Ashen Rift Features Wilderness Survival With Deformable Terrain

Destructible environments, deformable terrain, otherworldly creatures and a wilderness survival setting within a near post-apocalyptic world are all features of the upcoming indie game, Ashen Rift.

This survival title with its bleak atmosphere and ashen aesthetic comes from the indie studio out of Vancouver, Canada, Pyroclastic Entertainment.

The game’s Kickstarter video sets the stage for a game that’s still obviously a heavy work in progress, but shows the kind of promise that could be a character-driven survival sim that we rarely see. Check it out below.

The animations were probably the biggest drawback to the pitch video, but the atmosphere and character designs look like they have a lot of story to draw from.

The game is set within a world where a rift has let unspeakable monstrosities in through a portal. The monsters and the rift are slowly killing the Earth and everything in it. Players take on the role of a man desperate to stay alive; haunted by visions of his own death.

One of the key elements of the gameplay, apart from the shooting and melee combat, is the deformable terrain. Yeah, we’re talking going back to the days of Geo Mod during the Red Faction era of first-person shooters.

Ashen Rift

Is it me or does the main character not look a little bit like Daniel Vavra from Warhorse Studios?

Anyway, as mentioned on the Kickstarter page…

“Ashen Rift is being developed using Unity 5 and has a highly interactive and responsive world, from fracturing objects and deforming metals to dynamic terrain destruction, allowing the player to make a large impact on the world around them and as a direct result they will impact how each scenario will play out.”

It’s quite impressive looking. While the character animations could still use some serious improvements, the shooting, physics and world destruction look great. I especially love the ashen look that canvasses the game’s atmosphere – it reminds me a heck of a lot of John Hillcoat’s The Road.

It’s a generally cool looking game running on the Unity 5. There’s a lot of character and object-based physics detection, so in some ways “immersion” isn’t just pre-scripted events but events based on the decisions players make that alter the world as they make the journey towards the great ashen rift.

If you think this game deserves to earn a few of your hard-worked-for coins, feel free to donate to the cause on the official Kickstarter page, or you can learn more by visiting the official website.


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