Angels With Scaly Wings: Dragon Dating Sim Heads To IndieGoGo, Steam Greenlight

Last year Dragon Dating Sim was on IndieGoGo but it didn’t really take off. It kind of stayed there, roasting, marinating under a handful of eyes that didn’t seem particularly interested. However, developer M.B. Saunders decided to take the concept and expand it even further, adding a more fleshed out story, more dragons to date and more art to flesh out the world.

The new game is now called Angels With Scaly Wings and anyone familiar with Hatoful Boyfriend will have an inkling of an idea as to what sort of game (or visual novel) Angels With Scales is. You can see what the art and multiple choice segments look like in the official trailer below.

Angels with Scaly Wings – Indiegogo Trailer

Our Indiegogo campaign: Angels with Scaly Wings is a unique visual novel currently in development for Windows, Mac OS and Linux set in a world populated by dragons. Features: * Novel sized script * A unique story, with elements of mystery, drama and comedy.

The visual novel/game features four different love interests as the player works as an ambassador for the world of dragons after traveling through a dimensional portal.

Depending on the choices you make depends on who lives, who dies and who you end up falling in love with. Yes, it’s an interspecies sort of thing and it garnered confused looks when it was announced last year but nary a peep from most people who just shrugged it off.

Angels With Scales didn’t quite fare as well on Steam Greenlight, as the concept was not something the average Steam denizen was comfortable with.

Shadrakor was one of the few with a detailed post that wasn’t just obscenities or a meme-laced comment, and offered to explain why Angels With Scaly Wings shouldn’t be on Steam, writing…

“In all seriousness, no. I really don’t think steam is the kind of place for a serious dating sim, especially one about dragons. I mean, the only reason Hatoful got so big was because it was a giant joke that everyone was in on. It was meant to be funny, not serious, and most people understood that.


“This, however, is meant to be serious… and not to be rude, but the concept is about as strange as Hatoful was. I can’t help but think you’re going to get nothing but “fur fag” responses. Good luck with it, but still, my answer is no. Sorry.“

There are some people on the Greenlight page who are genuinely interested in the title and seem to jokingly want to approve it and see it make it onto the Steam store.

I imagine there’s going to be a stiff back and forth battle between the people who like interspecies fan fiction and people who don’t. Whether or not this title ends up on Steam is entirely up to the gaming community.

It’s currently seeking funds on IndieGoGo with a goal of €4,000. If you don’t have funds to spare but you still want to learn more or contribute to the project in some way, you can do so by visiting the Steam Greenlight page.


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