Street Fighter 5’s New Character Is Rashid; 9/11 Announcement Causes Unrest

Leave it to Capcom to turn heads and get gamers excited while making socially sensitive justice warriors rage into the night, smashing their words against perceived insensitivity like a truck into a tree, a bike into a pole or a plane into a building. That’s exactly what happened when Capcom announced Rashid, the Arab pugilist who is joining the Street Fighter V cast.

Niche Gamer spotted the new trailer that details some of Rashid’s moves. He’s a quick character who has a strong focus on counter-attacks and unorthodox combo initiators. In the right hands I can see this guy being an absolute beast in the tournament scene. You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of Maximilian.

RASHID – NEW Street Fighter 5: Character Trailer

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The character was announced during an event in Dubai, where Capcom revealed the character. Very fitting. The only problem is that it fell on 9/11… September 11th. What’s so special about that day? Well if you’re young and you were but a human pup during 2001, the World Trade Center was bombed and destroyed by planes on September 11th.

This was brought up in the comment section of the video, with one user named SquiboTheHomey stating…

“Now there’s nothing wrong with the character or anything at all and there’s nothing WRONG with revealing it today… but REALLY? They had to release it TODAY? That is just begging for trouble and controversy. 9/11 doesn’t have to matter as much to anyone if at all, but it still MATTERS to people. I’m spending the day with my dad who was FDNY and there that day. It’s just in poor taste.”


Doug Landrum shared similar sentiments to The Homey, writing…

“14yrs two attacks later (3000 dead in the first and an ambasador in bengazi) and this is what capcom puts out. ile remember that shit too and i will not get this game. fuking idiots!”

Street Fighter 5 - Rashid

Not everyone is butthurt over the character being announced during the Dubai Game15 event. Some people are more angry that people are angry, and it took someone like Dr. Fun to remind everyone that it’s just a game…

“Jesus some people are sensitive. Can no one admit it’s kind of funny that the first ever Arabic SF character was first shown on 9/11? Lighten up.”

Others decided to joke about the people lamenting the reveal of the Middle-Eastern character, mocking the tone of the comments but changing up the topic to focus on other more trivial elements of Rashid’s design, with Black INK.I.M facetiously writing…

“Seriously? Of all the design you could’ve choose Capcom, you picked the one that specifically looks like a terrorist for your reveal? I mean, come on! A scouter? Really? When the memory of the Saiyan bombing on East City is still fresh in the mind of everyone? For shame Capcom! For shame!”

The Dragon Ball Z reference was well received by most people.

Others, new to gaming and Capcom’s richly diverse cast of iconic characters that have appeared throughout the history of the franchise, thought to impart their wisdom about cultures and races on the matter, with The Necrotimer writing…

“I, for one am glad that Capcom are branching out the roster by adding characters of different countries/ethnic groups, that AREN’T from England, North America, China or Japan.”

So Blanka being from Brazil, Dee Jay being from Jamaica, Dhalsim being from India, Necro from Russia or Elena being from Africa don’t count? That almost sounds like the way SJWs call minorities “sock puppets” when they used #NotYourShield.

Street Fighter 5 - Rashid

Anyway, the majority of gamers who actually enjoy fighting games and have been following Street Fighter V appear to like Rashid. I think his fighting style is a great branch away from some of the more traditional characters, and I’ve always appreciated trick-fighters who require a lot of skill and finesse to make the most of them due to their more complicated and skill-oriented fighting styles.

If there was one major gripe about the character it would definitely have to be with his voice… it just does not match him at all.

Street Fighter V is due out exclusively on the PS4 and PC in 2016. Capcom is holding a series of beta tests for both platforms throughout this year. For more info feel free to visit the official Street Fighter website.


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