Horizon: Zero Dawn’s New Gameplay Footage Looks Amazing

Guerrilla Games revealed some new gameplay footage for the post-post-apocalyptic prehistoric game Horizon: Zero Dawn. The new footage shows the same area, but with some different outcomes and it looks amazing.

There are only a few gameplay trailers that look pretty cool to me, and it seems that Horizon: Zero Dawn made it on that list. I would love to get my hands on this game, due to the open world elements and that it sports loads of cool stuff — like robo-dinosaurs. What’s more is that Horizon: Zero Dawn has a new gameplay walkthrough video by the senior producer of the game, Mark Norris, and it looks pretty cool.

By now, many should know that I don’t get too excited about trailers, but this one is actual gameplay footage that shows the game’s versatility. This element was further elaborated on in a brief segment when Alloy dealt over 800 percent of damage to a robo-deer out in the wild.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

So with that said, we know that the RPG weapons will scale based on upgrading and what type of arrows you are using, which can be crafted as well. Something that always catches my attention with open world RPGs, is that they offer players the ability to make almost any item or weapon they want, while at the same time defeating a monster or boss in different ways (like in the video below).

Something I also like, the devs enforce that you learn your enemies. That is something that most good RPGs have players to do, which is another reason why I like games like Monster Hunter. Always learning your enemies and opponents mixes the typical grind up when playing an RPG, since you aren’t doing the same thing.

With that said, you can watch the latest gameplay walkthrough that was posted up to Sony Playstation’s YouTube channel. The video runs for eight minutes long, and shows some segments from the E3 footage as well as some new content for fans to drool over.

Horizon Zero Dawn | Gameplay walkthrough | #PlayStationPGW

Mark Norris, Senior Producer at Guerrilla Games walks us through a never-before-seen walkthrough of Horizon Zero Dawn. DISCOVER MORE – https://bit.ly/1k6Y07b Nature and machines collide. Horizon Zero Dawn™ developed by the award winning Guerrilla Games, creators of PlayStation’s venerated Killzone franchise. DISCOVER MORE – https://bit.ly/1k6Y07b Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GuerrillaGames/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Guerrilla

In addition to this, the game at this stage has some frame-rate issues, but that is expected due to it being in its early stages of development. But as of now, we see that they added much more to the gigantic beasts roaming the post-apocalyptic world, which sports over 90 different destructible parts and wields much more than a tail-whip and stomp that was showcased during the E3 video; but the robo-dino has techno lasers and a plasma Gatling gun, which is pretty cool.

Lastly, something that I’ve notice a lot of people in the comments of the video really wanted was to ride a robotic dinosaur, and I gotta admit that would be an awesome way to travel around the world, if the devs add that in.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

For those that are excited for the post-post-apocalyptic game, Horizon: Zero Dawn, it will launch exclusively for the PS4 sometime during 2016. For more information on the new game you can hit up playstation.com to learn more.

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6 thoughts on “Horizon: Zero Dawn’s New Gameplay Footage Looks Amazing

    1. It came across to me as a Tomb Raidery/Skyrimy game. Probably with Last of Us elements. Not a fan of the robo dino mix either. If I wanted to play a nice fantasy game with archery, I’d just play modded Skyrim. And that’s what I do.

      What really irked me was the protagonist constantly needing to remind herself that she can do stuff she’s probably been doing her entire life.

      I remember how the Dead Space devs talked about the hard decision of giving Isaac dialogue lines, because they didn’t want Isaac’s thoughts to clash with those of the player’s. For the sequel, they only gave Isaac lines that they felt would match the thoughts of the player.

      You can tell the “progressive” movement doesn’t understand these concepts. “Weak woman gotta tell herself she’s strong like a man!”

      1. I had the same problem with TR 2013. She wouldn’t shut up, even when she’d put down about 600 guards in a row. Every single thought had to spoken. It’s bad directing really.

  1. Hello. I’m from the social justice police and demand outrage that these robot dinosaurs aren’t wearing underpants.

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