Shadowrun: Hong Kong Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

Harebrained Schemes’ Shadowrun Hong Kong captured the attention of cyberpunk fans over the course of the summer after being Kickstarted via the crowd-funding platform. For gamers who find themselves getting stuck or needing some help in some segments, there is a complete gameplay walkthrough guide available.

YouTuber Gaming OD’D has a 15 video walkthrough available for the turn-based, cyberpunk RPG . You can check out the complete video walkthrough below.

Shadowrun Hong Kong Full Walkthrough – YouTube

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Most of the game is fairly straightforward and outside of class differences, it shouldn’t be too difficult getting through each segment if you’ve played through a Shadowrun game from Harebrained Schemes before. However, some gamers have been finding themselves getting stuck on a mission near the end of the game in Prosperity Tower.

On the Thaumaturgy Research floor some players have a tough time getting into the research containment room. If you talk to the Tsang Orc researcher and keep the conversation going by constantly picking the upper option so that he keeps talking, he’ll eventually give you a code to enter the containment room.

The code for the containment room on the Thaumaturgy Research floor is: 1915

You can see the code in the image below.

Shadowrun Hong Kong

From there, once you gain access to the terminal in the room, it will allow you to complete the main mission objective.

From there you should be able to proceed without too many issues. Some players had run into some glitches and have been unable to get past levels, but usually the best thing to do when the game glitches out on you is just restart the level from the beginning and always keep a separate save game before you start a new mission.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong is available right now for PC. You can pick up a digital copy from Steam or a DRM-free copy from if you haven’t already. You can learn more by visiting the game’s official website


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