Battle Islands Makes Its Way Onto Xbox One

DR Studios and 505 Games’ Battle Islands – mostly looked at as a clone of Clash of Clans or Boom Beach – has officially launched on the Xbox One, joining the likes of the PS4, PC and mobile renditions of the game.

Major Nelson made the announcement on his blog, rolling out just the basic gameplay description, the developers and publishers and where you can get it. It’s a fairly lazy post with just the basics and little to no reason as to why the game is worth actually owning.

I decided to look up some gameplay of Battle Islands for the Xbox One and my expectations were not swayed beyond their current course. The game is practically what you might piece together knowing that it started as an Android strategy game. You can see some gameplay footage below from YouTuber Some Fairlife Milk. I must say that’s a really inviting name… it makes it sound like some sort of talk cup of milk sitting next to a freshly baked blueberry pie, catching air and cooling off on a white-painted windowsill attached to an idyllic little house on the edge of a rolling hill that basks in a sun-painted sky on cloudless, Sunday afternoons. Anyway, the gameplay is below.

Battle Islands (Xbox One) “Building Our Island!”

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The game is a real-time, base-building strategy game with multiplayer component attached. It’s free to play and surprisingly enough it actually has a fundamentally strong, mostly positive set of user reviews on the Steam store… except for the fact that all the reviews rated as “most helpful” are actually negative.

My general impression of the game was that it was a shoddy mobile port and that’s what the top reviews on Steam are saying. More appropriately “Clash of Clans clone”.

Of course, though, the game is free-to-play so there’s nothing actually lost in trying the game out except for maybe time and bandwidth.

If you want to learn more about the game and you still think that the free-to-play real-time strategy title is worth the time of day on the Xbox One, you can learn more about the title over on the official website.


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