Prominence, Free Roaming Point-And-Click Game Coming To Steam

Science fiction point and click game Prominence will, according to devs Digital Media Workshop, launch for Steam on November 6th. The Clarke-esque sci-fi game offers both free roaming and old school point-and-click puzzles.

Digital Media Workshop seeks to bring back classic point-and-click adventure games, and the devs even went as far as giving folks classic content within the game’s box, like the complete soundtrack, an art book, character bios and much more. In other words, the devs want to bring old-school gaming back.

The first-person PC exclusive is filled with puzzles-solving goodness, while offering characters with compelling story arcs, which helps out the storytelling aspects tremendously. And for those that like sci-fi mysteries the game has you covered.

With that said, you might be wondering what’s Prominence all about? Well, the devs explain that it’s a game about a space mission gone wrong and only you can save a dying colony through a mystery, which the devs further explain below…

“When the interstellar mission to colonize a new world goes terribly awry, the fate of the Letarri people falls into the hands of a lone adventurer. Now it’s up to you to unravel the mystery of what happened.”

The video shown below might be somewhat old, but it’s the most recent video that the devs have for Prominence. The video covers what players can expect from the game without spoiling any key segments. With that said, you can watch the seven minute long video that gives folks a nice look at the point and click game’s mechanics.

Prominence preview

A seven-minute preview video with details about the game, our inspiration from the classic point-and-click adventures of yesteryear, features of the game, how to play, and more! This is from our Greenlight Campaign. THANK YOU to everyone who voted for us on Greenlight. We made it because of YOU!

Anyone who is interested will be able to pre-order a copy of the game through Prominence main site, and will get a 20% off discount for either the Steam or DRM-free versions of the game for PC. Digital Media Workshop will launch their game on Steam November 6th. For more info on the devs and Prominence you can hit up

Author: Ethan


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