Farming Simulator 16 Now Available On PS Vita

Whether you’re interested in realistic simulators or just want something completely different to toy around with on the PlayStation Vita, Focus Home Interactive recently announced that their niche, popular farming sim that has captured the attention of PC and console gamers alike, is now available for Sony’s portable handheld gaming device.

You may not see it broadcast far and wide the world around, but Farming Simulator 16 is currently available for purchase from retail outlets and via digital distribution for the Vita.

As mentioned in the press release…

“Farming Simulator 16 invites you into the challenging world of a modern day farmer: animal husbandry, planting, harvesting, selling crops… Own and operate your very own farm in a vast, open world. As your career progresses, you will have access to a huge selection of farming vehicles and machines, faithfully recreated from the biggest names in the industry.”

If you’ve been out of the loop it’s easy to see how this probably looks like a joke, but in reality it’s a real game series and it’s actually quite popular. You can check out the launch trailer for the title below.

Farming Simulator 16 PSVita Launch Trailer

Get it now: Site: Facebook : Farming Simulator 16, developed by Giants Software, welcomes you once again aboard the largest handheld farming simulation ever created! After having already enticed millions of players on PC and consoles, Farming Simulator comes back to PlayStation®Vita with Farming Simulator 16, now available in retail stores and for download.

Part of what helped jettison Farming Simulator out of the esoteric niche territory and into semi-pop-culture sleeper hit status is that there were a series of viral videos that went out for Farming Simulator that the community put together that resulted in a lot of people taking up interest in Giants Software’s farm-based simulation.

You can check out one of the original viral video below from SsethTzeentach.

Farming Simulator Mad Skill | No Plow | 360 Crop Rotation |

Ahmedinejad so kawaii~

More than 3.6 million views and counting.

Ever since then the game has become far more well known than ever before and each new subsequent release garners it a stronger and more loyal audience. Heck, the games now regularly release on the Xbox and PlayStation home consoles, and the PS Vita has now joined them.

I’m almost curious to see if there’s a dedicated community around this game and if they have walkthroughs, cheats and guides to become a better farmer? Like is there an actual Farming Simulator community or do people just quietly pick up a copy and play them silently on their choice device?

If you’re curious what the actual gameplay is like, you can check out what an hour of it courtesy of YouTuber I Play PS Vita.

Farming Simulator 16 PS Vita Gameplay

Gameplay video of Farming Simulator 16 on the PS Vita – a game by Giants Software published by Focus Home Interactive – out today on PS Vita in North America and Europe. (In German it’s published under the name Landwirtschafts-Simulator 16) Please subscribe, rate, favourite, share and comment.

Anyway, Farming Simulator 16 is available right now for the PS Vita along with the home consoles and PC. You can pick up a digital or physical copy of the game from the PlayStation Store or from a local retailer. Need more info? Feel free to visit the official website.


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    1. Meanwhile at sony:

      “How many Vita’s did we sell this month Yoshida-san?”
      “Another 5, luckily for us Farming Simulator came out”
      “Oh god! I didn’t know! Get me my Vita now!”

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