Rabi-Ribi Puts Gamers In The Role Of A Bunny Girl Trying To Get Home

An arcade-style themed, side-scrolling RPG called Rabi-Ribi is currently seeking funds over on IndieGoGo and sees players in the role of a female bunny who was turned into half-human for unknown reasons.

The object of the game is to find out why the bunny girl was turned into a human and she has to do so by venturing around with her mostly naked fairy companion, battling others and leveling up along the way in true role-playing fashion. You can see the game in action with the trailer, as spotted by Siliconera.

Rabi-Ribi First Teaser

Rabi-Ribi has been greenlit! Please support us on Indiegogo! Indiegogo: https://igg.me/at/Rabi-Ribi ————————————————————- Rabi-Ribi? Why there’s a bunny girl? There is always not enough games with a bunny girl as the protagonist. So here is another one for all the bunny lovers – A 2D sidescrolling plus exploration platformer.

The style of the game seems very similar to old MMOs like Le Tale and Maple Story. Players will bounce around, partake in some light platforming and do a whole lot of arcade shooting, taking down opponents while dodging strategically fired projectile attacks similar to old arcade bullet-hell shooters like Darius-G, Blazing Star or Macross.

As mentioned on the game’s IndieGoGo page, there will be multiple ways of engaging enemies using short and long range attacks…

“Rabi-Ribi is a 2D exploration platformer, that mean it is focus on non-linear gameplay. There will always be hints of where to go,but player never required to follow them, as most of the game can be completed in any order.


“Player will play as the bunny protagonist, Erina., whose attacks are focus on close combat attack while Ribbon, the fairy, is the range attacker, she will follow Erina and indirectly controlled by player.”


The game is currently seeking $20,000 over on IndieGoGo. Rabi-Ribi has only managed to bring in $3,000 so far but with a bit of media prodding and poking it might make it close to its goal, especially given that it has 38 days to go on the crowd-funding platform. The Taiwanese developers have already managed to get the game Greenlit for Steam, so at this point they just need to finish the crowd-funding phase.

If the game looks interesting but you’re just not sure it’s the kind of bunny-girl game that fits your tastes, it’s a-okay because there’s a free demo available that you can download from over on the Rabi-Ribi website.

If you want to contribute to the cause you can do so by hitting up the official IndieGoGo page.


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