Omega Labyrinth, Game That Rustled NeoGaf’s Jimmies Gets A New Trailer

D3 Publisher released a new trailer for the game Omega Labyrinth. Yes, the same game that rustled the Jimmies of NeoGaf’s staff, causing the mods to lay out banhammers on the majority of individuals who actually showed a positive interest in the game.

DualShockers spotted the trailer from over on D3 Publisher’s YouTube channel. The trailer covers the heroines’ theme songs as well as the microphone item that gamers can pick up in the randomly generated dungeons. It’s quite tame and safe for work, so you don’t have to worry about any bouncing titties blasting up into your face, forcing you to have to explain what you’re watching to your wife, boss, kids or your mistress. Check out the video below.

【PSVita】『オメガラビリンス』キャラクターソング プロモーションムービー

胸膨らむ冒険へ─、驚異(胸囲)の乳(NEW)ローグライクRPG始動! 入るたびに内容が変化する、難関なダンジョンに挑む「ローグライクRPG」と全世界の男子を魅了して止まない「おっぱい」が夢のコラボレーション! 今回はキャラクターソングをたっぷりご紹介! ダンジョンにてアイテム『マイク』を使うことにより彼女たちの歌声を聞くことが出来る! しかも使用したフロアでは命中率が低い武器でも、回避率が高い敵に必ず攻撃がヒットするのだ。 公式サイトではさらに長く歌が聞くことが出来るぞ!彼女たちの歌を聴け~!! 【商品詳細】 PSVita専用ソフト『オメガラビリンス』 2015年11月19日発売 希望小売価格:6,800円(税抜)/ダウンロード版:6,000(税抜) 声の出演:山崎はるか(朱宮 愛那)、内田 彩(美桃 なこ)、M・A・O(蒼社 紗衣里)、小林ゆう(翠川 真理華)、内村史子(白金 美玲)、上間江望(パイ)、井上喜久子(天乃 夢美) 公式サイト: 公式Twitter : ©2015 Matrix ©2015 D3 PUBLISHER

As mentioned in the description of the video, gamers can use the microphone item in the game to help out during battles and listen to the gang sing their theme songs…

“Content changes each time you enter , challenge to challenge a dungeon and not stop it attracts ” roguelike RPG ” and men of the world ” boobs ” is a dream collaboration!


“This time, introduce the Character plenty! It is possible to hear the girls singing voice by using the item ” microphone ” in the dungeon! And even weapon hit rate is low in the floor that was used , but to hit always attack to avoid rate is high enemy .


“It is possible to hear further long song at the official site ! ~ Listen to hear our song!!”

An official Babel fish can’t come soon enough.

Anyway, this game saw a ton of NeoGaf users get banned on the forum thread discussing Omega Labyrinth.

NeoGaf mods figured this game was promoting pedophilia and that people should condemn niche otaku titles with ecchi content.

As for the game itself, Omega Labyrinth sees gamers taking control of a group of buxom young beauties who must traverse through the dangerous caverns. The game uses rogue-like elements and allows players to grow the powers of the protagonists by rubbing things in between their boobs and fondling them.

On each dungeon floor the protagonists will get bigger boobs as they grow in power until they can activate a “Chest Burst” mode where they can unleash massive damage on baddies. After completing the floor the characters will have their boobs go back to normal.

In most other RPGs you can unlock a hidden item’s abilities by using a scroll or a vendor, but in Omega Labyrinth you rub the item between the boobs of the characters and unlock the item’s secrets using the girls’ omega powers.

Anyway, the trailer above is pretty tame considering how risque the actual game is. It’s due for release in Japan on November 19th. This PS Vita exclusive is unlikely to hit the States given that many big gaming websites have become puritan liberals, hating on religion but adopting their censorious measures. It’s a strange time to be an American.

For more details on Omega Labyrinth you’ll probably want to avoid visiting any forums that ban you for liking the game, so try to hit up D3 Publisher’s official website or Twitter account for additional details.


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One thought on “Omega Labyrinth, Game That Rustled NeoGaf’s Jimmies Gets A New Trailer

  1. SJWs enjoy whining about JP games because they know most JP devs aren’t going to bother fighting back. Easy way to create a one-sided narrative.

    Of course, that trick doesn’t work on Kamiya.

    It’s also ridiculous to complain about political correctness in a different culture on the other side of the world. Most Japanese females enjoy being sexy, feminine and cute. They love sexy, feminine and cute characters. They don’t get offended and feel oppressed like stupid brainwashed tools in the West.

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