RPG name. “Stellar Overload” doesn’t sound like an RPG name. It sounds like a space shooting game.

    Plantets Cubed sounds cool and simple to me. If other countries wouldn’t understand it, simply write “cubed” as a subtitle, durrr.

    Here’s an even simpler name I came up with instantly. “Starbox” or “Starboxed”. But then Starbucks would probably sue you for sounding remotely similar, because that’s how lawsuits and IPs seem to work in the West. Don’t wanna overcomplicate people’s minds by having multiple meanings for any one word.

    1. Star Cubed… problem solved.

      But you’re right, Stellar Overload really does sound like a space shooting game. In a way, it is an action-RPG so it kind of fits, but Planets Cubed was the better name… the only problem was I was always afraid to use the “cubed” sign because I didn’t want it to break the RSS feeds.

      1. Yeah, it annoys me that we can’t simply write the “cubed” sign. I usually write ^2 or ^3 instead.

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