Fantasy War Tactics Released Date Set For November 5th

The official release date has been set for Fantasy War Tactics, along with a bonus announcement that the company will be throwing out a few pirate themed costumes along with some legendary armor bonuses.

In the press release that went out Daehwon Kim, the creative director of NEXON GT stated that…

“After a successful open-beta and soft launch we’re thrilled to be one step closer to bringing Fantasy War Tactics to the world,” […] “Our team has been hard at work to bring this classic SRPG to the western audience, and we can’t wait to see how fan’s react.”

You can see the game in action with the gameplay trailer below.

‘슈퍼판타지워’ 사전예약 – Loading…편

ㄱ 나니? 처음 SRPG를 해봤던 그시절 보고싶었다 #SRPG ‘슈퍼판타지워’ 사전예약 진행 중!

The game will launch in 154 countries, including major like the United States, Britain, and southeast Asia, but it will also launch in lesser known countries that speak languages that you and I probably can’t pronounce. But rest assured that the major coutnries speaking Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese are top of the crop and front of the list.

For those who register early within the two weeks of the game’s November 5th launch they will be eligible to receive a free pirate themed costume for Queen Chris, as well as a legend-class armor set. It’s not much but a free something is better than nothing.

The game itself is a turn-based strategy title with 12 regions to traverse, 180 dungeons to explore, and 50 different heroes to choose from.

The game also uses a unique feature where if you’re in a tough bind you can borrow a hero from your friend’s party. You’ve got to have that online socialization aspect thrown in there for good measure, eh?

As a turn-based RPG it’s something designed for iOS and Android users. You can sign-up and pre-register to play the game by paying a visit to the official website.


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