Detroit: PS4 Exclusive Revealed By Quantic Dream

The Kara demo from back in 2012 that Qunatic Dream released, presumably designed for the PS3, was actually a prototype for a game coming to the PS4. The new title is called Detroit (but I’m really, really hoping they add something more to it other than just Detroit) and it’s a PS4 exclusive from David Cage and the rest of the team at Quantic Dream, the developers that brought you mind-twisters like Indigo Prophecy and pantie-bunchers like Heavy Rain, and the game that will probably best be known for nudifying Ellen Paige, Beyond: Two Souls.

HassanAlHajry has a trailer up for the new game, which was announced during the Paris Games Week in Paris, France. You can check out the trailer below.

Detroit Trailer – PS4 Kara Demo Turned into a Game ( Heavy Rain Developer )

Detroit Trailer – PS4 Kara Demo Turned into a Game ( Heavy Rain Developer )

The video is extremely wordy, spending a good amount of time setting up the character and the atmosphere.

Warning bells ring out, though, given that this is basically Bladerunner meets A.I.. I don’t know if they’re planning on actually going a different route with this or just going to put players into the role of one of the androids attempting to make “change” in the world. There’s also hints of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, as obvious puritans take to the streets to protest the availability of the humanoid cyborgs.


The detail in the characters look pretty good, though. We’re actually hitting that uncanny valley territory where you know they’re not quite real but they’re getting there and the creep factor is starting to come into play, very much like Cortana in the latest Halo game.

Quantic Dream, however, uses a lot of sub-surface details, lighting tricks and camera filters to help hide the uncanny effect. It helps naturalize the appearance of the models while running in-engine. In some of the earlier CryEngine demos without the filters on the characters just looked really creepy given the high-fidelity design of their geometry and texture work but their obvious lack of a “human” touch.


Anyway, the waxing poetics on what means to “feel” human was a little too over-the-top for me. I imagine it may strike the fancy of some gamers but after seeing a mature take on the android complex with a movie like Ex Machina, the whole thing of “feeling” human seems like amateur storytelling when talking about machines, unless they actually explain how Kara feels human, which could make for some very interesting plot developments. And given David Cage’s penchant for far-left progressivism, don’t be surprised if Kara ends up being a lesbian-quadriplegic android by the end of the game.

Anyway, for those of you who don’t remember the original 2012 demo that Quantic Dreams released to showcase the power of their latest tech, you can check it out below.

Quantic Dream’s “Kara” PS3 Tech Demo @ HD ✔

►► Remember to select 720p HD◄◄ Quantic Dream and David Cage revealed their new tech KARA @ Game Developers Conference 2012 (GDC 2012). It is not the studio’s next game and you also might want to know that it was created a year ago. Dream’s new post-Heavy Rain sequel tech demo is astonishing.

There’s no release date for Detroit but I wouldn’t doubt if it has a late 2016 window as a tentative slate. Be sure to stay tuned in for more info on Quantic Dream’s latest story-driven title for the PS4.


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12 thoughts on “Detroit: PS4 Exclusive Revealed By Quantic Dream

    1. Short Circuit movies were great.

      For anyone interested in AI “becoming human” themes, Time of Eve is pretty nice. Or at least, I personally enjoyed it.

      1. Time of Eve sounds interesting. I might check that out.

        One of my biggest pet peeves with the whole “robots becoming human” trope is that they seem to leave out the fact that robots have no motivation to exist other than to carry out their instructions.

        Humans have wildly unpredictable emotions and motivations cobbled together through life experience and incalculable amounts of variables.

        If a robot never had a parent tell it that fire is dangerous and touches it anyway to feel “pain” how can it understand the importance and difference between the varying degrees of touch and the stimuli that compels human to interact through their senses?

        And if it doesn’t have a nervous system why would it need to fear pain unless it was programmed to? And why would anyone program a robot to feel pain when that’s one of the biggest drawbacks to being human?

        I always found the Asimov rule of three to be imperative to robot stories because without them you end up with scenarios like Ex Machina or Terminator or Eve of Destruction.

        If a robot is governed by nothing but its instructions then what’s to stop it from killing without inhibition?

        I always thought Blade Runner played on an interesting concept with the androids doing whatever they could to stay alive; but there’s that nagging question that was never answered, which was: beyond their instructions to carry out their necessary functions, why would their self-awareness compel them to want to stay alive?

      2. But what about Robin Williams as ‘Andrew’, the NDR-114 robot from the movie ‘Bicentennial Man’? Andrew eventually learned (or yearned?) to Love, and feel Compassion, Joy, Sorrow, Wit/Humor, Pain, etc. I think once Advanced A.I. learn Empathy, Conscientiousness, and Compassion that “robots” or “androids” would start becoming self-aware of themselves in the context of who are they, and why are they in the world in the first place?

        Of course, it could become disastrous if you get the ‘SkyNet’ scenario, or the mechanical world of the robots from the ‘Matrix’ Trilogy. Even in the comics, the Sentinels in the “Age of Apocalypse” timeline were used to hunt down humans (along with mutants).

        But that’s just being too pessimistic. Got to have some hope. Can’t be too open, and can’t be too closed. Moderation & balance. Look at the A.I. from Intersteller. I loved the two robots.

        As Optimus Prime said often (in the comics) “Freedom is the right of all Sentient Beings”, and so it’s a two-way street.

      3. You make some good points. And I suppose I was looking at AI more from a nihilistic point of view given the way machines work.

        Bicentennial Man is a good example of the “hope” for AI not turning out to be crap.

        Right now our AI is crude and only doing rudimentary stuff like learning how to play games, build programs on its own and studying basic elementary functions.

        I also think that you bring up a good example of Interstellar because those two AI seemed like the most realistic depiction of what AI would be like in the far future.

      4. Thanks, I never heard of ‘Time of Eve’, but I’ll check it out.

        Wasn’t there a movie with Johnny Depp who had some sort of brain upgrade by attaching his consciousness to some mainframe, and thus he became SkyNet?

    2. Yeah, I liked that one. But did you see Chappie? It’s pretty good man.

      Also, I recommend Ex Machina. Freaky, yet good (in a dark twisted way).

  1. “And given David Cage’s penchant for
    far-left progressivism, don’t be surprised if Kara ends up being a
    lesbian-quadriplegic android by the end of the game.”

    I laughed so hard at this, it’s so true.

    David cage has his head all the way up his ass, he is a terrible game director and a terrible movie director. It’s not that his games are “barely games”, I personally don’t care about that, walking simulators and QTE Nightmares can have their own space in this industry. But my god, his game fail even at that, they’re so over dramatic and cheezy, he keep speaking about emotions all the time but he doesn’t know how to bring them out through the medium, it’s pathetic. And this game looks like it will be the same shit all over again.

    1. I was going to comment that it made me laugh as well. I think if Cage ever put a game like this in a proper gameplay focused engine he could make something really good. If this was open world they’d of shown it at E3 and made the sony fanboy nerd boners even harder.

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