Until Dawn Death Scenes Get Jim Ross Commentary In Hilarious New Video

You know what makes everything better? Commentary from legendary WWE hall of famer, Jim Ross. That’s exactly what happened when a collage of the death scenes from Until Dawn were put together in a two minute video that’s overlaid with commentary from Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawyer.

The video was put together by YouTuber FredEx919 and featured on over on Reddit by CakeAK. You can see the video in action below. I should warn you that it contains graphic violence and obvious spoilers from the horror game Until Dawn.

Until Dawn Death Scenes w/ Jim Ross Commentary

THIS VIDEO CONTAINS SPOILERS Good ol JR is at it again! I have a feeling this will be a regular ol slobber knocker Until Dawn is easily my favorite game this year, so I thought i’d cross one of my favorite things to watch with my favorite game to play!

I don’t know what made FredEx919 think to put together a series of these characters dying to the color commentary of Jim Ross and Lawyer but it works, despite the moribund situations and sometimes gruesome outcomes. Unlike some games where you fail the quick-time events and the whole thing restarts, Until Dawn will keep on going even after the characters die, giving it a very unique feel compared to other games out there.

The first scene containing the clip of Mankind taking the dive at the hands of the Undertaker is unmistakably hilarious as the two sisters drop to the depths below.

You can check out the clip below.

Undertaker throws Mankind off the top of the Hell in a Cell

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Wow. That still gives me goosebumps to this day. It seems crazy that the Undertaker at the time supposedly still recovering from a broken foot at the time and yet managed to climb up to the top of the cage with ease. Crazy.

As for Until Dawn… the game is available right now exclusively for the PlayStation 4. It’s a quick-time game but if you really wanted something that feels like a mix of a John Carpenter film and a Joss Whedon flick, the game definitely gets it done.

If you already own the game and you need a little help in getting the perfect ending, there is a complete gameplay walkthrough guide available to help you get the best ending possible and offer you some tips on how to keep all eight of the lodge guests alive.


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