Rise Of Keepers Adds RPG Exploration To Tower Defense Genre

The tower-defense sub-genre has been over-saturated with a lot of nothingness games, especially in the mobile market. Then again everything is over-saturated in the mobile market. Regardless, the developers at Samaritan Studios have a brand new idea on how to evolve and completely overhaul the tower-defense concept with something fresh and new.

Samaritan’s new game Rise of Keepers is a mix of standard tower-defense gameplay with the exploration, leveling and combat from a role-playing game. Players will be required to venture out beyond their base to fetch supplies, gather materials, hunt animals, survive, craft, build and eventually fortify their encampment from oncoming hordes.

You can check out the official trailer for the game below.

Rise of Keepers – Official Trailer

Visit our website – https://www.riseofkeepers.com/ Vote for us on Steam Greenlight – https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=515155904

There will be three main modes of play, including a robust single-player mode, a cooperative mode for up to five players and a versus mode for 10 players, pitting five players against each other on teams of two.

The game’s main hook is that in order to build up a worthwhile base with effective defensive measures, players must journey out into the wild to cut down trees, hunt animals and mine for ore and stones. The maps are said to be almost 10 times larger than the maps from League of Legends or Defense of the Ancients 2.

As mentioned on the Steam Greenlight page, the title will feature customizable heroes and some of their skills and abilities will be linked to the main base and its level. So the more you level up the base the more your character grows…

“Each hero has specials and unique skills and can build it own defense tower in addiction to other common structures to all heroes like teleporting station, hunting trap, fishing structures and others.”

Rise of Keepers

The game will feature bosses, dedicated servers, day and night cycle, a survival mode for those who want to challenge their endurance by taking on an endless wave of enemies, and global ranks for players who think the size of their score really matters in the end.

The game has been receiving some positive feedback on Steam Greenlight at the moment and Samaritan Studios has plans on moving from Greenlight to Steam’s Early Access if they get the go-ahead from Valve. If you think that this is a concept that the developers should further pursue, feel free to show a little love and support by giving the game an upvote and a favorite over on the game’s Greenlight page.


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