Mugen Souls’ Steam Censorship Gets Lambasted By User Reviews

Porting over a game from a home console to PC usually entails a lot of worries over bugs, compatibility issues, graphics glitches and performance hiccups. Well, in the case of Idea Factory’s Mugen Souls, the game is receiving a lot of high marks from PC gamers on Steam… save for the fact that some are giving it negative reviews for the fact that the game is heavily censored compared to its Japanese counterpart.

The game is hailed as a mix between Disgaea and Hyperdimension Neptunia. Players will travel around fighting monsters, customizing their characters from head to toe and doing combat in a free-roaming battle map where fights take place in turn-based sequences. Some gamers have compared it to Fairy Fencer F as well, so if you like positional turn-based JRPGs where you can move around your characters and force enemies to take up certain stances so you can unleash your strategic military wit on them, then you might enjoy Mugen Souls’ combat. You can see it in action with the gameplay video below from YouTuber tr1ppa.

Mugen Souls Gameplay PC HD [60FPS/1080p]

Mugen Souls PC Gameplay 1080p 60fps Platform: PC Video Game Genre: RPG, Adventure, Strategy Developer: Idea Factory Publisher: Ghostlight LTD Release Date: 22 Oct, 2015 Steam: Subscribe: Mugen Souls features a free-roaming battle map, turn-based combat, and massive amounts of customization and growth to maximize the fun players can have with the game.

The PC version sports keyboard and mouse support, dual channel audio for Japanese or English voice-overs and resolution and graphical effect upgrades to match up to today’s PCs. The developers have also handed out 30 pieces of free DLC, all for $19.99… well technically $11.99 for the first week of the game being on sale since it’s 40% off.

So how on Earth can a game with so much content find itself being ridiculed by the gaming audience? Well, that’s because some steps were taken to censor the game for western sensibilities.

It’s not even the publisher’s fault… Ghostlight. They apparently wanted to go all-in on the uncensored version of Mugen Souls but a banhammer was dropped on their erected pride and firm intentions. As LunarCainEX points out…

“Keep in mind this is the Western Localization Released also known as the Censored Version. As much as Ghostlight wanted to bring the Uncensored version, Steam denied it. So is this game worth your money? Yes because its at 40% launch and you will receive free DLC and its a LOT of DLC.”

Better frame-rate at 60fps, enhanced graphics, excellent playability and extra gamepad support wasn’t enough to sway lolicon09. The censorship was too much to bear…

“It’s a good port, i can’t deny that. My only issue with this game is that it’s the same freaking censored version that NISA released on PS3, so it kills 99% of my interest to play it and finish it.


“As someone who really is against censorship, i can’t recommend this game.”

Mugen Souls

Akirih was in the same boat, making a curt but clear point about why they could not recommend the game…

“The game itself is not bad. But I refuse to pay for something with removed/censored content.”

Resi decided to offer a counterpoint to all the complaining about the loli nudity being removed, stating…

“People are mad about this game being censored. Oh no, they removed 120CG of loli from my game, whatever shall I do? I dunno, go move to Japan where you can look at loli pictures free of crime. Me and my poor Canadian ♥♥♥ will enjoy not being jailed for owning loli content.”

Madao wasn’t worried about the censorship, however. The fact that the game had so many different options and play-style features was enough to recommend it, along with the upgrade to 60fps…

“Combat is similar to the Neptunia and Fairy Fencer games, with its own additions, such as the Moe system where you take advantage of an enemies weakness using various anime character archetypes.


“If you’ve played a JRPG recently I don’t think it’ll surprise you too much, but I think its quite enjoyable if you’re into that sort of thing,”

Mugen Souls

Zankuro was of a different mind, along with a few others, who didn’t even mind the game being censored but couldn’t stand the rest of the content, writing…

“This game is really uninspired and I would have rather seen Rebirth 3 or something else, anything but this. I don’t even care if it was censored, the scenes add nothing to the game and if I wanted something to stare at like that I would just see my good friend google. He and I go way back.
“I don’t know how these games sell well in japan (do they…?) when it is literally the same old ♥♥♥♥ every title they release. seriously, it all looks the same. Not impressed.”

Some people were disgusted with the “panty shots” and upfront yet censored nudity parsed throughout the game. Others constantly were angered about the game not offering enough nudity and that it was censored. Others felt the gameplay and nudity just weren’t worth it, censored or not, and that Hyperdimension Neptunia is the better game.

Either way, Mugen Souls is available right now over on the Steam store. You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website.


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