Metal Gear Solid 5 Mod Unlocks DLC And All Hidden Items

Mods for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain have been popping up quite regularly, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone given how popular the game is. One of the newest mods for the game allows players to unlock some of the DLC and hidden items, including DLC from the console version of the game.

The mod is simply called “DLC and All Items Unlocker”. It was made by modder PoisonedMods. There are two files available, one as an automated file that clocks in at more than 100mb and a smaller LUA script that you can install, which keeps the game open for additional mods, that only clocks in at 17kb.

So what does it do? Well, it’s mentioned right there on the mod page by PoisonedMods…

“Makes all things re-searchable Including the Key item items such as raiden suit and the Ground Zero Exclusive items”

Metal Gear Solid 5

It grants players access to all the super-hidden content that they may not have otherwise known about just by playing the game the normal way. Some of the items that can be unlocked – such as Quiet’s naked gold and silver gold outfits – can be a bit difficult to access by the game’s standards.

Of course, you’ll still have to research the items to gain access to them so it’s not like they’re just added to your inventory for free.

Additionally, this also opens up access to downloadable content you weren’t meant to have access to. PoisonedMods explains it in the post, stating…

“PLEASE BE CAREFUL : as the Console exclusive PRE-order dlcs does not have textures and will black/crash game remember to always make a back up of your Data1 File”

You will need the MGSV QAR Tool if you want to make use of the mods but otherwise it’s all standard fare with downloading the mod, unpacking the data1.dat file, modifying the necessary lua, re-packing the data1.dat file and enjoying the game.

You can grab the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain DLC and item unlocker mod from Nexusmods.

[Update 10/16/2015: I’ve been notified that the DLC and item unlocker mod file is no longer available. However, user GlitchedGuy has a backup of the DLC and all items unlocker mod that you can download from Nexusmods.]

[Update 10/19/2015: A new version of the DLC and item unlocker is available from the original creator right here.]


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20 thoughts on “Metal Gear Solid 5 Mod Unlocks DLC And All Hidden Items

      1. Whoops, forgot to mention that you can’t play the PC version of the game and unlock the console-specific pre-order DLC.

        The mod unlocks that stuff.

  1. I unlocked Quiet’s gold and silver outfits just by using her on some missions, it’s just tied to the bond level I think. By the time you get the grenade ricochet you should already have both, I think the XOF and Sniper Wolf outfits are either DLC or very hard to get, those are the ones I still don’t have.

  2. So, is the DLC already on Disk? Are they trying to sell us stuff that we already bought? or is the DLC stuff that will be downloaded and added to the game?
    Example, the Tux for Snake. That’s going to be released as DLC, but is it already in game and locked behind a pay wall?

    1. Some of it appears to be on-disc and some of it is actually new. The console DLC seems to causes errors if you attempt to use it but perhaps more enterprising hackers will be able to get it to work properly.

  3. This mod appears to be inaccessible as of posting time as was the case for many days now. Hopefully, by the time it gets re-uploaded, it is already an overall better tool i.e. less chances of causing the game to break, etc.

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