Payday 2 Glitch Lets You Run As Fast As Sonic

There’s a new glitch that’s been discovered in Payday 2 that some players have been able to utilize to blast through levels, kill enemies as if they were a ghost and run so fast that it creates actual de-synching.

YouTuber Admiral Arcanine recorded the footage on how recreate the conditions for the glitch and without fail he shows it off in action. It’s not a typical cheat to make fast money or an EXP glitch, but if you do have a mini-gun, and a select few mods, you can run fast like Sonic. Check it out in the video below.

Gotta go fast! (Payday 2 Glitch)

Nice new glitch with the minigun due to a bug in the coding. Minigun doesn’t give you a movement speed penalty, and if you equip its two mods that let you move faster while holding it, you still go faster. Must accelerate my twitter:

This glitch arrived after a recent update where Overkill Software removed the movement speed penalty of 20% on the light-machine guns. Now this doesn’t sound like much at first, but it combines with another update: the mini-gun is now a light-machine gun.

What this means is that the mini-gun picks up ammo like an LMG and no longer has a movement speed penalty of 20%.

Admiral Arcanine notes that you can effectively increase the speed of the character even more by adding the “I’ll Take Half That” kit and the “Stump Barrel” mod. What this does is allow players to move as fast as Sonic. Try watching the video above after the minute mark and combine it with the one below for the ultimate high-speed experience!

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog – Full Intro (High Quality)

This is the Full Intro of the AoStH cartoon, in Higher Quality. You probably noticed in my ‘Intro & Credits’ video that the first few seconds were cut out, and the picture dimmed once or twice. I didnt get anyone complaining, but I recorded this earlier for personal use and decided to upload it.

In the five minute video at the top of the article, Admiral’s friend activates those mod kits on his character while wielding a mini-gun, thus turning him into a blazing fast character who can run through the levels so fast that he de-syncs several times. In fact, there’s one segment where he’s actually placing down a drill but in Admiral Arcanine’s screen he’s an entire hallway behind, so it looks like the drill started all on its own.

As far as using this Payday 2 glitch as a cheat… well, you could use it as such just to run around really fast and avoid getting shot. But if you already have the mini-gun and are pretty high level, it seems like it would be a little bit of a waste. However, if you needed to help someone power-level, this glitch could be used for that purpose.

Don’t expect it to last for too long, though. I get the feeling it may not last up until the next major update. This exploit only works on the PC version of the game, so if you’re rocking the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 or Xbox One version of the title you’re fresh out of luck for tampering with this method of transforming from a violent robber into a humanoid hedgehog.



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